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“You… Your bird form has been lifted?”


Arsene asked more with a look of embarrassment on his face.


I nodded my head.


“Ung, it’s just lifted.”


I could see Arsene stumbling and taking two steps back.


I hadn’t lifted the bird form in a long time, so maybe it looked unfamiliar to him. 




After arriving at the wolf mansion, I was in bird form. 


Except when I healed Arsene, the bird form had never been lifted. 


I let out a sigh.


‘By the way, I shouldn’t become a bird every time I treat him.’


Of course, I can use this ability even in bird form, but—.


I was afraid I couldn’t control my transformation to bird form. Besides—.


‘I did my first transformation too quickly in this life—’


If I use this ability too much, it could hurt my body.


When I thought about it, I kept sighing.


At that moment, Betty said with a stern expression on her face, her hands clasped at her waist.


“Young Master, you can’t just come in like this. A nice gentleman always knocks before entering the room.”


“Ung? Ung… I’m just….”


Arsene moved his lips to make an excuse, but then stopped.


“Okay, you should go now. The Lady has to change her clothes.”


“Yeah, Arsene, I’ll just change my clothes and talk to you.”


I looked at Arsene and said. 


Arsene glanced at me, then hurriedly turned his head and nodded. 


“…Okay, I’ll go.”


“Then please go out now, Young Master.”


Arsene left my room, as if pushed by Betty.


After she kicked out the uninvited guest, she slowly took off my dress. 


“Come on, raise your hand~.”




I raised my hands high.


Then Betty smiled brightly and put me in my pajamas.


I could feel the soft pajamas fluttering and covering my body.


It was a light yellow one-piece pajama with lace and ribbons.


Betty tidied up my dress and hugged me.


“Okay then, I’ll bring Mr. Hern, so you can play with the Young Master first.”


“Ung, I will.”


“Can you not go somewhere alone this time?”


She smiled mischievously and then left the room.


There was a knock shortly after Betty left.


Knock, knock. 


“Come in~”


Soon the door opened a little, and Arsene peeped through it.




Arsene timidly entered the room and slammed the door.


“You can sit here.”


I patted the bed and talked as if I was being generous.


Arsene ran up to me at my words and fell on the bed.


“You, did your transformation lift?”


Arsene asked with round eyes.


“Uhm—, somehow it just lifted.” 


“Then, you’re not going to be a bird anymore?”


Arsene seemed very sad that I wasn’t in my bird form.


Well, Arsene liked to walk around with me on his shoulder.


I looked at Arsene with glistening eyes and a troubled expression


‘Who would think of him as a vigilant kid?’


Like the first day I met Arsene.


‘Get out of my way!’


There was no longer a boy who was wary of me and told me to get out of the way. 


There is just a boy with his eyes twinkling saying I won’t change back to my bird form.


Before, Betty and Chloe had told me not to worry because young children get along quickly.


‘I guess that’s true.’


I didn’t have any friends my age in my previous life, so I didn’t really know what that meant.


‘Young children get close quickly?’


Is it possible for Arsene to be so wary of me?


I thought they were just trying to comfort me—. 


Overshadowing my concerns, Arsene approached me the very next day.


‘Hng, I didn’t come here because I wanted to see you. I just—’


The next day, too.


‘Linsy… What are you doing?’


The next day, too.




I was a little surprised to see Arsene approaching me so quickly, but I quickly got used to it.


‘Because it’s a good thing for me!’


Arsene was indifferent, so I had to get along with the other people in the house to stop worrying about being kicked out.


So I spent the day sitting on Arsene’s shoulder and eating snacks every day.


Sometimes we work out together.


Of course, we also ate together. 


Betty clasped hands as she saw Arsene hanging out with me almost every day.


‘The Young Master must really like the Lady.’




‘Actually, Lady is the Young Master’s first friend.’


It said Arsene was weak and lived only in the mansion the whole time.


I nodded as if I knew it, listening to Betty’s explanation. 


