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Cain left first, saying he had to report to Creighton immediately.


Arsene and Leona decided to wait for Cain in the carriage.


“By the way, Linsy.”


Leona said, looking at me with her eyes wide open.


“Why were you so surprised earlier?”




“When Cain was attacked… you seemed too surprised.”


Maybe she was talking about me grabbing Cain by the collar.


Moreover, even after Cain was released, I continued to talk nonsense and show a strange appearance.


“Ah, that…” 


Leona also knew that I was afraid of the black hooded man.


However, I don’t think I should go so far as to say that Cain seems to be in prohibition, so I shut my mouth.


‘…Because I’m not sure.’


Of course, I’m almost certain. 


Maybe not in Kendrick’s or Creighton’s eyes.


So I decided not to talk to Leona until now.


“I was just a little surprised.”


“I was surprised, too, when you suddenly grabbed him by the collar…”

“What are you doing with that? You also often grab Cain by the collar.”


“Hey, is that the same as that?”


Arsene and Leona exchanged words with each other and glared at each other.


Cain didn’t come out for a long time.


The situation was serious, so it seemed that they were talking separately and for a long time inside.




‘You make the meeting really long…’


It seemed that this was the first time the meeting of the heads of the clans had lasted this long.


Usually, everyone is busy, and it’s hard to meet the time, so it ends short.


Not long after, Cain returned.


“Cain, did you tell them?”


When I got out of the carriage and looked at Cain, he nodded.


“First of all, he told me to go back to the villa. He told me not to rush around just in case.”


“Then can we come with you?”


At that time, Leona asked.




I looked back at Leona.


“It’s because I’m worried about sending him alone. We’ll stay in the sanctuary for a week anyway, so it doesn’t matter, does it?”


“It doesn’t matter… but does it?” 


Arsene frowned, as if pondering for a moment.


It seemed that Kendrick’s words to be as careful as possible during the festival came to mind.


“I think I should ask my father.”


“Yes, we must ask. He told me to be careful…” 


“Should I ask about going to Hezeth’s villa?”


In response to Leona’s question, Arsene opened his mouth after agonizing over it.


“Well, it would be all right if you told him. For a day or so.” 


“Is it okay?” 


“Uh, I don’t think you’re letting Cain go alone either.”


Certainly, it was.


He was attacked unexpectedly on the way, and there was no guarantee that he wouldn’t be attacked again.


Cain was helpless when he was by himself, but with Yeckhart, Fernando, and Hezeth by his side, it would be less dangerous.


I nodded.


Cain, the owner of the villa, frowned as if he were disapproving throughout our conversation, and then opened his mouth.


“This is my house, what about my permission?”


“We’re trying to help, and you should thank you. Cain Hezeth.” 


When Arsene responded boldly, Cain sighed.


“Yeah, let’s go.” 


Arsene nodded and waved his hand for a moment.


Then a small shadow wolf popped out of my shadow.


Maybe he tried to keep it out of sight, but it was very faint.


“What are you going to do?”


When I whispered in Arsene’s ear, Arsene whispered in the other ear.


“To contact my father. The knights will contact him, but I’m afraid he’ll be worried.” 


The Shadow Wolf heard Arsene’s words and disappeared towards the temple in an instant.


Leona got into Hezeth’s carriage, and Arsene and I got into Yeckhart’s carriage.


Not long after the carriage started, the shadow wolf came running, wagging its tail, and melted into my shadow again. 




Fortunately, we were not attacked the entire time we were moving to Hezeth’s Villa. 


All the knights were escorting the carriage in a tense state. 


Arsene also took the Shadow Wolf outside, not knowing what would happen. 


“You’re not going to attack anymore…” 


Arsene said.


At first, I thought it was an attack aimed at the successors, but since only Cain was attacked, he added that Cain might have been the target.


I muttered while listening to Arsene’s words.


“Or they’ve already achieved their goal…” 


“What is it, Linsy?”


