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The knight covered the distance that would have taken two days in one day. 


Wolves were able to convey news through howling, but they couldn’t convey detailed information. 


All they can say is that it is an emergency situation. 


However, Ethan didn’t think to tell Kendrick and Arsene this news through howling. 


Kendrick and Arsene are at the border of wolf territory.


In a situation where beasts who have lost their senses are endlessly invading wolf territory, simply announcing that it is urgent without a proper explanation of the situation will only heighten anxiety and solve nothing. 


Fortunately, the knight was quick on his feet, so he was able to tell Kendrick and Arsene that Linsy had disappeared within a day. 


“…What did you just say?”


Kendrick asked with anger in his voice.


“Linsy disappeared from the mansion?”


The knight nodded his head, exhausted and out of breath.


“Yes, when the maid went in the morning, she said the Lady had already disappeared.”




Kendrick sighed.


He wishes she could go to the land of Tamar like she did when she was young. 


“In addition, they say the room was a mess. As if someone had broken in…” 


That seemed unlikely.


Since the room was a mess, someone must have broken in and taken Linsy away. 


Bang! Kendrick slams his fist into the pillar of the barracks. The barracks, which had been standing strong, shook from the impact.


Kendrick opened Ethan’s letter that the knight brought.


The letter stated that Linsy had disappeared and that he would split the knights in half to find Linsy.


Kendrick touched the tip of his chin, unable to hide his annoyance.


“What on earth were the knights doing? What about the Shadow Knights? What was everyone doing while she disappeared?” 


The arrow was immediately thrust into Yeckhart’s knights, who failed to protect Linsy. 


He wasn’t supposed to leave him alone in the first place. 


He should have left Arsene at least at the mansion. Kendrick sighed.


He thought that since there was a holy relic, the beastmen who had lost their senses would not be able to attack, and that she would be safe because she had knights in place…


“That is…Actually, there are no signs of intrusion from outside.”


The knight expressed his disapproval and stammered. Kendrick raised his head at the knight’s words. 


“So, the child has disappeared, and it appears to have been kidnapped, but there are no signs of an outsider trespassing?”


“Yes, the butler said it may have been done by an insider.” 


For a moment, he remembered something from a long time ago. 


Akim, the chef at the Yeckhart mansion, betrayed them for his brother and got Giles pollen in their food.


This time too, it could have been done by an insider.


Kendrick, who had thought that far, only rubbed the back of his neck in annoyance.


‘I can’t move right now.’


Arsene, Kendrick, and Yeckhart’s knights were moving along the border.


The clans closest to the sanctuary suffered the most damage, but fortunately, the wolf clan’s territory was located far from the sanctuary.


The problem is that beastmen who have lost their senses after being attacked continue to cross into wolf territory.




‘It’s hard not to kill them.’


It would be easier if he just killed them all. 


It was not possible to do so when there was a treatment, so it was a principle to capture it alive unless it was inevitable.


Because of this, it took twice as much effort to just kill them.


He wouldn’t be able to move for a while. But in this situation…


At that time, the barracks curtains were lifted and Arsene walked in.


“I heard that a letter has arrived from the mansion.”




Kendrick called his son’s name with a mixed expression.


Arsene instinctively sensed that something was wrong and frowned.


“Is there a problem?”


“Linsy has disappeared.”


Kendrick tried to speak calmly.


But the inside was rotten and crumbling.


The problem was that Arsene’s shadow wolf was thought to be helpful in capturing the beastmen, so he brought Arsene with him.


Arsene should have been left by Linsy, even if there was a shortage of troops to kill or if Yeckhart’s Knights were pushed back. 


Kendrick barely suppressed the urge to run out to find Linsy right now.


Before he was Linsy’s father-in-law, he was the head of the Wolf Clan and the head of the Yeckhart family. 


Therefore, Kendrick had an obligation to prioritize the safety of the Wolf Clan.


…Even if Linsy was kidnapped.


Arsene, who heard Kendrick’s words, looked as if he couldn’t understand, but then came over and snatched the letter.


And he frantically read Ethan’s letter. Arsene’s pupils widened.


“Linsy disappeared? What are the knights doing?”


“…I apologize.”


Arsene shook his head in disbelief, then crumpled the letter.


And he walked on with great strides.


“Arsene. Where are you going?”


Kendrick immediately stopped Arsene, who was about to leave the barracks, and said,


“I’m going to find my wife.”


Arsene spoke as if he were chewing on each word.


Kendrick washed his face with a mixed expression and motioned to Arsene. 


“Yeah, you can go. Go and find Linsy, Arsene. Make sure she’s safe. I am the head of the wolf clan, and you are the heir, so you don’t have to be bound by your duty just yet.”


Kendrick muttered.


Kendrick himself was so anxious that he wanted to go find Linsy right now, so he had no intention of stopping Arsene by talking about his duties as successor.


“I’ll take care of this.”


“…I will leave.” 


Arsene turned his body around as if there was no time to answer. 


And at the same time as he walking through the cloth of the barracks and coming out, 




Arsene turned into his wolf form. 


A huge silver wolf stood tall in front of the barracks. Silver fur that caught the light and fluttered like water scales fluttered in the wind.


Two blue eyes that were straight up looked in the direction of the Yeckhart Mansion. 


Arsene quickly kicked off the ground and ran out, as if he clearly knew where he needed to go. 




There was only one thought in Arsene’s mind.


Linsy Raniero.


No, Linsy Yeckhart, my wife. 


Once the festival was over, he planned to formally propose to Linsy. 


He expressed his feelings several times, but as expected, it wasn’t enough, so he planned to formally propose to her and ask her to marry him.


No, to be precise, he was going to ask her not to divorce him. 


But something like this happens.


Arsene opened his eyes wide as he cut through the wind and ran faster than anyone else. 




‘I have to find her.’


As he whispered desperately, a shadow wolf appeared behind Arsene.


But it wasn’t just one.


The shadow wolves that were running behind Arsene began to increase by one with each step.


One, two, three… 


Dozens of them.


The sight of dozens of shadow wolves running after the silver wolf was truly spectacular.


Arsene stood still for a moment and stared into space, as if trying to smell Linsy’s body.


At the same time,


‘Find it. Find her. Find Linsy.’


Then Arsene ordered his shadow wolves. 


Like when Linsy got lost in the mansion a long time ago.


Just like the day he first manifested his power, he ran around the entire mansion looking for Linsy. Arsene ordered. 


‘Find Linsy. Find her and protect her.’


Dozens of shadow wolves rushed out in all directions in an instant.


It was the moment when Arsene’s powers bloomed.




“Ugh… my head.” 


I stood up, holding my hurt head. 


I was so dizzy that my eyes were spinning, and I couldn’t even sit up properly.


‘Where… am I?’


I even remember Glene using strange powers to subdue me.


I must have passed out, because I don’t remember much after that. 


I blinked a few times to see where this was.


It was dark without a single ray of light, and there was no furniture at all, so it was very difficult to pinpoint where this place was. 


“…I’m glad I’m okay with the darkness.”


I muttered quietly, blinking my eyes to get used to the darkness.


If I were in this situation as a seven-year-old who hated the dark, I probably would have panicked and fainted.


As I waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, I ran my palm over where I was sitting.




“Ugh, it’s cold…!” 


The floor was extremely cold and hard. I fumbled around and gently touched the spot where I was lying.


But then I touched the edge of the floor. I was startled and fumbled with the end more.


I felt like I was being placed on an altar or something right now.


‘Marble altar…Is it a temple?’


There was nothing to see or hear, so I had no idea how to escape.


At that time, 


Suddenly, the door opened and bright light poured in in an instant.


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