Because he has an incurable disease. 


‘Before I came, I heard they didn’t let him go to the garden because they didn’t know when he might get sick again.’


In that situation, there is no way he can make friends.


Listening to Betty, I understood Arsene, who was always chasing after me.


I stared intently at the boy sitting next to me, trying hard not to look at me.


Then I narrow my eyes.




“What, why are you looking at me like that?”


Arsene replied in a loud voice.


“No. But, do you not like that my bird form has lifted?”


I said, waving my legs.


My yellow dress fluttered from my knees every time I moved my legs.


“…It’s ugly. The bird form is much better.”


Arsene muttered, turning his head around.


Then, I heard a knock.


Arsene and I talked and looked at the door at the same time.


“Come in!”


When I said it out loud, the door opened.


Then Mr. Hern, Betty, and Chloe came in side by side. 


“Hello, Lady.”


Mr. Hern approaches me and greets me.


I jumped out of bed and tried to greet Mr. Hern.




“H, huh—?”


As soon as I jumped down, my body staggered greatly.


‘I, I’m going to fall!’


It hasn’t been long since I fell on my butt, but already?


I closed my eyes reflexively as soon as I stumbled.


This is because the bumping was expected. But—.


‘Huh—? I don’t fall?’


Only then did I open my eyes. 


“Oh, my. Lady, you have to be careful.”


Before I knew it, Mr. Hern, who came right in front of me, was holding me.


“T, thank you Mr!”


I hurried out of his arms and greeted him.


‘It’s weird. What’s wrong?’


I shivered at the strange sensation I had just felt.


Strange feeling like my legs aren’t mine.


I opened my eyes wide and examined my legs carefully.


No matter how much I looked at it, there was no such thing as a wound.


Mr. Hern smiled understandably and gave me a hug.




Then he explained, sitting on the bed.


“If you stay in the bird form for a long time, it becomes difficult to adapt to the human figure.”




It was the first time I heard it.


It’s hard to adapt to a human form if the bird form lasts for a long time.


Mr. Hern smiled and nodded.


“Of course, so you have to be careful not to stay in the form of a bird for a long time. Now, let’s see the conditions.”


Mr. Hern looks at my body carefully.


Not only in the mouth, but also in the eyes, ears, and leg joints.


And lastly.




Mr. Hern looked at me with a meaningful face.


I could tell by instinct.


‘You’re looking at the flow of my abilities!’


After staring at me for a while, Mr. Hern put his hand on my head.


“Your condition is fine, Lady. Just don’t overdo it.”


“…Overdo it?”


“Yes, you’re still unstable. But, if you don’t overdo it, you’ll be fine for a while.”


I was tearful at Mr. Hern’s words.


Seeing my expression, Mr. Hern opened his eyes wide and asked back. 


“Is there a problem?”


“…No, that’s…because I can’t treat Arsene….”


I glanced at Arsene.


“If Arsene suddenly gets sick… Then…”


Arsene has been in good shape so far.


He hasn’t had any symptoms since the last time I gave him too much treatment.


It was said that it was the first time since he had the disease.


‘But it’s not completely cured.’


He might get sick again, but I can’t overdo this ability.


I looked down at my hands.


I was still not used to using this skill, so I couldn’t control it.


When I was treating Arsene, didn’t Arsene’s illness almost take away my abilities?


‘But if I don’t cure him—’


I’ll be sent back to Raniero.


Raniero will probably try to trade Schville with me to send Schville to the wolf mansion. 


Then Yeckhart just had to send me back.


‘Cause no one knows what kind of talent Schville has—’


Schville can steal the life force of other people, but only Raniero’s direct descendants know this.


So, they could have thought that other children would be more suitable for treatment than me, who would be in bird form every time I used this ability.


The thought made me sad all of a sudden.


My head drooped.


When I felt like I was about to burst into tears—.


“What is it? What’s with me again? If that’s the case, I don’t need treatment.”


Arsene suddenly opened his mouth.


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