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“I will attend the temple.”


As soon as I heard it, I breathed a sigh of relief.


I managed to hold back my tears.


‘That’s a relief.’


Because I won’t be sent back to Raniero right away.


I wrapped my arms around Kendrick’s neck and hugged him tightly.


Although I can’t be completely relieved yet.


But I was happy to think that I wouldn’t be kicked out right away.


After Kendrick’s statement, the conference hall was mixed with joy and sorrow.


There were those who distorted their faces and those who were ready to go out with a big smile.


Most of the people who smiled brightly were those whom I had healed and conciliated by using my ability.


“I’ll see you later, Lady.”


“I will visit you often.”


“Goodbye, Elders!”


When I bowed my head to say goodbye, the great elders smiled and left the meeting room.


In an instant, all the elders left the conference hall, and Kendrick was the only one left in the vast conference hall.


“Then I’ll also—” 


I removed my arm from Kendrick’s neck.


At that time,




Kendrick hugged me so I couldn’t jump. 


I looked at Kendrick while stuck in his arms.


“How did you do it, Linsy?”


The low voice of Kendrick got into my ear.


“Y, yes—?” 


Kendrick said with a wrinkled brow when I asked a question as if I didn’t understand. 


“The great elders suddenly sided with you, and it is unusual for the elders to suddenly change their opinion.” 


“Ah, r, really—? Haha—” 


I smiled awkwardly as if I didn’t know anything. 


I also scratched the back of my head to show that I didn’t know. 


‘Don’t get caught.’


It hasn’t been long since I was told to refrain from using this ability for the time being.


I couldn’t say that my ability had won them over. 


‘Because there’s no way the elders can say that.’


They were people who knew what it meant to be treated by Raniero.


So I couldn’t tell Kendrick that I had healed them.


I was sweating a lot and trying to avoid Kendrick’s intense look. 






There was a moment of silence in the conference hall.


Phew, I can’t breathe.


I rolled my eyes and looked into Kendrick’s eyes.


It was Kendrick who broke the silence and spoke first.


“Yeah, I see. If you are, then you must be. Let’s go in.”


Fortunately, he quietly retreated.


Without wasting time, I quickly nodded my head a couple of times and answered. 




Kendrick hugged me. 


And he left the conference hall with me hanging around his side.




After the elders’ meeting,


After Kendrick announced his intention to attend the temple, I had to prepare this and that to go to the temple.


The ‘preparation’ also included fitting a new dress. 


I was surprised by Kendrick’s words, and I opened my eyes wide and asked back.


“New dress?”


“Yes, because you have to wear it to the temple.”


“But— I still have enough now.”


I said, counting the dresses in my closet.


There were several dresses in the closet that had not yet been worn because I had always been in bird form.


So what do you mean by new clothes?


Kendrick listened to me, then pulled the corner of his mouth into a smirk.


“I have to let them know that you’re doing well enough in wolf territory.”




“If you dress roughly, don’t you think the wolves will lose face.”


Hmm, when I gave it some thought, I wondered if that might be the case.


I nodded without much disagreement at Kendrick’s words.


“If it’s okay with you, I’d like to call the tailor, Linsy.”




“Yeah, there’s a limit to going to the dressing room and buying it. But I think you’re still a little afraid of outsiders.”


I recalled what had happened not too long ago in Kendrick’s words.


I was playing with Arsene in the hallways of the mansion, and I was very surprised to see a new big servant.


Since then, no new servants have been deployed near my room.


I pondered for a moment, then nodded.


“I think it’s okay now.”


What surprised me about the servant at that time was why he was so big.


He is very big and has a hair that sticks out. Even a big mouth and a thick hand.


It was the first time that I thought that someone looked like a wolf even though he didn’t change his form. 


I thought of the servant’s face for a moment and crumpled my brows slightly.


Kendrick asked without hesitation.


“If you have any problems, tell me anytime.”


“Well—I hope he wasn’t a big person.”


I wriggled my hands and opened my mouth cautiously.


Because I’m still scared of the big wolf like the previous servant. 


“Yeah, I’ll tell them not to let the big servants come in. Anything else?”




I smiled brightly and shook my head.


‘Let’s prepare my hearts in advance.’


Then I’ll be a little less surprised to meet unfamiliar wolves.


Then Kendrick put down the documents he was holding and said. 


“Then, should we talk about your ability now?”


“Ability? Ah, ah!”


