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The leaves didn’t fall off.


I was confused and tried biting it with my beak, holding on tightly to the branch with my feet, and pulling it. 


But the leaf didn’t even flutter. 


The situation seemed to be no different for the shadow wolf.


‘What’s wrong?’


First, I took a step back and sat down on a tree branch. And then I looked at the leaves again.


On the outside, it doesn’t look much different from regular leaves except that it’s dried on the inside, but it sticks tightly to the branch and doesn’t fall off.


‘What should I do?’


Should I take some other plants first?


However, the leaves brought to Kendrick were from this tree.


So, the leaf that Hern said was the cure must have been this leaf.


‘So I have to take it with me.’


The shadow wolf was seen chewing the entire branch.


Since the leaves were not torn off, it seemed like the tree was planning to bite off the entire branch.




‘I can’t?’


But that too failed.


The leaves couldn’t be torn off, and the branches couldn’t be broken.


Arsene, who saw me and the shadow wolf in trouble, tried to signify from below.




A wolf with silver fur slowly emerged from the smoke.


It was Arsene’s wolf form. 


The wolf stretched out his front legs and stretched once, then placed its front paws on the tree trunk. 


And in an instant, he jumped up, ran up the tree trunk, and jumped up onto the branch. 




Arsen opened his mouth and snapped at the branches with his sharp teeth, and shook them with his weight.


But the tree branch didn’t move.






Arsene and I looked at each other as if we were troubled.


When Arsene realized that he couldn’t bite the branch because he had no wings, he went straight down to the bottom of the tree.


It seemed like he was trying to gather any leaves they couldn’t find under the tree.


I watched Arsene and the shadow wolf coming down, then climbed up to a higher branch and sat down.


‘What on earth is the problem?’


Why did the tree suddenly stop falling leaves?


I was worried that the tree might be dying again, so I pointed at it with my wing.


But that didn’t seem to be the case.


The vitality of the tree was clearly felt.


‘Then why on earth…’


We definitely need leaves.


That was the only way to stabilize the beastmen society that was now in chaos. 


I had to get a lot of leaves right away so the deer clan could start making an antidote.


There could be more damage if there is even a small delay.




‘Give me the leaves.’


Let me take it.


I held a leaf in my beak and carefully spoke to the tree in my mind.


We really need this now.


‘We need this leaf to save the beastmen in danger.’ 


It whispered softly and pulled a leaf with its beak.


At that time. 




The leaves fell off.


It was as if the tree listened to me.


I held a fallen leaf in my beak and blinked.


And not long after.


Leaves fell to the bottom of the rainwater tree.


Arsene and the shadow wolf were seen below, looking at the tree with wide eyes. 


It was as if someone had violently shaken the entire tree, causing leaves to fall down and cover the ground. 


What’s going on? 


I was embarrassed by what I had experienced for the first time in my life, but there was no time to hesitate.




And before my feet touched the floor, I released my bird form. 


“Arsene, let’s collect it quickly.”


And I said this while pointing with my hand at the numerous leaves that were still falling on my head.


Arsene then nodded and created a wide curtain of shadows.


At first glance, the curtain looked like cloth.


I put a lot of leaves into the basket I brought earlier.


The shadow wolf took a handful of leaves and carefully placed them on the curtain Arsene had made. 


We walked around for a while, collecting leaves.


Only after I picked up the last piece and put it in the basket.


“Let’s go now, Arsene!”


I said, looking back at Arsene with both hands full of baskets.


Arsene nodded, carrying leaves on the shadow wolf’s back.


“Let’s go now. “It’s too late.”


Arsene took the basket I was carrying and placed me on the shadow wolf’s back.


And soon after, he got on it himself.


Before we left the land of Tamar, we looked back at the tree that gave us the leaves.




‘Thank you.’


I said thank you to the tree. 


The wolf took a step forward without slowing down.


The cursed scenes of Tamar passed by at surprisingly fast speed.




“Mr. Hern!”


We gathered the leaves we had brought in the garden of the mansion and asked them to call Mr. Hern.


As soon as we called him, he quickly ran out and checked the leaves we had brought.


And only after confirming that the leaves were the same as the ones we brought me last time, he nodded and smiled vaguely. 


“I’m glad it’s not late. Can you make an antidote?”


“Please take care of it.” 


When I nodded, Mr. Hern looked at me and nodded.


A loud noise was heard from somewhere.


The servants looked behind me, opened their eyes wide, and said.






At the servants’ words, I turned my head and looked behind me.


Kendrick was slowly passing through the entrance to the mansion.


Kendrick is finally back.


After cleaning up the messed up sanctuary!




Actually, I was worried about him. 


If it were the powers of the head of the clans, the situation would have been sorted out already, but Kendrick still hasn’t returned. 


Of course, Kendrick is strong, so that wouldn’t be possible, but I was worried that he might get hurt or something worse.


Kendrick rode his horse until he reached the garden of the mansion where we were standing.


Then, he stopped to calm his horse, jumped off his horse, and smiled at us.


“It looks like you arrived safely.”


It seems that Kendrick was very worried that something might happen after he sent us away first.


Arsene and I nodded at the same time.


“Did anything happen to father?”


“Yeah. The sanctuary was roughly organized. But…” 


Kendrick blurred his words, brushed his hair back, and said it again.


“It was really just a rough summary. Since there was no way to resolve things any further, they decided to take care of their respective territories and clans first, and returned for now. However… this?”


Kendrick asked, looking at the leaves piled up in the garden.


Before we could answer, Mr. Hern stepped forward and answered.


“I have informed the Lady and Young Master. There’s an antidote to the Giles flower.”


“…So you told them.” 


“Yes, the situation has become more serious and the Lord has not returned, so we have made an unavoidable decision. All of the antidotes I made right away have run out, and we need to start making them urgently, but the Lord is away…” 


Kendrick sighed.


“Yeah, that was probably the best judgment and decision at the time. I understand you, Hern.”


Soon he looked back at me and Arsene and said.


“Thank you for bringing so much. Linsy, Arsene.”


“It’s nothing.”


I had to do whatever I could for Kendrick and the Wolf Clan.


Because I owe them a favor.


Moreover, this wasn’t just for the wolf clan, but for the entire beastman society.


But Kendrick still seemed afraid that my secret would be revealed.


Kendrick spoke quietly as he told the servants around him to leave. 


“Listen carefully, Linsy. The situation is getting serious. Maybe all your secrets will come out. Me and Arsene will protect you… But you must also know how to protect your own body.”


Kendrick grabbed my shoulder.


“I don’t mean to fight back. If it’s dangerous, run away, and if it looks strange, turn around and come out right away. You have a duty to protect your body. Do you understand?”


“Yes, don’t worry.”


I nodded.


Kendrick looked at the mountain of leaves for a while, then called some knights and told them to load the leaves onto the carriage.


It seemed like it was because it had to be transported straight to the deer clan.


“Let’s go in now. I think I need to go into detail. I have something to say to you too, Arsene.”


Kendrick finished his words and walked into the mansion first.


Arsene and I immediately followed Kendrick into the mansion.


I caught a glimpse of the knights busily carrying leaves.


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