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I nodded my head up and down eagerly and answered.


“Yes, my ability is unstable.” 


I put my hands together and used my ability.


A light green light came into the room, just like when I used my ability. 


But the light soon lost its shape and overflowed as if it would eat me again.


“It’s never been like this before… I’m confused, so I was wondering if Kendrick-nim knows why.” 


Kendrick stared intently at me, using my ability.


My body trembled instinctively at the sharp gaze, but I held it in.


“How did you say you kept your ability under control in the meantime?” 


“I’m making it as thin as a thread. So if I put it in someone’s body, I can reach every inch of it—”


“Have you had any problems before?”


I nodded my head and answered.


“Yeah, no problem at all.”


“Then you’ll have to learn to control again.”


As I listened to Kendrick, I looked up at him.




“Look, Linsy.”


Kendrick chuckled.


The nicely shaped corners of his lips were gently curved.




As he shook his big hand, something that looked like a black marble floated on it.


‘Yechkart’s ability!’




Yeckhart, a member of the Wolf Clan, had the ability to control shadows freely.


It was a great ability that could be used in many ways.


I’ve only heard of it, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it used in person.


No, it’s the second time.


Because I’ve seen it once in my previous life.


Kendrick pointed at the black bead on his palm with his other hand.


A round light was floating around the place.


“Look, this is your ability.” 


I nodded as if possessed.


The black bead quickly turned into a thread as Kendrick flicked his fingers. 


“This is how you learn to control. You make your ability like a fine thread and use it. But the problem is—” 


The black thread constantly grew on Kendrick’s palm.


The threads that grew unstoppable soon exploded and disappeared.


I was blinded by sight before my eyes.


“Your abilities are so great that it keeps overflowing, so you can’t control them properly.”


“Then what should I do?”


“You have to learn it again, from the beginning.”


Kendrick stopped his ability and spoke as if it was insignificant.


“I heard it happens sometimes. I’ll teach you again.”


“Kendrick-nim will do it by yourself?”


“Of course, I can’t leave you in someone else’s hands.”


He placed his large hand on top of my head.


“Is this the end of your favor?”


“Yes, yes! Thank you!”


I immediately smiled and bowed my head to thank him.


It’s a relief. 


Because Kendrick will teach me how to control this.


It was a great harvest.


‘As expected, I’m glad I came to ask for help.’


If I can control this ability properly, I will be able to treat Arsene without difficulty. 


Just as I was smiling with joy, Kendrick pulled his hand off my head and said. 


“Then should we talk now?”




“I will apologize first.”


The wall, as calm as a lake before the ripples, looked straight at me.


“I’m sorry I let you hear something like that.”




I finally opened my mouth like a fool.


The ‘something like that’ that Kendrick was talking about was the conversation between the priest and Kendrick that I overheard.


“If I had known that such a thing happened, I wouldn’t have brought him into the mansion, it’s my fault.”


Kendrick’s voice was sincere.


I opened my eyes and shook my head. 


“N, no. I overheard it secretly— Kendrick-nim, it’s not your fault.”


“I had to think beforehand that you might hear it. And… Just in case you’re worried, I’m not going to send you back, Linsy.”


Kendrick hit the nail. 


“Because I promised, I won’t let you go at any cost. So don’t worry, of course, there’s no need to overdo it.”


Kendrick told me.


‘You heard I was worried about being unable to cure Arsene.’


Unlike what my father had told me in my previous life, Kendrick Yeckhart was a sweet and friendly man.


“Yes, thank you, Kendrick-nim. But—”


As I mumbled, Kendrick narrowed his eyes and looked at me.


I wiggled my fingers and opened my mouth slowly.


“There’s an elder in Yeckhart, right? Like in Raniero.”


The elders exist in almost every clan.


It exists because the head can’t lead the entire family alone.


Because Raniero also has that. 


There wasn’t a single person who had a proper opinion, though.


It was only natural that all of them were only vassals who wanted to be seen by my father. 


“Of course. But why?”


Kendrick asked back.


“Even if Kendrick-nim doesn’t want to send me back— if the majority of the elders object, I’ll have to go back to Raniero—”


Kendrick’s face hardened at my words.


Did I make a mistake? 


I added it urgently.


“T, that’s why I want to learn to control my ability quickly. Then, if I keep showing how to heal Arsene, the elders will recognize me—!”


