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I turned my head and looked at Arsene.


Arsene was startled when his eyes met mine.


However, the boy quickly pretended to be fine and coughed.


“If it’s because of me— you don’t have to worry. Because it doesn’t matter being sick anymore.”


Arsene said quite bravely.


It seems that he was very worried because I couldn’t treat him.


I looked at Arsene with moved eyes for a long time and then opened my mouth.


“But you— you don’t like taking medicine.”


Arsene looked as if I had hit the nail. 


“That’s… That’s true, but….”


“You don’t like being sick—”


Of course, no children like to be sick, but Arsene was one of the most exaggerated.


He used to cry for a little scratch on his hand.


Of course, it stops when I treat him. 


“…But I’m fine now that I’m used to it.”


Arsene said straight.


Both Betty and Mr. Hern looked at Arsene in amazement.


I felt the same way.


This is because I didn’t expect this to come out of Arsene’s mouth.


Arsene, who had been moving his mouth slightly the whole time, opened his mouth carefully. 


“But— I don’t want you to get sick every time you treat me.”


“But I’m not sick?”


I blinked and replied straight away.


He was just worried that I would hurt my body later if I overused this ability, but there was no pain.


“That’s not what I meant. They said you shouldn’t overdo it… So, you don’t have to overdo it…”


Arsene continued. 


“…Because you suddenly become a bird. So there is no need to overdo it.”


“But Arsene, you said you like my bird form more?” 


I moved my hips and sat down next to Arsene.


It’s because Arsene was pretty cute talking about me while he was worried.


When I said embarrassing things, the boy soon turned red and frowned. 


“W, when did I!” 


“Just now.”


Right before Betty came in.


“You told me I looked ugly when my bird form disappeared.” 


When I said the right thing, Arsene’s cheeks swelled up.


Arsene jumped out of his seat and shouted.


“Of course, I like the bird form better! B, but… I think this one is good too! No, I don’t know. Anyway, don’t worry about that, stupid! Got it?”


Arsene shot back, then ran out of the room like a lightning bolt.


I was looking at where Arsene had left with my eyes wide open.




It was Mr. Hern who broke the silence.


Mr. Hern burst out laughing as I blinked.


Mr. Hern looked at where Arsene had left and started to laugh. It was a small laugh, like the sound of the wind, and then it grew into a big laugh.


“Ahahaha! It seems that the Young Master really likes you.”


I looked up at Mr. Hern.




“To hear the Young Master say something like that…he is the person who hates taking medicine the most in the world.”


He laughed the whole time, saying he didn’t know that the Young Master would say such a thing.


He really hates it when the Lady overdoes it. 


Betty, who was watching Mr. Hern burst into laughter, took a step closer to me.


And she held my hand tightly.


A great warmth hung over the little hands like a roof.


“Just as Young Master said, Lady. You don’t have to overdo it.” 




I came here to heal Arsene.


When I hesitated because I couldn’t say what I wanted to say, Betty smiled warmly as if she understood everything.


It was a smile as warm as the afternoon sun.


“Lady, you’re a child, too. I hope you don’t feel too pressured.”




“The Young Master must have a harder time seeing the Lady struggling.”




“And the master is really healthy these days! It’s all thanks to the Lady, so.”


Betty continued.


“Don’t worry, Lady, for the time being, eat well, sleep well, and play well. Because that’s the role of a child!”


Mr. Hern, who was quietly listening next to her, nodded his head as if in agreement.


“That’s right, don’t feel too pressured, Lady. Young Master’s condition is better now than ever.”


I nodded.


My cheeks flushed with relief.


“Yes, I will.”


“Well, get some rest now, Lady. We will leave.”


Mr. Hern packed his bag and left. 


Betty nodded and gently stroked my hair.


“Lady, get some sleep. I’ll wake you up later at snack time.”


“Ung, Betty. And…”


I lifted my head and whispered in Betty’s ear.


“Thank you, Betty, really.”


I meant it.


When I hear a lot of good words, I feel like I’ve received a gift.


