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I hid myself in the bushes right next to me.


The blue robes swarmed out of the conference room.


I carefully examine each and every member of the great elders. 


‘Cause I need to look good at them.’


I had to keep track of it as much as I could.


But then, one of the last great elders to come out stood out.


He was walking with a limp and a crumpled face that looked like it was uncomfortable to walk. 


‘It’s him!’


I ran with my eyes twinkling.




And I bumped into the great elder enough that he didn’t fall over. 




When I lifted my head and stroked it like I’d been hit, I saw an old man with a fierce look.


I swallowed my saliva instinctively.


He is the Wolf’s Elder, and I should never forget that.


I looked up at him trying not to tremble.


“I’m sorry I bumped into you—. Are you hurt?”


“…Don’t tell me, are you from the bird clan?”


The great elder opened his eyes wide with wrinkles as if he were surprised. 


I smiled as much as I could and nodded.


“Yes, I’m from a bird clan! But Grandpa—, are you hurt?” 


I fumbled at the great elder’s knee and pretended to touch the spot I bumped into. 


Unsurprisingly, he made an impression that it hurts just by touching it. 


“It’s ok—, ehem! It’s okay. I’m late to introduce myself. Lady, my name is Tristan, the great elder.”


“Wow, hello! I’m Linsy Raniero from the bird clan. But Tristan-nim—”


I glanced around.


Fortunately, there seemed to be no one around here.


I grabbed Tristan’s wrinkled hand.


“Come, come here!”


“Yes? No, I have to go—”


Tristan made a face like he was displeased, but he was still pulled to me.


I dragged Tristan and hid behind the bushes.


I couldn’t even cover Tristan because of his height, but he could at least cover me.


I lowered my voice, whispering even a huge secret.


“Uhm… Kendrick-nim told me not to use this ability recklessly…”




“But you look like your knees hurt because of me—. I can’t help it. It’s a secret.”


I put my index finger in the middle of my lips.


Tristan nodded as if he were possessed by anything.


I put my little hand on Tristan’s knee.


‘I can’t use this ability yet but.’


Tristan doesn’t have a serious illness like Arsene did, so she won’t turn into a bird again.


A light green light flashed from my palm in three directions and wrapped around the old man’s knee. 


And after a while, the old man touched his knees with a surprised expression.


“…Do you heal me? This old man’s knee… It’s been three years since I couldn’t walk properly because it hurt every time I walked…”


“Um, you got sick because you bumped into me—. And I want to get close to Tristan-nim.”


I looked up at Tristan.


“So this is a secret!”


Tristan nodded blankly. 


I quickly gave Tristan a bag of cookies I had.


“This is a gift. Please take it, Tristan-nim!” 


“Yes? Yes—. Yes Lady—”


He looked dumbfounded.


And then he left the place, groping his knees over and over again.


As soon as Tristan left, I took a breath and wiped the sweat off my forehead.


All right, one person succeeded.


This was my plan.


It’s called, ‘Cure the chronic disease!’


The elders were all old.


As they are old, everyone would have a disease that was not easily cured. 


Things like joint pain or indigestion.


It’s not a serious disease, but it makes them feel uncomfortable in their daily lives.


It didn’t even take much trouble to heal that.


So, let’s treat and win the favor of the elders.


Then it was clear that everyone would see me again.


I was pleased with my grand plan, so I grinned.




The elders visited Kendrick every day.


They all wanted to send me back to Raniero.


They talked so loudly that my ears could hear it even though I was playing in the garden.


The servants used to cover my ears when the elders shouted loudly. 


I couldn’t even hear what was being said, but I did so for now.


They are kind people.


It was the same today.


Betty, who was tying my hair, covered my ears.


‘I’m fine.’


It was really true. 


Because I already heal the great elders yesterday. 




Did they say that it was difficult to sit for a long time or walk for a long time because of back pain?


“Then—I will treat it. But it will be secret instead, okay?” 


As soon as I healed his back, he looked at me with tears in his eyes. 


He told me without hesitation that he would buy everything I wanted and give it to me.


