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As expected, it was Kendrick who opened the door.


I blinked awkwardly and greeted Kendrick.


“H, hello. Kendrick-nim…”


“Linsy, your bird form—lifted. But, what are you doing here?”


Kendrick’s brows crumpled in time.


Ugh, I’m in trouble.


I jumped out of my place and made a special excuse.


“I, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I was just passing by and—”


“Passing by? You probably won’t pass this way—and where’s your maid in charge?”


“T, that’s—”


My hands were caught in a cold sweat.


I’m not going to make Betty and the other maids get in trouble for nothing, right?


I could feel Kendrick’s sharp eyes touching the hem of my dress. 


Why does my bird form have to be lifted at this time!




“Ah, this is Raniero’s baby bird Lady.”


A strange man approached me with a smile.


He was a man who looked about thirty years old with a soft impression.


The man was dressed in a white cloth that had gold leaf studs all over it.


‘It’s the priest!’


I instinctively took a step closer to Kendrick.




After hearing that he would take me, I was terrified.


Maybe he’ll drag me away right now?


Once I thought of it, I wanted to run away, so I clenched Kendrick’s skirt.


Kendrick had a big, warm hand on my back.


He seemed to have noticed that I was afraid of the priest.


“You don’t need to say hello. You’re not going to see him anymore. So stop it, Etran.”


Kendrick said with a chuckle.


“What are you talking about, Kendrick-nim? I’ll see you soon.” 


A man called Etran answered with a sly smile.


I smiled awkwardly between them and grabbed Kendrick’s leg.


There was a delicate atmosphere between Etran and Kendrick.




‘But the good thing is—’


I glanced at Kendrick.


Judging from what he was talking to Etran, he seemed glad not to let me go.


I don’t know what will happen in the future.


‘It’s a relief for now.’


I breathed a sigh of relief.


Then, my vision suddenly rose.


“W, whoa!”


I opened my eyes in surprise.


Kendrick suddenly lifted me up and held me in his arms.


“Even though the bird form has been lifted, you still feel like feathers.”


I smiled awkwardly and wrapped my hand around Kendrick’s neck.


When I was a bird, I could sit comfortably on Kendrick’s shoulder.


It was very awkward trying to hug his neck after the bird form was lifted. 


Kendrick said this as I wrapped my arms around his neck.


“I will attend the temple. So please go, Etran. The child seems surprised.”


Etran smiled and waved at me.


Kendrick turned around while holding me, so I had no choice but to face Etran. 


But I was a little scared to say hello to the person who came to pick me up.


I slowly avoid the gaze.




Etran said as if he was in trouble when he saw me like that.


“Lady, you seem very shy. But how did you get this far—.”


“Don’t say nonsense. There, take the priest there. He’ll be back.” 


Kendrick beckoned to the maid who was walking by.


The maid walked and bowed to Etran. 


“I’ll take you there, this way.”


“Well, then I’ll be on my way. Goodbye, Lady.”


Etran walked along with the maid.


Every time he took a step, his white new uniform fluttered like a flag.






And where Etran left.


Both I and Kendrick, who were left awkwardly, said nothing.


It’d be less awkward if he told me something.


It was uncomfortable to be held in Kendrick’s arms when the bird form lifted, so I moved my body. 


It was Kendrick who broke the silence first.


“Did your bird form just lift?”


“Yes? Yes. That’s—”


I hesitated and lengthened the tail. 


I couldn’t say I was surprised to hear the conversation and walked backwards, but my bird form had gone. 


How should I say this?


At that time, when I was worried, Kendrick patted me on the back and moved. 


“It’s fine. I’ll call Mr Hern. It’d be better to get a checkup and get some rest, baby.”




Kendrick didn’t ask why I was in front of the drawing-room door.


Every time Kendrick’s foot moved, my body shook little by little. 


Because I felt bad, I hugged Kendrick’s neck even tighter.


‘You don’t ask why I overheard you.’


