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The moment I saw Georg’s face, countless memories flooded into my head.


They flowed easily into my head like a whirlpool and then drained away as quickly as the tide.


“You are the beings that God put the most effort into creating.”


The day I laughed the happiest,


“It can’t be like this! Please!” 


The most miserable days filled and dominated my mind.


“Linsy, my daughter.”


I heard Knut whispering to me. 


God lightly held my shoulder. I sat there and stood still, unable to cry or laugh.


It was only then that I realized why the people wearing black hoods called me the Phoenix.


The phoenix is said to come back for several lives.


‘That was me.’


So when I died in my second life, I returned to the way I was just before I died. 


Returning to life is a blessing and privilege unique to the Phoenix.


But is it really a blessing?


Tears fell reflexively.


It was painful.


It was extremely painful to have to watch all of this again.


At that moment, Georg took a long stride toward the woman sitting with her long red hair.


I instinctively reached out my hand to block his steps.




There was a very strong wall erected between me now and me in the past.


A long wall of time stood between me and the past, preventing me from intervening in the past.


“Georg, you will definitely regret it.”


“Linsy, I will always be grateful to you.” 


After finishing speaking, Georg gestured, and the humans standing in a circle simultaneously raised their huge magic wands.


The full moon was shining brightly.


Georg smiled happily and continued his words.


“Linsy, do you know what it means to say that you can communicate with God through your feathers?”


Phoenix feathers.


I immediately remembered that in ancient times, there was a record that one could receive an oracle through the feather of a phoenix.


And at the same time.


“Yes, I can give you as many feathers as you want. We are friends, Georg.”


I also remember sitting on the window sill of his palace, collecting dead feathers and handing them to him.




“Through you we will reach God.”


“You know this is nonsense, Georg! It’s an act of challenging God, that is!”


“Why didn’t I know about it earlier? That you are the connection between God and humans.”


As soon as Georg finished speaking, the magic circle drawn on the floor flashed.


And at the same time, it soared toward the sky and took the shape of a huge birdcage.


“No! Please, please stop now! You will definitely regret it!”


I faced my own face, distorted by the betrayal of those I cared about the most.


Georg ignored my warning and continued his ritual.


A bar made of light flashes.


The woman with red hair and green eyes, who looked exactly like me now, returned to her phoenix form and twisted her body as if in pain.


“We will become stronger, Linsy.”


Georg said proudly.


I was overwhelmed with the desire to save a phoenix trapped in that bar right now.


But changing the past is touching on causality. God Knut refused to allow me to do anything beyond my authority.


“Just watch. The choice you made, and the end they faced.”


A huge phoenix twisted its body as if in pain within the magic circle, and then flew high into the sky.


A pillar of light followed. The humans raised their heads and looked at the scene quietly.


“Just watch.”


Then, following the path taken by the Phoenix, a path was opened to travel to another dimension.


‘The road to God!’


That’s why they called me the passage.


It was literally a passage. A passage that allows human beings to dare to walk towards God.


The humans cheered.




“Yes, it worked! If it continues like this…!” 




I was quietly watching the terrible scene with my mouth wide open.


It may not have been visible to human eyes, but it was visible to me now.


’…it hurts.’


My past self is struggling in pain due to the aftereffects of forcibly opening a passage to God.


At that moment, the painful look in her eyes changed in an instant. 


The green eyes, consumed by pain, glared firmly at the humans as if they had decided on something.




“Keughh, what is this?”




A huge wind came up from the phoenix’s wings as it flew.


The wind instantly swept away the wizards and selfish humans on the land.


Only Georg, the king of humans, the most powerful archmage, and the instigator of this, stood tall in the wind and looked straight at the figure.


The Phoenix spoke.




But strangely enough.


‘The voice… is not full of anger.’


Clearly, the image I just saw was filled with pain and anger and wanted to kill all humans right away.


“You will never achieve what you plan to do.”


As soon as the words were finished, a huge storm hit the earth. 


And flames were overflowing from the body of the phoenix. It was a much stronger flame than the one he usually had. 


A flame strong enough to burn any soul it touches.


It’s as if she could even burn her own body… 


Only then did Georg realize what the Phoenix was trying to do now.




Georg screamed.


The huge divine beast that opened the passage while floating in the air was closing the passage by burning its own body and soul.


A passage that humans forcibly opened.


And that’s it.




In an instant, my eyes met the phoenix.


The past me and the present me were looking at each other clearly, as if she knew that I was standing here.


And at that moment, I knew.


The reason why the Phoenix burned its own life and forcibly closed the passage.


It wasn’t that she was punishing humans or taking revenge on humans.


“I regret making you kind. Baby.” 


A warm voice embraced me.


That was to prevent humans from incurring God’s wrath anymore.


No one knew what would happen if a human body crossed into God’s space.


However, it was something that required a high price, and that price was definitely not something that humans could pay.




The Phoenix burned the rest of its life and closed the great passage.


A flame that burns the soul. 


When this flame completely engulfs its body, the Phoenix no longer receives the blessings of the gods. 


I couldn’t go back for several lives, and I couldn’t be reborn.


Existence in this world will disappear forever.


Even at the cost of all the costs, the beastmen covered up the mistakes of humans. 


The problem was that the Phoenix’s ability couldn’t block all passages that had already been opened.


The Phoenix sacrificed her life to seal the passage and cover up the humans’ mistakes.


“Do you want forgiveness?”


That was after humans had already incurred God’s wrath.


The Phoenix’s huge flame, which burned everything it touched, eventually engulfed even the divine beast’s body.


The beastman turned into a handful of ashes and returned to God’s arms.


As God stood holding the cold body of the beast and her suffering soul, she looked coldly at the creatures she had created. 


Wherever God’s gaze reached, crops died and humans died from an unknown plague.


The ground around the land where Georg was standing turned black, and everything that humans had built slowly collapsed.


Human territory.




God placed a curse on that place.


He was punished for the sin of burning the life of the Phoenix, and for the sin of causing the death of her beloved divine beast.


All humans died before God’s wrath without any time to do anything, and the land of Tamar became uninhabitable due to a curse.


That wasn’t enough, so God made the last remaining human, Georg, stand and made a declaration.


“You will extinct forever.”


“…What do you mean?”


“There will be no one to record humans, and their very existence will disappear and the clan will never be resurrected again. The land you lived on will become a land where life will never be able to live again. I will make sure that there is no one alive and breathing under this sky.”


With those words, Georg’s body perished in the most painful and terrible way in the world.


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