“No, you don’t have to worry about that. Linsy.”


Kendrick said firmly. 


“That’s nothing to worry about. I won’t let you go, and I keep my word. At all costs.”


“Thank you, Kendrick-nim. I mean it.”


“Yes, so the child just needs to stay healthy and well. Now don’t worry about useless things and go to bed. It’s late, Linsy.”


Kendrick hugged me. 




“Don’t let me take you to another road in the middle.”


Kendrick hugged me familiarly and walked away.


At first, it was unfamiliar to wrap my arms around his neck, but now I’m pretty familiar with it.


Is it because the step is wide?


Kendrick arrived in my room twice as fast as usual.


Then, he put the cover in place and laid me down.


“Oh, Kendrick-nim! I just woke up!”


“Still sleep more. It’s night time, so a child needs to sleep. And—”




“How long have you been so hard—. N, never mind. Go to bed, Linsy.”


Kendrick closed the window I had left open earlier.


I dug into the cover and poked my eyes out.


“By the way, Kendrick-nim, I have a question.”


“What is it?”


“Elders— Well, you said not to think about it anymore, but still. Are the elders coming to the mansion soon, too?”


“Yeah, I called them. They’ll come tomorrow.”




I opened my eyes wide.


Normally, when calling the entire elders, didn’t they talk about it a week in advance?


The wolf clan is in a different shape.


“Yes, tomorrow. You can stay in your room if you don’t want to meet them.”


“Are they coming to see me?”


“Of course not. They’re coming to see me, so hurry up and sleep.”


“Then what time—”


“It’s late. Go to sleep.”


Kendrick put the cover over my head and left the room.


I was left alone, pulled down the covers, opened my eyes wide, and looked at the ceiling. 


‘The elders are coming tomorrow?’


Are they scary people?


Kendrick alone was not enough to keep me in the wolf family.


He promised never to send me back, but if most elders objected, I would have to go straight back. 


In most clans, the elders’ power was that strong. 


‘So I have to look good to the elders—’


I let out a deep sigh.


I have to look good for too many people.


No. You can do it, Linsy! 


I slapped my cheeks hard enough to make a clap sound.


Let’s not say anything weak already.


I was ready to do anything to survive.




The next morning.


‘But, how— do I show it to the elders?’


I have been suffering from this problem ever since I had breakfast.


“Linsy, you’re a little weird today.”


Arsene, who sneaked up and sat down before I knew it, sighed and said.


Arsene came up to me as if he had forgotten all the embarrassing things that happened yesterday.


Surely a child was a child.


I looked back at Arsene sitting next to me and asked.


“What’s wrong with me?”


“You don’t work out in the morning. You used to exercise in the garden with me.


“Ah, right. I forgot.”


I was so busy today.


Because I didn’t know when the elders would come, I had been awake since 8 a.m.


Even though Betty told me I should just wear my pajamas so I could get a good rest, I put on a dress. 


‘Because I might meet the elders.’


I had to be well dressed in case I ran into them. 


But what about the elder?


Since 8 o’clock, I have been sitting in a seat with a good view of the gate, but not even an ant passes by.


I sighed and made eye contact with Arsene.


“You know, Arsene. Have you ever seen the elders?”




“Ung, all the old grandpas wearing the same clothes.”


At my explanation, Arsene clapped to indicate that he understood.


“Ah, ung. I’ve seen it. But why?”


“No, I’m just curious—. What do you think about the elders? Are they kind?”


“Kind? Not at all. They come and nag every time.”


Arsene shivered with the ‘Uh,’ sound.


“Before, I secretly listened to what the knights were saying—, everyone said they were doing hy—hysterine because I was getting sick all over the place?”


“Hy— you mean hysteria?”


“Ung, that’s right— No, I knew that too!”


When I corrected his mistake, Arsene was angry again with the desire to win.


But Arsene wasn’t important now.


“Okay, okay,” I thought, roughly matching Arsene’s words.


‘You mean hysteria because you’re sick here and there?’


My eyes glistened secretly.


Maybe things could work out.


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  1. My baby just have too much trauma. Im glad the Kendrick is a good adult and with a lot of patience.

    1. the amount of neglect she experienced after her first molting probably gave her worse trauma than her death, or at least it’s more firmly rooted in her mind