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“No, no!”


Georg shrieked and hugged his body.


When the rainwater hit Georg’s body, his body slowly melted.


He cried out, hugging his melting body as if he were trying to put it back together.


[Everything will return to its original place.]


The voice of God lingered in Georg’s ears as if warning.


‘How did I survive until now!’


It can’t be destroyed like this, it can’t be destroyed like this!


Georg struggled and let out his scream. No, it seemed closer to a scream or the howl of an animal.


“To die like this…!” 


Georg raised his fingers and scratched the dirt floor. In his hands he held a handful of Tamar’s now completely purified dirt. 


At that time, 




He started to feel the soils of Tamar crumble under his fingers. 


The hand quickly lost its shape and was scattered in the air like ashes.


At that moment, Georg knew.


A land that was purified at the cost of the life of a phoenix that returns several times.


Since she has decided to devote her precious life to the world without hesitation and put everything back in its place. 


…The fact that he couldn’t stop that kid no matter what he did, and that he would perish right here.


Considering the long wait and preparation, it was a rather disappointing ending.


“You don’t help… at all until the end!”


Georg muttered in an evil voice and held his head.


From that day, the moment when Linsy ruined the ceremony, to this moment that is annihilating him now.


She has never been of any help to him even for a moment.


Georg let out a helpless laugh. His body was being shattered and crushed.




Arsene quietly watched Georg slowly disappear.


And he clearly saw the end of the person who sacrificed Linsy in his eyes.


Part of him wanted to take out his sword right now and cut off the head of the person who was disappearing. 




‘…Because it’s Linsy’s duty.’


The duty of putting an end to the interest also falls on Linsy’s shoulders. Arsene couldn’t mess with it carelessly. 


So, with Arsene watching, Georg turned into a handful of ash and disappeared in front of the giant world tree.


A gust of wind blew from somewhere and carried away Georg, who had been reduced to ashes.


It was a disappointing ending.




The human souls that were forcibly occupying the bodies of the beastmen instantly disappeared as soon as they were hit by rainwater.


It happened without any time to struggle or resist.


Thanks to this, the owners of ‘real’ bodies who had been trapped on the other side of unconsciousness by human souls were able to regain their bodies.


It was the same for Glene.


Glene stared blankly at the rain pouring outside the window, soaking in the rain.


“…t, this can’t be possible!”


The sound of Irene struggling was vaguely heard.


But even for a moment.


It soon became quiet, and Glenne could no longer hear Irene’s voice.


Also, her fear that her body would be taken away completely disappeared.


Not only that, but even the prohibition that covered Glene’s back. 


“…It’s gone.”


The Lady did it. 


But why does worry come before joy?


While she stared blankly outside at the rain, Glene put her hands together and put them on her chest. 


Others were also staring blankly at the falling rain.


Kendrick, the head of the Wolf Clan, Lamont, the head of the Lion Clan, and the head of Hezet… Cain, Leona.


And Arsene stared blankly at the falling rainwater.


Arsene stood tall in front of the huge world tree, completely soaked in rainwater.


Arsene’s fine silver hair quickly became wet with rainwater.




Arsene looked around.


The black, dead land of Tamar regained its color, and the curse that had covered the entire Tamar region was no longer felt.


The same was true for the traces of the curse on Arsene’s body.


He felt nothing, as if it had never happened in the first place.


He doesn’t know if it’s because he was with Linsy the whole time, but Arsene could feel it intuitively. 


He’s sure Linsy handled everything else well.






Arsene once again called out to his friend and lover.


It feels like everything in the world is falling into the right place, but there’s just one thing.


Only Linsy wasn’t by his side. 


As if she had never existed from the beginning, she flew high into the sky and disappeared without even leaving a trace.


Even though she can never be the one he didn’t have in the first place.


“I don’t care how long it takes, I will definitely come back to you, Arsene.”


Linsy’s voice rang without leaving his ears. 


The shadow wolf shared its master’s feelings and bowed low in sorrow.


Arsene didn’t even think about taking his steps, and he stared blankly at the spot where Linsy had disappeared.




‘I said I would wait.’


But he already missed Linsy. 


He stood there without even moving until daybreak came and Yeckhart’s knights came looking for him. 


Arsene’s shoulders became wet with rainwater.




The beastmen regained their land, and the land of Tamar was purified.


Giles flowers blooming everywhere withered and died completely, and humans ceased to exist.


It was thanks to Linsy’s sacrifice. 


Afterwards, thanks to the efforts of the heads of each clan, the beastman society quickly found stability. 


The problem is that on the day Linsy disappeared, Gale, the head of the bird clan, and Schville, the only remaining successor to the bird clan, disappeared at the same time. 


They weren’t the only one who disappeared.


“…The Pope?”


The high priest blinked when he heard the news that the Pope had suddenly disappeared.


There was no trace of the Pope anywhere, as if he had turned into a handful of ashes and been blown away by the wind.


Therefore, the position of Pope and head of the bird clan were still vacant, but thanks to the efforts of other clan heads, the bird clan was also able to quickly find stability. 


Hern and the Deer clan, who were making an antidote for the Giles flower, stopped making the antidote when they heard about this, and then helped to help the affected beastmen.


They restored collapsed sanctuaries and temples, reorganized borders, and rescued injured beastmen.


The young beastmen who were being treated in the basement of Yeckhart found their parents and returned them to their families, and unfortunately, those who had already died were given elaborate funerals. 


The beastmen society gradually regained peace. 


The damage was repaired faster than expected, and the beastmen returned to their daily lives as if something terrible had happened to them. 


Everything was going back to normal.


Just one person.


Except for Linsy. 


With the exception of Linsy, everything was fitting perfectly. 


Kendrick, Arsene, Leona, Cain, Yeckhart’s servants and knights, and those who had ever been touched by Linsy, were all keenly feeling Linsy’s absence. 


Betty cleaned Linsy’s room all the time, since she could no longer return, and Ethan often bought cookiesfrom Linsy’s favorite Rosen shop.


The servants like to stare at the garden where Linsy enjoyed sitting. 


Kendrick walked down the hall quietly and looked back as he always did.


Arsene would sit alone in Linsy’s room the whole time and then come out suddenly. 


Linsy’s presence in the mansion was very big.


As Betty cleaned the glass vase that Linsy loved, she thought of the young beastmen who had returned to their parents. 


‘Lady would have been happy.’


If she had known that the children had found their parents, she would have been happy and celebrated as if it were their own.


Because Linsy was that kind of person.


But Linsy is not here. 


There was no one to rejoice, celebrate, or share happiness with.


Betty was saddened by the fact.


The Young Lady who brought happiness to Yeckhart,


The Lady’s absence was so great that she felt she would never be able to wash away the sadness in the mansion until the Lady returned. 


Yeckhart’s mansion was still peaceful, but there was no laughter anymore.


Kendrick concentrated on his work, and Arsene was also busy training successors to officially take over the position of head.


Everyone tried to let go of their longing, but longing is not something that can be washed away so easily.


Everyone in Yeckhart thought of Linsy at least once a day or more.


Several years passed without Linsy.



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