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“What is it?” 


Leona widened her eyes and brought her face close to the nape of Cain’s neck.


“Hey, go away, go away!”


Cain, blushing, tried to push me and Leona away, but I grabbed him.


“No, wait. I’ll just look at the nape of your neck, Cain. wait.” 


“Yeah, stay still. But what on earth are you looking for?”


Can’t you see it? 


“Here, there is a spot here.”


I put my hand on the nape of Cain’s neck once again and looked at Leona.


“You really can’t see it?”


“What the hell is there… Arsene, can you see it?” 


“No, I can’t see either.”


Arsene also shook his head.


I widened my eyes.


‘Then I’m the only one who can see it?’


The reason no one noticed when I got prohibition at the age of seven. 


‘Maybe it was because they couldn’t see the spots in their eyes?’


Certainly, I was the only one who saw the black energy when a suspicious black man appeared.


Ethan, the butler, couldn’t see the black energy that had flowed from Ester’s body before.


‘Then really…’


Is it only me who can see it?




When I wondered, Cain raised his hand to the maid for a mirror.


Cain, who received a hand mirror, looked at his neck and asked me.


“What the hell is here, Linsy?”


“Huh? Ooh, it’s nothing. I must have looked at it wrong.”


First, I shut my mouth.


This was definitely something I had to discuss with Kendrick.


After we ate refreshments, we finished our meal and went up to our room.


“I’m tired, so I’ll rest first.”


Cain said he would leave us and go to his room to rest.


Leona tried to go after him, but—


“Let him rest. He must have been tired today.”


Arsene stopped Leona.


Well, since he was attacked on the way to the festival, it was rather strange if he wasn’t tired.


When I nodded, Leona glanced regretfully at the door, but didn’t follow him anymore.


We talked for a while about the oddities of today’s festival—Gale storming out of the meeting and Cain being attacked—and then we went to bed.


Because I had to go back to Yeckhart’s house early tomorrow morning to see Kendrick.


‘I’m sure he’ll be there tomorrow, right?’


Arsene said Kendrick would be back at the mansion tomorrow morning, so he allowed him to sleep over at Hezeth’s villa. 


I went to sleep with Leona without Arsene for the first time in a long time. 


And when I wake up,


It was still a dark morning.






I slowly closed and opened my eyelids as the hand pressed me down.




Arsene’s shadow wolf held me down with its stiff tail.




Even the size of the body was enormously raised, to the extent that the entire room was filled with shadow wolves.


The huge front paws held me down so they wouldn’t hurt me. I got up slowly.


“…What are you doing?”


Why are you doing this in the morning?


I glanced at the watch lying on the bedside table.


It was still three o’clock in the morning.


Which means it’s not the right time for the shadow wolf to wake me up.


“Don’t tell me, you want to play…” 


When I looked at the Shadow Wolf with a suspicious look, the Shadow Wolf shook its head as if it were unfair.


‘Then why are you doing this?’


Because the wolf’s body filled the room, not a single piece of furniture could be seen. 


There were only shadow wolves in sight. I said, hugging its huge front paws.


“Quickly, quickly reduce the size… Of course, since you’re a shadow, the furniture won’t be broken… What if Leon wakes up… Yawn.”

I was so sleepy that I just yawned.


Fortunately, Leona didn’t wake up in the midst of this commotion and slept soundly next to me.


The Shadow Wolf didn’t know what to do, as if it were in trouble, but then slowly reduced its size.


“Y, yeah. Well done… I’ll ask Arsene to play when it’s dawn.”


I patted the shadow wolf.


But then.




As the Shadow Wolf’s body shrank, the hidden door became visible.


A door that obviously shouldn’t have been opened was opened, and through it.




Cain was staring at me.


I was startled and quickly got up. There was a rustling sound as the duvet splattered.


“C, Cain? Is that you? What are you doing here?” 


