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As expected, was it too much?


Surprised, I covered my mouth and looked at Kendrick and Creighton.


Kendrick came up quickly and held his handkerchief to my mouth.


“F, father.”


“Don’t talk, Linsy. Because it can put more strain on the body… what is this?” 


Kendrick looked at me with a worried expression and beckoned for the servants standing behind.


“Move the kids. Let them rest first. Is there a doctor in the villa?”


“There should be, but it would be better to bring Yeckhart’s doctor. I heard that they are from the deer clan.” 


Creighton looked at Cain and said.


“…Yeah. I’ll bring him, so first of all, the children.” 


Kendrick looked at Cain, who was still tearing at his neck with a painful expression on his face. 


The servants quickly came in and helped me and Cain to the bedroom.


I was carefully placed on the bed in the second best room in Hezeth Villa.




After some time, the pain subsided, but red blood still smeared from the corners of my mouth whenever I coughed. 


‘It really hurts…’


I didn’t show it anymore because I was afraid Kendrick would worry, but it really hurt.


It was the first time I had experienced this kind of pain since I was seven years old, so I didn’t adapt well.


The servants laid me down, changed into comfortable clothes, and left the room to rest first.


It must have been because there was nothing they could do until Mr. Hern arrived. 


Kendrick quickly left the mansion, saying he would bring Mr. Hern back.


Arsene is…






“Young Master Arsene, you can’t go in now…” 


The door burst open, and Arsene entered the room with a puzzled face.


I made eye contact with Arsene and smiled faintly.




“Linsy, what is this…!” 


Arsene ignored what the servants’ said and strode in to check on my condition. 


“What is this? What happened? What about Cain?” 


I wanted to explain to Arsene what had happened.






It wasn’t easy to exchange conversations with Arsene because the pain kept shaking inside.


Arsene looked at me anxiously, then realized that there was nothing he could do about it, so he grabbed my hand.


“Arsene, I’m fine…” 


“What do you mean by fine?  You don’t look fine at all. What about the doctor? Is there no doctor in Hezeth’s villa?”


“Right now, Sir Kendrick has gone to pick up Yeckhart’s doctor.”


The butler, anxious to see if my condition would worsen because of Arsene, lowered his head and said,


“Because I’m really fine…”


I put my hand on Arsene’s pale cheek and said.


It wasn’t just a voice trying to appease Arsene.


Certainly, compared to a moment ago, I felt much better, and my physical condition was gradually recovering.


The only problem is,


‘Is Cain okay…?’


Because I was of Raniero’s lineage and a bird clan, I had good resilience. 


Although I can’t cure my body with my powers,


‘I don’t have to worry because the recovery is fast.’


But Cain wasn’t. 


The prohibition must have put a lot of strain on the body. But I can’t even heal him…


The situation was not good.


“Linsy, you… Does it hurt a lot?” 


Arsene asked anxiously.


I shook my head.


“No, I’m really fine now…Why don’t you believe me, Arsene?”


“Do you look trustworthy? The kid who went in to have a conversation for a while threw up blood and fell down, lying here like this.”


Arsene put the blanket up to my chin.


“It’s hot…”


“No, cover it. Why isn’t my father coming?”


I wanted to tell him that Kendrick hadn’t been gone for more than ten minutes, but I didn’t have the energy, so I just let it go. 


Arsene stood by my side the whole time.


Even when the servants asked me to leave for a while, saying that they needed to give me warm water.


“I’ll be here, so do it.”


He sat down next to the bed and watched as the servants used spoons to feed me warm water.


“Please have some, Lady.”




I drank warm water with a spoon and lay down on the bed again as if I were about to collapse.


‘Ah, I’m not feeling well.’


It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so drained.


Suddenly, I thought of the land of Tamar.


For some reason, I felt like I could recover my energy when I went to the land of Tamar.


‘Is it because I rested there every time…’


It seemed to be because of the memory of taking Arsene and visiting Tamar, taking a nap in Tamar, and taking a good rest.


I couldn’t get into Tamar during the festival, so I had to stop thinking. 


Not long after, Kendrick returned to Hezeth’s villa with Mr. Hern. 


Considering that Hezeth’s villa and Yekhart’s mansion were quite far apart, it was really fast. 


‘You used your powers…’


It seemed to be so when I saw that Mr. Hern’s face was not good. 


Kendrick had the ability to move objects and beastmen into shadows,




That’s how side effects used to occur sometimes.


Because it moves at a high speed, many people complain of motion sickness.


However, even with a pale face, Mr. Hern walked over and checked my condition first.


“Ah, Mr. From Cain…!” 


“Don’t worry, Creighton’s doctor is looking after him, Linsy.” 


Kendrick said it firmly, and instructed Mr. Hern to examine my condition.


Mr. Hern squinted at me and pointed at me.


“Lady, the flow of your power is unstable. That’s why.” 


Mr. Hern was going to say something more, but when he saw the people in the room, including Arsene, Kendrick, and the servants, he said, 


“…Could you please leave for a minute?”


“But Hern, I will stay here.”


“It is the same with the Young Master. We will finish it soon.”


My guardian, Kendrick, was the only one who was allowed to be in the room.


Arsene and the servants of Hezeth left, and Mr. Herne continued to speak in whispers. 


“You said Young Master Cain was under prohibition and used her superpowers to alleviate the pain?”




“I don’t know the connection between the prohibition and Raniero’s power, but…  In my opinion, the attributes of the group using the prohibition seem to be contrary to the Lady.”


“The group that is using it?” 


“Yes, Young Master Cain said he was attacked. So, the attributes of those who attacked the Young Master put a prohibition on him. It seems to be the opposite attribute of the Lady’s pure power. So.” 


Mr. Hern continued, taking out one medicine or another from the bag he had brought.


“The Lady’s ability is mistakenly mixed in to cause this kind of reaction. However, the lady’s ability is much stronger, so I don’t think you need to worry. It’s cleansing well, I’ll give you some medicine to help cleanse it.”


“Then, will Cain be okay?”


I have a strong ability to purify the body, but since Cain doesn’t have the ability to heal, he won’t even be able to do that. 


When I asked anxiously, Mr. Hern seemed to be thinking for a moment and nodded.


“I’ll have to see Cain’s condition to know for sure, but he’s probably fine. Because he received the Lady’s power… I don’t know anything else, but the pain will certainly be neutralized.”


I nodded at Mr. Hern’s words.


‘That’s a relief.’


I was worried that my condition might have gotten worse because I used my powers. 


There was a reason I was worried about this.


This is because I have a memory that Arsene’s condition got worse after I used this power on him in the past. 


Kendrick nodded as if to comfort me.


“I heard earlier that Cain was asleep. Don’t worry too much, Lincy. Cain will be fine soon.”


“But Father, we have to lift the prohibition…” 


“…Yeah, we should. I and Creighton will find out, so don’t worry.” 


I rolled up the blanket and nodded.


Mr. Hern received a bowl of clear water and a wooden spoon from the servants standing outside.


Then, he mixed white powder with clear water and handed it to me. 


“Drink slowly. It will help your body recover.”


Arsene entered the room immediately after the important talk.


And sitting on the bed, watching me take the medicine.


“Arsene, I’m fine now.”


“Okay, so hurry up and eat them all, Linsy. Tell me after you finish it.”


Arsene said, pointing to the bowl of medicine I have in my hand.


I nodded and eagerly put the medicine into my mouth.


“Then I’ll go to Young Master Cain now.”


Mr. Hern asked Arsene to take care of me and left the room.


Kendrick also left the room with Herrn, saying he should also check Cain’s condition.


I was more worried about Cain than myself.


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