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Hern asked Kendrick’s permission, returned to Yeckhart’s main residence, and entered the library filled with ancient books. 


Originally, it was a place where only Yeckhart’s direct descendants could enter.


‘I allow it. You can look through Yeckhart’s ancient books.’


With the permission of Yeckhart’s head of family, Kendrick, Hern was able to enter Yeckhart’s ancient book storage room. 


There was only one reason he came here.




Cain Hezeth is in prohibition.


Maybe it will be resolved quickly like Linsy, but…


‘The situation is different from Lady’s.’ 


During Linsy’s time, there was suspicion that Ester had accidentally put the prohibition.


There was no reason to place a prohibition on a seven-year-old child in the Eckhardt Mansion.


But Cain’s case was different.


Organized and planned.


Therefore, it was highly impossible that the prohibition would be lifted even if the culprit was lucky enough to die, as was the case during Linsy.


Hern pulled out a bunch of ancient books related to the prohibition and placed them on the table at the bottom of the ancient book storage room.


Then, wearing cloth gloves to avoid damaging the ancient records, he carefully turned the pages.


Although it was a little dusty, it was basically well-maintained, so there was no difficulty in turning the pages or reading the text.


Hern turned the pages, deciphering the ancient languages one by one.


‘I need to find the record where prohibition was first used.’


Hern believed that all answers can be found from the beginning.


He turned the pages for a long time, trying to find out when the strange prohibition against alcohol, which had been banned for a long time, was first used.


His eyes were hurt from looking at the small, blurry letters for so long, but it doesn’t matter.


He often turned the pages of a book, tilting his head back when his eyes hurt, or pressing his temples and between his eyebrows.


However, there were no records showing when prohibition was used.


All of them only described how evil a prohibition was.


‘As expected, there wasn’t…’


Hern muttered as he turned the pages.


There were two ways to break the prohibition.


Either the caster directly releases the prohibition, or the prohibition is naturally lifted due to the death of the caster.


It was difficult to expect the former case, so it was easier to find and kill the criminal.


However, now that it was unclear how and for what purpose the prohibition was placed, it was impossible to find the criminal.


“I guess I’ll just have to look at this and go.”


About ten hours had already passed since he had been frantically searching through ancient books.


Hern was anxious about being away from Linsy and Arsene for more than twelve hours.


Arsene says he’s feeling better these days, but according to Linsy recently, he’s had abnormal symptoms of thickening spots,


Because Linsy can’t heal her own body, she used to get sick more often than others.


So, he’ll just read this and go back. 


He muttered softly as he turned the dusty pages of the book.


An interesting record caught his eye.




Hern tried to pronounce it out loud.


When his voice came out of his mouth, he felt strange for some reason.


Is that a given?


Because the ■■ have already become extinct.


“The disappeared clan…”


Hern muttered.


Hern had also heard of this clan.


Long ago, in ancient times, there was a clan living in the land of Tamar.


Although it was not exactly known, it was said to have been handed down.


They were the clan that received the most blessings from God.


God especially cherishes and favors them, giving them stronger blessings than any other clan.


A body more beautiful than any other clan and a stronger mind.


The ability to write down God’s words and the heart to care for and be more considerate of each other.




They gave love that could be shared equally with everyone.


After thinking about that, Hern slowly read the ancient book.


It was older than the other books, so the text was blurry and difficult to read, but it wasn’t so bad that it was completely unreadable.


In the book, it was written about ■■ who lived in the land of Tamar.


At the same time, the blessings God bestowed on them were also recorded in detail.


God’s blessing upon ■■.


It was mana.


A special power that everyone in the clan is equally born with.


By manipulating mana, they were able to freely implement the ‘special abilities’ that beastmen now use.


As Hern read the record, he was struck by a natural question.


‘Why did these people become extinct?’


According to the records, it was clear that they were a much stronger and more beautiful clan than the current beastmen.


In addition, it was revealed that this clan loses their minds significantly less often than other clans.


But what does it mean that they are extinct?


According to the story that has been passed down, they were punished and destroyed because they ignored God and tried to challenge him… 


Since that was just an old story, Hern wanted to find more accurate records.


However, the records of other clans didn’t say why the ■■ disappeared.


That’s why… Strangely enough, there were no records about them.


Usually, if one clan was destroyed, other clans would also know why.


In the books of the period after the extinction of the clan, no records of ■■ remained. As if it had been completely erased from the memories of all beastmen.


Hern continued reading.


The extinct clans were able to freely use mana to manifest their special abilities.


It was recorded that there were people who sometimes became so greedy that they lost their sense and harmed their relatives.


And the name for such people is…


[They were called ●●.]


It had been erased.


No, to be exact, he couldn’t read it.


He could read the text, but when he tried to read it out loud, it felt like it had been completely erased from his head.


Hern was puzzled by this and continued reading the records.


[With God’s blessing, they learned how to use their powers. God’s blessings should never be used to invade or harm the freedom of others. However, through God’s blessing, they created several ‘spells’ to harm others. That’s…]


[…Six types of forbidden spell, including prohibition.]




Hern opened his sleepy eyes at the words.


And he finished reading the record.


[A curse that covers your eyes. A curse that controls thoughts. A curse that covers one’s mouth…]


Of the six curses, three were erased and could not be recognized.


However, it was clear that the “curse that covers one’s mouth” was the prohibition.


Originating from an ancient clan.


A terrible result of twisting God’s blessings.


The more he searched for traces of the past, the more he felt like he was learning things he shouldn’t know, but Hern didn’t care and continued reading steadily.


[If you want to break the curse, you must find the person with the cleanest mana among the ■■. Only they can lift the curse.] 


However, the recorded lifting method didn’t help Hern.


■■ were extinct.


But where on earth does he find the one with the purest mana among them? 


Hern turned the pages of his book with a distraught look on his face.


After that, it was recorded how superior and extraordinary the ■■ were.


It was a book written purely from the perspective of ■■


Hern looked at the book again, puzzled. This book was clearly taken from a collection of books from sheep clans…


However, the texture of the cover was strangely different for it to be a book belonging to sheep clans.


He first looked at the time.


‘It’s already been twelve hours.’


Now it was time to go back to Linsy and Arsene.


He was going to go and check the condition of Linsy and Arsene, and then come back to look at the book again. 


First of all, when he glanced at it, it seemed like that was the end of the records related to prohibition.


‘There are a lot of interesting records, so maybe they will be helpful.’


He quickly put the ancient book back on the bookshelf and left the ancient book storage room.


So he didn’t see it.


Between the books, a torn page falls down.


And on that bookshelf.


[…●● have a special curse. Just three people…]


Hern left the ancient book storage room.




“…What time is it?”


When I woke up, the sun had already set.


I woke up and tried to check the time,


…Oh, I clearly sleep in my bird form, right?’


Realizing that I was now in Arsene’s arms, I just rolled my eyes.


Apparently, they both fell asleep in our beast form.


The shapeshift had been released, and I ended up being wrapped in Arsene’s arms.


I looked up at Arsene’s face, who was sleeping soundly.




And then I quietly called the boy’s name.


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