Is it because the topic of the conversation is about me? 


I clenched my fists.


The thought of having to go back to Raniero makes me want to cry.


I’d have to show Kendrick a good look, so he didn’t want to be sent back.


But I even looked like I was eavesdropping just now.


‘…What if he doesn’t like me?’


He might think of me as a little rat eavesdropping on the conversation.


I didn’t like that.


I thought I had to beg for forgiveness before he thought about it. I hesitated, then worked up the courage to speak up.


“Uh… I’m sorry, Kendrick-nim… I didn’t overhear it on purpose….”


The fingers move at will.


The thought of Raniero made me feel like my eyes would come out at any moment, but I held it in.


Because I don’t think I should be able to show my tears here.


“I’d like to ask you how far you’ve heard.”


Kendrick patted me on the back and asked quite nicely.


I answered slowly.


“…I heard a little bit.”


“So how far.”


“…to the point where you have to send me back…”


“Then you’ve heard everything.”


I shook my head slowly.


“N, no… I just came and listened a little.”


“Yes, I see. We’ll talk later. You need to rest a little first.”


After Kendrick finished speaking, he strode forward.


Perhaps because of his wide stride, Kendrick arrived in front of my room shortly after.


The maid standing in front of the door gave him a surprised expression and bowed her head in a hurry.


“L, Lord.” 


“Who’s the maid in charge of the child?”


Kendrick asked, giving the maid a hard look.


Then the door burst open, and Betty came out with a surprised expression.


She bowed her head when she saw Kendrick.


“…Lord, and Lady…! Where have you been…? Huh? Your bird form has been lifted!”


Betty was quite startled when she saw me in Kendrick’s arms with the human forms.


I nodded my head.


“Ung! Ung, it just got released.” 


Then, Kendrick opened his mouth.


“She was in front of the drawing-room. The child seems startled, so give her a glass of warm water and call Mr Hern. Let her see the doctor.”


Kendrick said as he lifted me up and handed it to Betty.


“Since the bird form just lifts, don’t overdo it.” 


Betty accepted me.


She asked in a startled voice.


“Are you surprised?”


“She fell. It will be uncomfortable, so change into pajamas.”


Betty opened her eyes round and looked at me when he said I fell.


I smiled awkwardly and avoided her gaze.


And wrapped my arms around Betty’s neck.


I felt a warm warmth.


“Take a rest, Linsy. I’ll be right back.”


Kendrick lightly arranged my clothes at the end of the sentence and left the room.


After Betty put me down on the soft bed, she said sweetly.


“I’m glad that the bird form was lifted, miss. But, may I ask why you went to the drawing-room?


“Ung? No, that’s….”


I pondered for a while.


I had to tell her that I was secretly looking for a place to hide my buttons to explain why I sneaked out on her.




I remembered the conversation between Kendrick and the priest I overheard earlier.


‘In a situation where I might be sent back to Raniero…’


If I had to return to Raniero, I should just run away now.


Although it would be very difficult to survive alone with a child’s body, it’s the same in Raniero.


So, if the wolf family kicked me out, I would take that button and run away.


Selling the buttons will at least solve the meal this week.


So it was a little difficult when Betty offered to take care of the button after talking about the button.


So I decided to gloss over it lightly.


“I wanted to go out for a while, so I went out… and I got lost.”


I looked up at Betty with my mouth shut.


Fortunately, she seemed to believe what I said.


“You’re not familiar with the structure of the mansion yet. But you’ll get used to it soon.”


Betty said sweetly.


“Shall we change into pajamas first? After that, I’ll bring Mr Hern.”


Betty pulled out a soft yellow pajama.


She put the pajamas down next to her, then gathered my hair together and put it behind my back.


“Okay, I’ll take off your dress.”


But then,




The door burst open.


Who else is here?


Betty and I looked back at the door open at the same time.






The boy, who was striding into the room, made eye contact with me and gave a surprised expression.

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