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At the unbelievable sight, I couldn’t even think of running away and just blinked.


But Glene didn’t answer my call.


Moreover, her face was as calm as if she were sleeping.


It was hard to believe that she was the one who suddenly broke into someone else’s bedroom in the middle of the night.


I hesitantly approached Glene.


“G, Glene? That’s you, right?”


Although she looked a little different from what I remembered, she was definitely Glene.


“Why aren’t you saying anything? Please say something…”


As I was calling for Glene, a flower by the window caught my eye.


A flower that has never withered since she left.




The flower had withered.


It seemed to be fine until just a moment ago, but all the flower petals had dried up and fallen to the ground, and the stems were weakly broken.


I instinctively knew something was wrong.


If she was really Glene, or at least the person I knew, she wouldn’t have suddenly come into my room in the middle of the night.


The last time she came to visit me, she was standing in front of the door and didn’t just come in.


‘Am I being sensitive?’


But after a long time, Glene suddenly came to me without saying a word.


The flower withered as soon as she came to visit.


All of these things seemed to indicate that something was wrong.




‘I feel strange.’


I can’t explain it, but it seemed like every nerve in my body was tense.


It feels like someone is yelling at me to run away right now.


Instead of approaching Glene, I stopped in place.


And I stepped back one step so I could run away at any time.


Only then did Glene smile softly and talk to me.




I stopped biting myself and glanced at Glene’s face.


“I was waiting.”


Wait? Me?


What do you mean?


The more I talked to her, the more confused I felt. I spoke to Glene in a firm voice.


“I understand it’s nice to see you. Because it’s been a while since I’ve seen you. Besides… I didn’t even know you were working at the Yeckhart mansion. But what kind of rudeness is this? I want you to leave the room right away. Let’s finish talking during the day.”


After speaking firmly, I looked at Glene to see her reaction.


If it were a normal maid, she would have left the room right away saying sorry if I had said this. 


Glene stood motionless in the middle of my room.


‘I can’t do this.’


The atmosphere was strange. I don’t know what it was, but things were going strangely.


The window happened to be open.


‘Let’s shapeshift and run away.’


Arsene and Kendrick warned me to run away immediately if I noticed anything strange.


I stamped my feet to run away, just as Arsene and Kendrick had repeatedly told me to do.


But then.




Along with the sound of the explosion, an unknown force pressed down on my back. I fell to the floor and exhaled, failing to shapeshift. 




What on earth is this?


I struggled to get away from the force that was holding me down, but the force wouldn’t budge.


“W, what are you doing, keugh!”


The more I struggled, the stronger the force tightened its grip on me.


Just like the power Ester used when I was young.


Those wearing black hoods.


Glene was pressing down on me with exactly the same force as him.


I tried my best to get out of it, but it was in vain.


Besides, no matter how much I screamed, no one came to my room.


“It’s no use, Lady. Because no one will hear your voice.”


Glene spoke softly.


The more I struggled to get away, the stronger the force tightened around my torso.


In the end, I gave up on trying to escape and just raised my head to look at Glene and ask. 


“Why on earth, why do you… keugh, why are you like this? What are you doing, Glene? Please…” 


Please release me.


Instinctive fear covered my entire body. Even though I curled up, the pain did not lessen. My legs were shaking against my will.


“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this day, Lady. If that person hadn’t interrupted me, I could have come to pick you up earlier…” 


I felt that Glene’s voice was abominable.


At that moment, the force that was pressing down on my back pierced through my torso. 


No, to be exact, there was a sharp shock.


I opened my eyes and opened my mouth in shock. I couldn’t even say anything due to the pain flowing through my entire body.


It’s like,


‘It’s the same when I break the prohibition…’


It’s the same pain as back then.


I couldn’t even scream or moan. The unbearable pain pressed down on my body horribly and cruelly.


I couldn’t even struggle; just my fingertips were shaking.


In an instant, the faces of Arsene and Kendrick appeared one after another.


I missed those two people.


It was difficult to breathe due to the pain. No, even holding on to my spirit was a struggle.


Not long after the pain began to consume my body, my vision became blurry.


Glene sat down on her knees, looked at me lying on the floor, and said. 


“Take a good night’s sleep, Lady.”


Have a nice dream.


That was my last memory.




As soon as Betty woke up, she washed her face briefly and headed upstairs to attend to Linsy.


‘Is she already awake?’


She had been working too hard these days to take care of the young beastmen, so she didn’t know if she was still sleeping. 


‘If she haven’t woken up yet, she should sleep a little longer.’ 


These days she looks tired, so she was going to tell her to take it easy.


After Kendrick and Arsene vacated the mansion, Linsy seemed more eager to do something of her own. 


Since she was very young, she always wanted to help Yeckhart, but these days, she can see that her heart has deepened. 


Although she didn’t want to object, Betty hoped that Linsy, Yeckhart’s little Madam and still a young girl to her, would work with a little more consideration for her body. 


Betty went up the stairs, and she knocked gently on the door to Linsy’s room. 


Knock knock.


There was no sign of any presence in the room.


‘Is she still sleeping?’


Betty tilted her head and carefully opened the door.


And what Betty faced.


“…Oh my.” 


Once again, the window was open and the room was a mess. 


Betty quickly reported this to Ethan.


News that Miss Linsy had disappeared again quickly spread through the Yeckhart mansion.


But there was something different from before.


Last time, Linsy flew away directly, but this time, traces remain as if someone forcibly took Linsy away. 


‘Someone kidnapped the Lady.’


Is it possible?


The security at the Yeckhart mansion was tight. This was because Kendrick had ordered the guard to be strengthened, fearing that beastmen who had lost their senses might attack the mansion due to this incident. 


Yeckhart’s knights and soldiers took turns patrolling, and the Shadow Knights followed wherever Linsy was. 


But how on earth do they do it inside the mansion? 


Ethan immediately selected a fast-moving knight and sent him to convey this news to Kendrick.


Then he divided his knights in half and ordered half to search the territory of Yeckhart, and sent half to the land of Tamar. 


The reason they were sent to the land of Tamar was because Linsy had previously in her bird form, flew there and collapsed. 


So it may have been the same this time too.


Ethan joined the search for the territory, hoping that Linsy was in the land of Tamar.


The knights took turns shapeshifting. 


Explosions were heard here and there, and soon a huge pack of wolves appeared from the smoke.


The same was true for Ethan. 


Ethan had been retired for a long time, but now that every minute was important, he couldn’t sit still in the mansion.


‘She may have been hurt.’


The beastmen who had lost their senses were going on a rampage. Yeckhart’s territory had already been devastated in many places. 


The only place that could be said to be completely safe was the mansion, but he never thought even the mansion would be breached. 


He doesn’t know who took Linsy, or if she disappeared alone, but he had to find her as soon as possible.


Before the beastmen, who had lost their senses, found Linsy and bit her.


[It would be better to go in groups of four. Because we might be attacked.] 


The wolves who heard Ethan’s words nodded in unison.


Yeckhart’s wolves kicked off the ground and ran out without any hesitation.


The wolves went to the land of Tamar,


And those who decided to look for traces of Linsy in the territory buried their noses in the dirt and followed Linsy’s scent. 


They had to find her quickly.


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