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“Lady, are you awake?”


The maid from the Hezeth’s family spoke to me while smiling brightly.


I nodded in a hurry.


“M, mmhm!”


I didn’t commit a crime, so why am I so embarrassed?


I glanced at Arsene.


Arsene was calm even though he was holding me just now— he said he was trying to support me.


“We’re going back to the mansion. Please prepare the carriage.”


At Arsene’s words, the maid bowed her head and quickly left the room.


Arsene and I soon left Hezeth’s Villa.


I wanted to check on Cain’s condition, but Arsene, Creighton, and Kendrick refused.


“You can’t.” 


He seemed worried that I might use my power on Cain again.


‘I’m not going to use it, but…’


I understood why everyone was worried, so I nodded my head gently.


We arrived at the Yeckhart mansion in no time.


As we got out of the carriage, the servants came to meet us with worried faces.


“Lady, are you all right?”


Among them was Betty.


They must have heard the news that I had collapsed in the Hezeth’s villa. 


‘Well, because they brought Mr. Hern…’


Of course everyone in the mansion knew.


The servants looked at me anxiously. I smiled awkwardly.


“Mmhm, I’m okay. But I want to get some rest…”


Instead of going back to the room with Arsene, I looked back at Kendrick.


“F, father!” 


“Yeah, Linsy.” 


“Are you done with the meeting?”


It was referring to a meeting of heads of clans that was unusually long. Kendrick nodded slowly.


“Yeah, why the meeting all of a sudden?”


“I was curious about what you talked about… As you know, at this festival.” 


There was a problem in the process of checking the holy relics. Everyone knew the story without having to say it.


“Let’s talk in the room.”


Arsene also followed me without going to his room.


Kendrick asked, narrowing his eyes.


“Why don’t you go to your room?”


“And father…” 


I could hear Arsene and Kendrick bickering behind me.


As soon as I entered the room, I asked for permission and sat down on the bed.


The body has not yet fully recovered, so it was too much to stand for a long time.


I looked up at Kendrick as if asking him to talk now.


Kendrick opened his mouth.


“There was a problem with the bird clan’s holy relics. That’s why the ceremony couldn’t be held properly. But…”




“The new head of the bird clan, that is, Gale, refused to allow the heads of the clans to check the holy relic.”




“Yes, there was a problem with the holy relic, so the high priest acting as the Pope’s representative and the heads of other blessed clans were supposed to check the holy relic, but he refused the entire time and ran out of the meeting hall. Tsk, what about the bird clan? Did they put a child in the position just to do it…?”


Kendrick clicked his tongue.


“I just happened to have something to tell you. So, I think the festival will be longer.”




Kendrick sighed and continued speaking.


“At a festival, the ritual must be completed, but a problem occurred with the holy relic and the ritual failed. We plan to extend the festival period and perform the ritual again on the last day. This was also agreed upon by the bird clan. However, since we decided to give time to solve the problems that occurred in nature…”


Kendrick narrowed his eyes as if he was calculating the date, and then continued.


“I think the festival will last about four days or, Linsy.”




Arsene interrupted abruptly.


“What about the coming-of-age ceremony?”


My coming-of-age ceremony was just two days after the festival.


I was preparing for the coming-of-age ceremony at that time, but the festival is four days longer. Arsene seemed perplexed.




‘It’s a good thing.’


It was rather fortunate for me.


I still haven’t made up my mind.


So, in other words, it meant that I had four more days to think about it.


When I nodded, Kendrick continued speaking apologetically.


“Let’s hold the coming-of-age ceremony as soon as the festival is over, Linsy. I’m sorry for you.”


“I’m fine! Really!”


Kendrick smiled tiredly and put his hand on my head.




I was worried about Kendrick.


Kendrick, as far as I know, has never rested properly since I was a kid.


It seemed okay until now.


‘You look so tired these days.’


I looked at Kendrick with a worried look.


Kendrick seemed to think I was disappointed that my coming of age ceremony had been postponed, so he tried to comfort me.


‘I’m really fine.’


It’s better to be late.


When I glanced at Arsene, Arsene seemed to feel the same way as I did.


“Anyway, you have nothing to worry about, so don’t worry, Linsy. You can rest well.”


“Yes, I will. Cain too…!”


“I’m also looking into Cain’s problem. It’s something we need to work out. Don’t worry.”


I nodded.


At that time, a child suddenly crossed my mind.


‘…I don’t know.’


A child who appeared suddenly one day and disappeared suddenly, leaving only one flower.


With a huge prohibition on her back. 


Why do I suddenly think of that kid? I wiggled my hands.


Kendrick left the room, telling me to rest now. 


Arsene is,


“I told you to rest, what are you doing?”


He tapped me on the shoulder and sat next to me.


“I woke up after resting… You should go get some rest, Arsene.”


“I’m not tired. And since you’re a patient, you need to rest more.”


Arsene put the blanket up to the end of my head and said.


“Paha—! Arsene, it’s hard to breathe!”


I quickly removed the blanket and glared at Arsene, breathing heavily.


Arsene shrugged his shoulders.


“You know, Arsene, I think it’s good that the festival period has been extended.”


“Why? Because the coming-of-age ceremony was postponed?”


He’s quick-witted.


I nodded my head.


“Because I have more time to think… right?”


“Mmhm, right.”


Arsene seemed to be thinking for a while, then turned his gaze to me.


“Think about it. Carefully.”


“Mmhm, don’t worry…” 


I blinked, then whispered in a low voice.


“Can I shapeshift?”


“Are you comfortable being a bird?”


I nodded.


I felt comfortable in human form in front of other people, but when I was alone with Arsene, I felt comfortable in my bird form.


It seemed like it was because I had been with Arsene in my bird form since I was young.


As soon as Arsene nodded, I tapped the bed with my foot.






Light green smoke spread in all directions, and two red wings caught my eye.


Arsene stared at me, then sat down and lightly stamped his feet.




A series of explosions were heard, and a huge gray wolf appeared from the gray smoke.


No, rather than gray—.


‘Arsene is strangely close to silver.’


The Yeckharts were a gray wolf family, so Kendrick’s hair was gray.


However, Arsene had hair and fur that was closer to silver, brighter and shiny than gray.


Is it because he was sick in the past?


A huge wolf with silver fur. He fell flat on the bed.


The bed was very big, but Arsene was even bigger, so when Arsene stretched out his legs, they stuck out of the bed.


Arsene curled up with his legs folded and looked at me.




I familiarly dug into Arsene’s arms. 


I took a place among the soft fur on his stomach and rested my head on Arsene’s wide torso.


I could feel Arsene licking my wings.






I flapped my wings to tell Arsene not to do it, but he stubbornly licked me. 


Since it was an expression of affection from the wolf clan, I no longer criticized Arsene.


No, licking didn’t matter. Rather, it was bearable. So what I can’t bear is…




Arsene tried to put my head in his mouth.


I quickly pulled my head out of Arsene’s mouth and flapped my wings.




I knew it! I knew it!


I heard that the wolf clan’s way of expressing affection is to put the head of the person they like in their mouth.


Since I was a bird clan, I felt nothing but fear when Arsene put my head in his mouth.


‘Phew, I told you not to do it!’


When Arsene became a wolf, his instincts always took precedence over reason, and he would put my head in his mouth like this. 


I tapped Arsene on the head with my wings, and sat down again in Arsene’s arms.


It was so soft that I thought I would fall asleep soon.


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