“Eung? N, no.” 


I waved my hand. I couldn’t talk to Arsene before talking to Kendrick.


‘Actually, I should have told father today.’


Judging from the fact that the meeting of the heads of state hadn’t ended yet, there was a high probability that it would last all night, so they followed Hezeth’s villa. 


‘I’ll be fine for a day.’


I can go back tomorrow and say it.


While I was thinking that, the carriage arrived inside Hezeth Villa.


The carriage stopped slowly.


It was felt that the escort knights of the three families that followed were also stopped. 


The carriage door opened, and Arsene got out of the carriage first and reached out to me.


I grabbed Arsene’s hand and got off the carriage.


“H, huh?” 


However, it was seen that some of the escort knights were in a state of shapeshifting.


I opened my eyes in amazement.


‘D, did they lose their mind?’


Did they get attacked on the way? 


A lot of thoughts passed through my head at that moment, but fortunately I didn’t lose my mind. 


When I was surprised, the knight who opened the door apologized.


“Among the knights, there is a story going around that if you shapeshift, you won’t get caught in the evil spirits. So…” 


That is why, fearing that they would be attacked by the evil spirits again, some knights shapeshifted and followed them. 


Since it was inconvenient for the snake clan knights to catch up quickly, there were no knights who were shapeshifted.


Yeckhart and Fernando had several escort knights in their beast form.


It was reassuring to see wolves and lions standing tall on either side of the carriage.


“Ah, I see. I heard it for the first time.”


“It’s a superstition among knights, so it’s fair to say so, haha.”


The knight laughed awkwardly.


Leona and Cain also looked a bit surprised when they saw the escort knights in their beast form.


We followed Cain into Hezeth’s villa. 


I’ve been to the Hezeth mansion, but it was my first time coming to a villa where he stayed during the festival. 


Yeckhart called the place where we stayed during the festival the second mansion, but Hezeth called it the villa.


When Cain stepped in, the two butlers and servants greeted him in a familiar manner.


“Welcome, Young Master. And… Lady Leona and Lady Linsy.” 


Cain untied his necktie, handed it to the maid, and said to the butler. 


“Dian, show them where to stay.”


“Yes, please come this way.”


Dian directed us to the guest room, where we would be staying for the night. 


He tried to assign a room for myself, Arsene, and Leona.


Thanks to Leona’s wish to sleep in the same room as me, we share the same room, and only Arsene shares a different room.


It wasn’t time to eat yet, so Leona, Arsene, and Cain first gathered in the drawing room.


The maids quickly served refreshments.


“Wow, what is this?”


Leona said as she looked at the triangle, round snack.


“What? Ah, it’s your first time seeing it. It’s something you eat at every festival in the snake family.”


Cain picked up the snack familiarly and handed it to Leona and me one by one.


Arsene looked at me for a long time.


“You… you eat it.” 


Arsene also agreed without complaint and put the snack in his mouth.


The snacks tasted nothing special, but it was amazing that they all had different flavors of jam in them.


“It’s a snack in the shape of a snake’s head. There is a tradition of eating at every festival.”


As Cain explained, he touched his temple as if his head were pounding.


I munched on snacks and sat down next to Cain.


“…W, what?” 


“No, come here for a second. Cain.”


I couldn’t see it well because I was outside earlier, but I was thinking about looking at the prohibition on the nape of his neck again. 


But for a moment, I had a strange thought.


‘Suddenly, this pattern appeared on the back of his neck… Why don’t Arsene and Leon know?’


Even if it’s Arsene like that, it’s normal for Leona to notice since she stuck with Cain the whole time.


I looked at Arsene and Leona and said.


“Arsene, Leon. Come here.”




“Let go of my collar first, Linsy Yeckhart…” 


Ignoring Cain’s voice neatly, I put my finger on the place where there was a spot that was supposed to be the prohibition.


And looking up at Leona and Arsene, I asked.


“This, this. Can’t you see it?” 


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