I nodded as I remembered Kendrick’s promise to teach me how to use this ability again a while ago. 


“Arsene’s body is weak, so he hasn’t been able to manifest his abilities yet, but Mr. Hern said that he will do it soon. So I wonder if you’d like to take a class with me and Arsene.” 


“Yes, I like it.”


Being able to work with Arsene was a good thing for me.


Because I have a friend that I can take classes with. 


And, besides, we’re together every day, well! 


“Then we’ll have class three times a week for two hours each time.” 


“Yes, I understand!”


“I’ll pass it on to Arsene. You don’t have to prepare anything.” 


Kendrick said with a smile. 


“You’ll get in trouble if you don’t do your work.”


“Of course! I can do it perfectly!”


I nodded vigorously.


Kendrick laughed pleasantly.




The very next day.


I sat quietly in the room waiting for the tailor.


The tailor was supposed to visit the mansion at 11 a.m. 


The maids say that it’s a tailor who has a lot of reservations to make. 


Kendrick Yeckhart said he had told them to go visit her right away tomorrow. 




‘Cause I have to go to the temple soon.’


The exact date has not been announced yet, but it is likely that it will be visited soon. 


I sat on the sofa, sipping hot chocolate, and waiting for the tailor. 


Betty, who was standing next to me, bent her knees and looked me in the eyes.


Then she lowered her voice and whispered carefully.


“Lady, if you’re scared, you should tell me anytime, okay?” 


She held my hand tightly and spoke as if she was begging me. 


“Ung. Don’t worry, Betty.”


I smiled brightly to reassure Betty.


Soon after, a knock was heard.


The door slowly opened, and a tailor, who looked to be about thirty years old, entered. 


“Hello, Lady. I’m Serina, the tailor.”


Serina was a gorgeous wolf with rich brown hair and dark green eyes.


Every time she laughed, her dimples were popping in her cheeks.


“Hello, Serina.” 


As I greeted her shyly, Serina’s cheeks seemed to have turned a little reddish. 


“I run a Serina dressing room. Most of the fancy clothes for the Lady of the wolf clan are made by me.” 


Serina’s assistants came in and set up a small dressing room in the room. 


“Okay, please tell me if you have a style that you like! So should we measure it now?”


She smiled and held the long tape measure in both hands. 


I spread my arms wide so Serina could comfortably measure it.


Using a tape measure, Serina measured my waist, forearm, and thigh. 


“They said you were going to the temple, so in a calm style—” 


Then, Betty intervened and said firmly.


“It’s not okay to have a calm style. The Lord asked to make it as fancy as possible.”


Serina asked in disbelief.


“She’s going to the temple, but wants it to be fancy?” 


“Yes, I had orders from the Lord.”


Serina shook her head as if she didn’t understand it, and soon replied with a bright smile.


“If it’s a fancy dress, this Serina is the best, just leave it to me!”


“Please take care of it, Serina.”


Betty nodded.


Serina smiled and nodded to Betty, then turned to me.


“Is there any other style you want?”


“What style do you want?”


“Yeah, if you’re seven years old, you’re still a bit young to wear trendy dresses, so tell me what style you want and I’ll make it as similar as possible.” 


Serina continued, lifting up the tape measure.


“If you ask for a fuller skirt, a lot of lace, or a lot of ribbon, we can take care of it as much as possible.”


After thinking for a while, I said cautiously.


“Uhm— I hope it’s easy to move.”


Raniero’s dress was made of layers of heavy fabric, so I often lost my balance and fell. 


I have a bad memory of being scolded when I fall, so I wanted to avoid such a dress as much as possible. 


But was it too much to ask? 


I carefully looked into Serina’s eyes. 


Fortunately, Serina smiled brightly.


“Of course, I’ll make it as pretty as possible and easy to move around—!”


Serina took my measurements and put some fabrics on me for a while.


Pink, yellow, purple. 


There was also a dull olive color, which was pushed to the corner by Betty’s strong opposition.


And finally. 




Serina clapped her hands.


“When the clothes are finished, I will send them to the mansion!”


She gave me a nice greeting and then bent her knees to look into my eyes.


“I’m sure you’ll like it.”


She said with a smile. I answered with a couple of nods.


“Yes, thank you.”


“It usually takes about two weeks for the dress to be finished, but this time, it’s a special case, so it will be completed in a week.”


She left the mansion after adding the explanation.




And after some time—.


The guests from the temple once again visited Yeckhart’s mansion.


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