It was the same as the day before.


“I will heal it but— it’s secret. You know right?” 


The day before too.


“It’s a secret!”


The day before and the day before.




I had already healed five great elders.


As I drank the juice through a straw, I thought.


‘Have the voices of the elders become quieter?’


At first, the elders in the mansion screamed at him, asking him to change his mind and send me back.


Now the sound seemed to have been reduced by half.


Of course, the voice is still loud.


She took her hand off my ear, tied my hair up, and asked affectionately


“Are you going out in the garden again today, Lady?”


“Ung, let’s go play in the garden.”


In fact, I spent more time in front of the convention hall than in the garden. 


‘Because I have to look at the dynamics!’


I had to see if the grandpas I treated were really on my side.


I can hear a few people defending me these days, so I can tell if my plan really worked.


‘Okay, good, let’s keep it up!’


I hid behind the bushes and stood up for them.


It was the same today.


‘Who else should I treat today?’


 Kendrick has been busy with the elders lately, so I haven’t been able to learn from him how to control my ability.


The chronic disease of the wolf elders wasn’t hard to deal with because Raniero could heal it even with our eyes closed.


I stood right outside the door of the conference hall and looked around.


Fortunately, there was no one nearby.


I put my ear to the door of the conference hall with peace of mind and overheard the sound from inside.


“…That’s why!!!” 


Someone hit the desk. 


“You can’t return Lady Linsy to Raniero!”




I tilted my head and listened to the story flowing out. 


“That’s right, we need to come up with ways to keep the temple and Raniero from taking her away.”


“How about going to war with Raniero? A territorial war would seem plausible.” 


“That’s a good idea…”


I opened my eyes wide when I heard a sound coming from inside the conference hall.


W, war?


How can public opinion change in such an instant?


Until yesterday, I think there were a lot of opinions that I should be sent back.


It seems that the great elders, whom I treated yesterday, did a great job.


The elders were now trying not to let me go, saying they couldn’t let me go.


It was the other common elders who were confused by them.


I grinned as I heard a voice coming from inside.


‘Raniero….You don’t think I need to go, do you?’


The great elders are so strong that other elders will not be able to give their opinions even if they want to send me back.


Good, the operation is a success.


I rubbed my hands together and laughed with satisfaction. 


But maybe it was because I was so happy that I was drunk with joy for a while.


I stopped missing the signal that the meeting was over.


The door to the conference hall swung open.






I made eye contact with the elder in the black robe who opened the door and came out.


“Uh, uh…?”


At this rate, I’m going to get caught again eavesdropping.


As I stood blankly in front of the door, the great elders inside pretended to know.


“Oh my, Lady!” 


“Isn’t that Lady Linsy! Why did you come to this place—”


Kendrick raised his large hand to stop the great elders.


“What did you come here for?”


A low voice echoed through the conference hall.


I swallowed my saliva.


And I took measures to get out of this situation.


I can’t be caught eavesdropping again.


If I was caught this time, I will become a ‘naughty kid who eavesdrops on other people’s stories’ without any excuses.


I popped out a bag of cookies in my hand to escape the situation.


And I said.


“I’m— I’m afraid you’ll be hungry. So I’m here to give you this—!”


I took one out and ate it, but they wouldn’t know it because it was packaged so well.


As I held out the cookie bag, the elders looked at me with burdensome eyes. 


“Oh my, you’re so nice.” 


“My granddaughter never gave this grandfather a cookie, but well…”


“You’re like an angel…”


Kendrick said as he tapped his knee.


“Come here, Linsy.”


I ran quickly and stood in front of Kendrick. 


And politely held out the cookie bag with both hands.


Kendrick rose slowly from his seat and held me in his arms.


“Come on, let’s go. It seems that the week-long meeting has come to an end.”


And he said with a big smile.


As if to protest Kendrick’s words, I could see some of the elders’ faces contorted.


But Kendrick didn’t mind and continued.


“I attend the temple.”


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  1. she was only 12 in her past life, damn she’s smart as heck