Betty smiled at my words.


“Me too, Lady. Rest well.”


Mr. Hern and Betty quickly left the room.




It was evening when I woke up.


‘When did I fall asleep?’


It was a bright day when Betty, Mr. Hern, and Arsene were there, but when I woke up, it was dark outside the window.


‘I guess I slept for a long time.’


Betty said she would wake me up at snack time, but I guess I was sleeping so hard that she left it alone.


I don’t usually sleep this long, though—.


Is it because the state of the body is returning as the bird form lifted? 


I pulled up my cotton blanket.


The inside of the blanket was warm because of my body temperature.


‘It’s hot….’


I touched my forehead, but fortunately, I didn’t seem to have a fever.


I staggered over and stood in front of the mirror.


And I looked at my condition.


Both eyes were puffy, possibly from sleeping for a long time, and the cheeks were flushed.


‘Does the heat make me wake up?’


I can feel how hot my cheeks are when I put my hands on them.


I felt a little better after using a hand fan to cool my face.


I approached the window frame and opened the window a little.




The window opened, and a cool night breeze blew through my hair.


“Oh, I think I’ll live.”


I put my legs over the window frame and thought about the day.


Betty comforted me by saying that there is no need to overdo it.


Arsene, who tried to comfort me by saying that he could bear the pain.


Even Hern, who always treated me with sincerity and reassured me.


They’re really sweet people.


I smiled happily, thinking of them.


I didn’t want to leave them and return to Raniero.


Having accepted the promises of the wolves in the name of Yeckhart, Kendrick will do everything he can to protect me.


The problem is that Kendrick is not alone in leading the Yeckhart family.


‘Yeckhart must have elders like Raniero.’


If I had to make the elders run into the temple, they would have sent me back for sure.


Phew, I just keep sighing. 


I took a slow breath, put my hands together, and tried to use my ability.


A group of light green lights moves like smoke on the palm of my hand.


It was like a transparent light green or a breeze living in the forest.


However, the shape soon swelled beyond control and distorted as if trying to escape from me.


I was frightened and stopped using this skill.


‘What’s wrong with it?’


The state of my ability now is the same as when I first awakened the ability.


No, my abilities seemed bigger and more violent than then.


“I’m in trouble…” 


I muttered as I watched the form of this ability tremble anxiously.


From what I saw, it wasn’t normal.


Could it have something to do with starting molt early?


“I can’t do this.”


I jumped off the window frame with my fist clenched.


I couldn’t stay still like this.


Arsene can be healed only by resolving my unstable abilities.


That way, they won’t send me back to Raniero.




I need to solve this situation.


“…Let’s ask Kendrick-nim for help.”


In such cases, it is best to ask an adult for help.


Kendrick might know why my powers are so unstable.




Since I overheard the priest and Kendrick talking, I had to talk to Kendrick at least once anyway.


Kendrick promised to protect me, so he would help me.


‘But is it okay if I go now?’


I glanced at the clock.


Fortunately, it’s still 8 p.m.


It’s not too late.


‘All right, I have decided.’


I immediately swung the door open.




‘Phew, I’m nervous.’


In front of Kendrick’s office.


I took a deep breath first.


My heart kept beating because it was my first time coming to ask for something.


I took a breath and knocked on the door of the office.


Knock, knock.


“Come in.” 


I heard Kendrick’s voice from inside.


I carefully grabbed the doorknob and turned it, and the huge door opened gently.


I stuck my head out the open door and said.


“Kendrick-nim… may I come in?”




Kendrick looked at me and narrowed his eyes. He said, pointing to the sofa in the office. 


“What are you doing at this hour? Just come in and sit down.”


“Yes, thank you.”


I quickly sat on the sofa before Kendrick could speak.


After organizing the papers he was looking at, he sat on the sofa opposite me and looked at me.


“What’s the matter, Linsy?”


“Well, actually—, I have a request to ask, and I have something to tell you.”




Kendrick raised his eyebrows.


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