Author: Tam

The children’s book titled “Don’t Follow the Lion.”


The book ends when a small and brave baby bird falls into a lion’s trap and is eaten by the lion.


It was a fairy tale book that taught me not to follow an unfamiliar family. 


‘As expected, they made me gain weight to eat me!’


Otherwise, they wouldn’t have brought me so many expensive and delicious desserts!


I flew quickly and sat on a window frame close to the ceiling.


As I flew away, the maids looked up at the window frame where I sat with a stunned look as I flew away.


‘Hm, not a chance.’


I came all the way to Yeckhart because I didn’t want to die, but I can’t be eaten in vain.


So the boundaries had to be stricter.


I blew up my feathers and used my beak to trim my messy tail feathers and flight feathers.


After flapping my small wings a few times, a flying feather that seemed to have grown a little stood out.


‘Isn’t it growing too fast?’


I don’t know why, but it changed from my previous life.


Of course, I used to think that the sooner I grew up, the better.


It will be easier for me to heal Arsene’s condition as I grow older and better at using my skills.


It was a peaceful life just to imagine.


But three days ago, on a night when the moonlight was exceptionally bright, the red feathers were discovered and pulled out.


I wasn’t happy to grow up fast at all.


At this rate, I might even start molting before the age of ten.


Of course, Kendrick Yeckhart promised not to abandon me—.


Still, I couldn’t help feeling anxious.


All grown-ups lie, so I shouldn’t trust them.


I looked at the maids with wary eyes.


The maid’s expressions seemed quite unfair, but I couldn’t help it.


The piled-up dessert looked delicious, too


—I couldn’t help it.


I trimmed the tail feathers again, ignoring the maids and dessert.


Then, the door burst open.


It was Arsene who opened the door.


As soon as Arsene came in, he turned his head and looked around.


“Hey, Linsy!”


He raised his chin as if to ask the maids where I was.




I let out a noise to announce that I was sitting on a window frame. 


Arsene came up and looked at me on tiptoe.


“What, why are you there? The window frame is dirty, you can’t sit down there. You fool.”




I quickly lifted my foot to check the situation.


The pink feet had a little bit of dust on them.


‘It’s not dirty.’


I raised my feet to show Arsene, meaning it wasn’t dirty.




“What, it’s not dirty. But hurry up and come down. I’m hungry.”


Is it already time to eat?


I didn’t know because the maids fed me dessert all along, but I guess so.


Arsene tapped his shoulder as if urging me. 


I pondered for a moment.




Can I go down when so many wolves seem to want to fatten me up?


But I can’t stay on top of the window frame forever.


Besides, I wanted to eat.


‘The stomachs for dessert and rice are different.’


What I’ve eaten so far is dessert, not rice.


Eventually, I had no choice but to come down from the window frame.


I flew away and landed lightly on Arsene’s shoulder.




Arsene took me to his room.


Unlike Raniero, who had to eat only at designated places because they emphasized dining etiquette, Arsene usually ate in his own room. 


Thanks to this, I was able to sit down at Arsene’s table and receive the same table that Arsene ate every time.


Because Kendrick said it would be good for me and Arsene to get to know each other quickly, so we had a meal together every day.


There was Arsene’s little rebellion, but it soon subsided as if it had never happened.


My favorite fruits, fish dishes, and vegetables were all set.


Arsene crumpled his face as soon as he saw the carrot in the soup.


“…I told you to take out the carrot. I don’t want carrots in it.”


Arsene said. 


“I’ll make sure to take it out next time. Please try it today, Young master~”


The maids were familiar with Arsene. Arsene’s picky eater seems to be more than a day or two.


I sat down and crunched on some celery as I watched Arsene work hard to pick carrots.


‘No, why don’t you eat carrots?’


When I watched Arsene carefully, it wasn’t just carrots.


All vegetables such as carrots and celery were excluded and only meat was selected and eaten.


Picky eater is the worst eating habit. 


Picky eating was the root of all diseases. If you only choose vegetables and eat them, your body will become weak—. But he was already weak, he might die suddenly while being picky.


If he dies suddenly, I’m done!


I quickly jumped in front of Arsene.


And I said, pushing down a plate of carrots that Arsene had picked out. 




Don’t be picky.


I can live with you only if you stay alive for a long time.


Arsene was born weak, and the fact that he was picky about what he ate made him die faster.


“You want me to eat carrots?”




“I don’t want to.”




Arsene firmly pushed the carrot plate.


It was a strong will, not like a seven-year-old child. 


I puffed up my feather and squinted at Arsene.


“…What, why do you look at me like that?”




“No, I told you I don’t want to eat it?”


Arsene said. 


The maids watching our meal did not miss the right time and pushed the carrot plate in front of Arsene.


“The Lady asks you to do this, so you still won’t eat it, Young Master?”


“Oh my, look at how well my Lady eats vegetables.”


“I’ve never seen anyone eat this well!”


I was surprised at the compliments from the maids and ate another carrot. 


Then Arsene stared at the carrot as if he had a desire to win.


—The carrot will get pierced.


‘Should I stimulate it a little more?’


I deliberately turned to Arsene and chewed the carrot as if to show off. 


Then Arsene took a deep breath as if he had made a big decision.


Then he picked up a carrot, put it in his mouth, and chewed it quickly. 




Of course, he drank a lot of water right away.


The maids and chefs of the mansion were watching the scene with their hands covering their mouths as if they were thrilled. 


“Young Master—”


“He ate carrots!”


Cheers rang out in Arsene’s room.


I looked at the scene awkwardly.


How many times has he not eaten a carrot, and when he does, he has this kind of reaction?


Arsene ate all the carrots and looked at me triumphantly. 


“Did you see that? I’m eating carrots now.”




I gave a rough answer.


“You’re not the only one who can eat it.”


Arsene raised his chin.


Really? What about celery?


I slipped a plate of celery in front of Arsene with one foot.


The maids quickly noticed what I wanted.


“Oh my, even celery?”


“My Lady is eating celery, she must be a genius!”


“Oh my, I wish Young Master could eat it, too—”


It would be nice if Young Master could eat it, too.


Arsene opened his eyes again at the word.


Then he took a piece of celery and thought about it seriously.


The maids were looking at the figure holding their breath.


And I laughed at Arsene and ate the celery.


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