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God didn’t say anything.


I sat there for hours waiting for God to speak to me.


I didn’t mind waiting.


I felt like I could just wait here for a week or a month.


I just wanted to hear an answer.


I felt like God could give me the answer I wanted to hear.


Because it was God’s duty.


There were a lot of things I wanted to ask God.


Why on earth did those guys kidnap me? 


What on earth is this ‘ceremony’ that they were talking about that would be held on the night of the full moon?


Why on earth do they need me for that ceremony…


‘How do they know that I have regressed?’


It was a problem that couldn’t be figured out without investigation. 


The fact that I died once and came back to life was a secret that only I knew in this world.




I turned my head slightly, and looked at a pair of giant wings sticking out over my shoulders.


Why do they call me a phoenix?


I was curious about all this.


That’s why,


“Please give me an answer. Did I take theirs away?”




I waited patiently until God answered.


After a long time, a cozy and warm voice came out and wrapped around my body.


[You have never taken anything from them.]


God said firmly.


I listened to it quietly, then raised my gaze and spoke as if I couldn’t understand.


“They said I took theirs away. So, it deserves to be returned.”


[They lost everything by themselves.]


At that moment, light flashed before my eyes.


A huge light. A huge, indescribable light shimmered as if dancing before my eyes.


The light instantly took the shape of a bird, and then that of a lion. 


And then, in an instant, it took on the form of a snake, and finally.




It took on human form.


The God Knut took on human form and came toward me.


Only then did I understand what Georg had said to me.


“He’s the king of humans who were sealed a long time ago… He is said to be Georg, the most powerful archmage on this entire continent.”


At the time when I was listening to Georg, whenever Georg spoke certain words, my ears would ring and I couldn’t hear what he was saying properly.


‘So that was it.’






A clan that has now been completely erased from records.


They once existed as those closest to God, but now everyone has forgotten their existence.


When I uttered those words as if possessed, God came towards me and gently placed the soft hand on my head. 


Then she stroked my hair as if it were the most precious thing in the world and opened her mouth.


[They lost everything themselves. A rich land where wolves ran every evening. A river where clear water gushes endlessly. Fertile territory and blue skies. And… The special power that I and you gave.]




[They lost everything only because of their own selfishness.]


What special power did I give them?


Does it have something to do with what they say I took away?


I had doubts for a moment, but there was something more important to me now.


“But why on earth…! They’re asking me to give it to them, right? What did I have to do with it? I, I…”


Why on earth are you holding me responsible for all of this?


I knew nothing about all this.


I was someone who had nothing to do with them, and I wanted to remain someone who had nothing to do with them in the future.


I just wanted to live comfortably and happily with Arsene, Kendrick, Ethan, Hern, and the servants of Yeckhart.


People who blamed me for taking something I didn’t take appeared and ruined everything.


I lowered my gaze and muttered as if I couldn’t understand, then turned my head and looked at God’s face.


No, it would be more accurate to say that I was looking at the ‘form of God.’


God only took on human form and was light itself.


God had no face.


“Are they the ones who released the Giles Flower into the beastman society, ruining it and causing the deaths of countless beastmen?”




“Why on earth did you do that? They say they lost everything due to their own selfishness…”




God gently touched my chin. 


The touch was so cozy and warm that I could barely stop myself from bursting into tears.


I don’t know my mother exists, but I feel like this is what it would feel like if I had a mother who loved me.


[I didn’t want you to go through this.]




[But at the same time, I knew it was something you had to go through.]


It felt like God’s lips were touching my forehead.


A warm energy spread from my forehead to my entire body and easily enveloped me.


At that moment, in an instant, the empty space where nothing existed disappeared and fields and sky appeared.


Countless huts appeared and disappeared, and countless humans passed by me, smiling.


It was as vivid as if I was watching it right next to me.


[I’ll tell you, my daughter. Why were they erased from this world?]




[Once again, none of this was your fault.]




‘No way!’


Glene muttered as she stood up drenched in cold sweat.


She looked at her cold palm for a while, then buried her face in her palm.


‘How long has it been?’


Rather, why am I here…


She was definitely at the Yeckhart mansion.


Her last memory was of trying to come to her senses so that ‘it’ couldn’t harm Linsy. 


But nothing came to mind after that.


Besides, this is…


“Are you awake?”


A person wearing a black hood slowly opened the door and entered, lowering his head.


Glene swallowed her saliva and then nodded. 




“…My head hurts, so go out. Because I want to rest a little more.” 


She turned her head so the man couldn’t see her face and motioned for him to leave.


The man narrowed his eyes and stared at her as if he were suspicious, then bowed his head and left her room.


It was only then that Glene was able to catch her breath again.


This was the bird clan’s Raniero mansion. 


So, it was also the place where humans now make their home base.


But why…


‘Why am I here?’


The worst-case scenario kept coming to mind and she couldn’t keep her body still. She bit her fingernails. 


Clearly, she had been ordered to watch and monitor Linsy from the side.


Even if she refuses, others will take her place. In that case, she thought it would be better for her to go, so she accepted the order.


The problem is.


‘Glene, you fool!’


It was this voice that was constantly ringing within her. 


And Glene knew the identity of this voice.


That was because Glene had heard about this being until her ears were dry and worn out.




A long time ago, a clan known to be closest to God lived in civilization in the land of Tamar.


They were exterminated for daring to challenge God, ignoring God’s power, and betraying the law of causality.


The problem is that it is not completely annihilated. 


‘No, it is true that it was extinct, but…’


Their records were completely erased, all traces of their existence disappeared, and their very existence disappeared, so they could definitely be called extinct.


Is it God’s mistake?


Among them, human souls that were not extinct remained and wandered the world.


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