It was three o’clock in the morning, and there was no reason for Cain to stand in front of the door of the guest room where Leona and I were sleeping.


It was only then that I realized why the shadow wolf had woken me up with a huge body and whimpering.


It was inflated in size to protect me. So that it can attack the intruder at any time.


But I didn’t know that the other person would be my friend, whom I’ve always seen.


That’s why it first tried to wake me up while protecting me without hurting me.


I quickly pulled back the futon, squinting my eyes and peering through the crack in the door.




Cain didn’t answer.


In the darkness, only Cain’s red eyes shone eerily.




The shadow wolf, which had shrunk to the size of a bed, growled as if it were going to run at any moment, possibly because it thought Cain was an enemy.


“Uh, calm down. It’s okay.” 


I quickly got out of bed and ran to Cain.


Of course, I had to walk carefully so Leona wouldn’t wake up.


I was barefoot because I can’t even think of wearing slippers.


When I opened the door and looked up at Cain, Cain naturally lowered his head and looked down at me.


“…Cain, what are you doing here?”




Cain still said nothing.


I’m starting to feel a little creepy now.


‘Why is he like this?’


Does he have sleepwalking?


When I was thinking at the time.


‘Ah, perhaps…’


What happened to Cain because of that daytime incident?


Cain’s strange behavior could only be explained that way.


I grabbed both of Cain’s cheeks.


It was a little difficult because he was so tall, but it was still grabbing Cain’s cheeks. 




“Wake up, Cain.” 


Tak! Only the sound of Cain’s cheek being slapped echoed in the quiet hallway.




Still, Cain said nothing.


And then


“Oh, ugh!”


He pushed me away.


Cain’s strong hand pushed me, and I fell to the floor.


“Hey, C, Cain.” 


Cain stared blankly at me as I fell, and then moved on.


I quickly jumped to my feet and looked at the back of Cain, who was moving.


“Cain, where are you going? You’re not going to a strange place again, are you?”


Cain didn’t look back.


“You have to go to your room!”


Actually, I had a strong desire to follow Cain and take him to his room.


‘The situation is a bit strange…’


Cain, who didn’t say anything, was scary and even creepy.


Because Kendrick and Arsene told me to be careful, I didn’t even know where Cain was going and couldn’t take my steps. 


In addition.


‘There’s no way I can stop Cain…’


Cain was a grown man and strong.


Just a moment ago, Cain pushed me, and I fell.


So if Cain tried to go somewhere else, I couldn’t stop him even if I wanted to. 


But the good thing is.


The place where Cain’s steps headed was his room.


‘He probably went to sleep, right?’


I felt a bit regretful and anxious about not following. The condition looked strange, so I should have taken him to his room, but…


Should I go now?


I glanced toward the bed.


Fortunately, Leona was sleeping well even in this disturbance.


The shadow wolf followed me closely behind, worried about me.




After quieting the growling Shadow Wolf, I cautiously opened the door to Cain’s room.


Fortunately, Cain went back to his room and was sleeping.


‘That’s a relief.’


I quietly closed the door and returned to the guest room.


The shadow wolf also hid in my shadow. It seemed to be safe now. 


‘Let’s sleep some more…’


What’s going on at dawn.


I closed my eyes, thinking that I should ask Cain tomorrow if he was sleepwalking.




“Cain, are you sleepwalking?”


I immediately asked Cain at breakfast.




“Did you get sleepwalking?”


“What do you mean? Why do I get sleepwalking?”


Cain frowned as he pushed the omelet gracefully into his mouth. 


“No, you came to my room last night.”




It was Arsene who responded this time.




Cain also replied belatedly and dropped his fork.


“Linsy, Cain came to your room last night?”


“No, Arsene… Calm down.”


Ugh, I said it wrong.


I shouldn’t have said this, but it seemed that Arsene’s misunderstanding had been firmly established.




He could have misunderstood if I just said, ‘You came to my room last night’ without any further explanation.


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