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I grabbed Arsene’s wrist.


“Why, Linsy?”


“You know, did you see the bird family floating in the sky earlier?”


Bird clan floating above the event venue.


The bird clan was a bit different from the others. 


It’s definitely different! But I couldn’t explain it.


‘It was a bit strange.’


One by one, they crashed into the event venue and attacked the beastmen inside.


The rest were just floating in the sky and circling in the sky.


It was as if they had received an order from someone.


Only then did it occur to me that there was a problem with the bird clan’s holy relics. 


Also, the bird clan has cut off communication with other clans for the past 9 years.


“There must be trouble with the bird clan.”


I muttered.


And only then, did I realize how Giles pollen had spread so quickly among the people.






“The bird clan came with pollen on their wings! And let the pollen spread just by floating in the sky!”


Why didn’t I think of this earlier?


It was clear that each time the bird clan floated to the sky and flapped their wings, Giles’ pollen would spread far and wide.


I finally understood the birds that were just circling above the event venue.


‘They were spreading pollen.’


Arsene nodded with a shocked expression. 


“So this is all Gale’s doing?”




I hesitated to answer that question.


It was too large a scale for it to have been planned by Gale alone.




‘Gale’s expression…’


The first time I bumped into Gale, he was displeased and looked quite embarrassed. 


Besides, I didn’t think Gale would have planned such a huge undertaking, just thinking about the ungainly appearance of the ceremony. 


Arsene nodded and said, as if he was thinking the same thing.


“I think it’s true that the bird clan spread Giles’ pollen. But I don’t know if it was Gale’s plan…” 


Why did Schville cross my mind at that time? 




Then the carriage stopped.


We raised our heads at the same time.


“What’s going on?”


As I peeked outside, I saw the knights chasing away the giant snake beast that was blocking their path.


Fortunately, thanks to the shadow wolf, they were able to chase away the snake beast without any major damage and go on their way again.


The problem was that the beastmen kept popping out and blocking the carriage. 


The knights stopped the beastmen without stopping, and the shadow wolves chased the beastmen away, but there was a limit.


“This is a big problem.”


I need to get back to my territory quickly.


Kendrick said the holy relics should be returned to the basement of the mansion. 


Otherwise, there will be great damage to the mansion.


But looking at the current situation, I thought the mansion might have already been destroyed.


‘Are the servants of the mansion okay?’


The first thing that came to mind was the servants of the mansion who had always treated me kindly. 


‘They should be safe.’ 


The carriage stopped again.




A huge pig with extremely large and strong molars was standing blocking the carriage.


The knights pulled out their swords at the same time.


The problem was that there was more than one pig.


“…No way.”


Arsene muttered.


A huge number of pig beastmen, losing their minds, were standing at the border of the sanctuary, blocking our carriage from going any further. 


Seeing how many there were, even the shadow wolf seemed to hesitate slightly.


The knights also looked troubled, but first examined the situation to clear a path for the carriage. 


However, there was no path in sight.


“This is bad. The carriage can’t move. Not only that, but…” 


If they make a mistake, everything. 


The sound of one of the knights speaking softly to the knight commander was clearly heard.


Arsene clasped the box of holy relics that Kendrick had handed to him,


The problem wasn’t just that the carriage couldn’t go.


As the knights said, he might be trampled to death by a huge herd of pigs here. 


The huge black pig standing in the lead snorted and scratched the ground with its front paws.






Arsene called my name, grabbed my shoulder and turned me around.




“…You can fly, right?”




As if there was no time to explain further, Arsene urged me to quickly become a bird.




I looked up at the sky.


There were also birds flying in the sky.


‘It will definitely be easier to fly.’


At that time, a herd of pigs rushed in at once.


The shadow wolf rushed out like lightning and tackled the giant pig.


The knights also stood in a circle around us with their swords drawn to protect us.


“Take the holy relic and fly away. I’ll follow you soon. We don’t have time now.”


Arsene said as he placed the holy relic in my hand.


“The sky will be dangerous because of the bird’s clans, but it will be easier than going through here. Besides…” 




A huge rock flew out of nowhere and hit us.


However, thanks to the protective shield Kendrick had put up, we weren’t hurt.


“Because there is a protective shield, it will be okay if someone attacks it. But fly as fast as you can. Fly and go to the mansion.”


Arsene hurried me as if there was no more time to talk.


Degon glanced back at us and shouted loudly.


“You’d better do that, Lady! Eukh! I don’t think things will get any better!”


I nodded, then put down the box containing the holy relic and lightly stamped my feet.




Amidst the chaos, light green smoke spread in all directions.


My vision lowered slightly, and two red wings appeared in my eyes.




I spread my wings wide and grabbed the holy object I had placed on the floor with my feet. 


I looked at Arsene as I clutched the box firmly in my claws, which were curved like hooks.


“Be careful.”


Arsene put both hands around my beak and pressed my nose against his.


“You have to be careful, always.”


Arsene seemed worried that he would have to send me alone.


I was also worried.


In the sky were birds who had lost their minds flying. 


It’s just a guess, but they even had their wings covered in Giles pollen!


‘Will I be able to avoid it?’


And that too, carrying Yeckhart’s holy relic.


No, I had to protect this at all costs.


‘It will be fine.’


After reassuring myself, I nuzzled my beak to tell Arsene not to worry.




Then I kicked off my spot with enormous force and flew round.


I felt the long tail feathers forming a circle.


Arsene and the knights, Yeckhart’s carriage, and a herd of pig shapeshifters who attacked us unexpectedly all faded away beneath my feet.


‘Let’s just look ahead.’


I can go.


I put more strength into my feet holding the box containing the holy relic.


The wind passed quickly past my ears.


There was some distance from here to wolf territory.


If I flap my wings quickly from now on, I might get tired halfway through.


After riding the wind, I spread my wings wide and looked down from time to time.


I had to go south to the wolf territory. 


The wind heading south was just right, so it seemed like I could arrive easily and quickly if things continued like this. 


‘Put back the holy relics and pick up Arsene…’


I made a plan in my head, but then shook my head.


It was clear that Arsene wouldn’t like me picking him up.


Because he hates me being in danger more than anyone else.


And as expected, it was the same with Kendrick. 


The reason they told me to take care of myself first was probably because I kept foolishly wanting to help other beastmen.


However, it was obvious that if I went out carelessly in this situation, I would only become a burden.


Maybe I’m the only one who can purify those beasts.


There may be some of my siblings, but now that the person who spread the Giles flower is presumed to be the bird clan, it was difficult to expect the bird clan to purify the beastmen who had lost their minds. 


‘So I have to come to my senses.’


Arsene will be okay.


There was a shadow wolf, and there was also a protective shield from Kendrick.


…I hope he never has to use it, but there was also a necklace I gave him. 


So, the first thing I could do was to bring the holy relic to the mansion, and if there were any beastmen near the mansion who were damaged, I could take care of them. 


But then.






Hearing a strange sound, I slowly turned my head and looked behind me.


A bird clan was chasing me at breakneck speed. 


‘No way!’


I was flying fast enough too.


But the bird clan was chasing me at a much faster speed. 


I moved my wings to change direction and tried to escape the bird clan chasing me.


‘I have to run away!’ 


Now I had Yeckhart’s holy relic.


I can’t lose this. 


I flew away with all my might.






A bird larger than me attacked me from above, pointing its sharp claws at me.


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  1. I’m not really sure where this is going and I feel like she should definitely help out. The time to become stronger and to save others has already passed.