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I left Kendrick’s room and headed straight for the room. 


In the meantime, I could only think about trying to persuade Arsene. 


‘Kendrick told me not to worry.’


If Arsene goes to the temple and cries that he doesn’t want to marry me, it’s a big deal for me. 


The expression reflected in the window was quite serious.


‘So I have to make Arsene say that he wants to marry me—’


I thought deeply as I walked with my eyes on the ground.


The problem is that I had my eyes on the ground, so I didn’t even notice the person walking in stride.


And I bump into someone.


“Ah, it hurts—” 


“You are not allowed in. The Lord currently in important— Lady” 


I could see Ethan approaching in a hurry in the distance.


Ethan came over quickly and put a hand between my armpits and lifted me up.


“Are you okay? Are you hurt?”


“Ung! Yes, I am fine. But—”


I looked up at the person I just bumped into. 


The old man who bumped into me was staring at me viciously as if he didn’t want to apologize to me. 


The gaze gave me a sudden chill.


I reached out instinctively for Ethan’s arms, and he grabbed me in an instant. 


“…Lady, are you okay?” 


I spread my arms around Ethan’s neck.


‘…Why is he staring at me like that?’


But the old man still didn’t hide his hostility from me.


And the moment I met the two eyes, I recognized the old man. 




Of the nine Grand Elders, the only one who refused my favor.




Ester had taken the same path all the way to the meeting. 


However, as he left his seat in a hurry as if he was running away, I failed to convince him.


‘He was staring at me during the meeting.’


It’s obvious that he hates me very much.


But then.




I rubbed my eyes, wondering if I had seen something wrong.


But my eyes were correct.


‘What is that?’


Behind Ester’s back, an unidentified dark-red air flowed.


It was full of ominous energy as if it were about to devour the old man. 


That was then.


The dark red air current in question began to creep towards me.


‘W, what?’


Seeing Ester standing still, it didn’t seem like he was controlling that air current, it seemed that it was moving against his will. 


A flow of air that seemed to surround him is now coming toward me. 


I tried to back away, but I couldn’t because I was held by Ethan. 


I had only suffocated Ethan’s neck.


“Lady, Lady?” 


Ethan noticed that there was a problem with me, and hurriedly called me. 


But I couldn’t answer Ethan, so I just shook my head and looked pale. 


‘What is that? I don’t want to—” 


To make matters worse, I can’t even speak.


I feel like something is stuck in my throat.


Ester stood still and stared at me. 


And at last, the moment when the dark-red air flowed thickly over my head—. 




A dazzling bright light came out of nowhere and swallowed the dark red air current.


In an instant, I could feel the energy leaking out of my body.


‘W, what is this?’


Ester, who was staring at me, took a step back with a pale face for an instant. 


However, as if suppressed by some force, it crawled back into Ester’s body. 


Esther’s face also returned to the same fierce color as before.


As I trembled without saying anything, Ethan shook me slightly and called.


“L, Lady! Hurry, Mr. Hern—!” 




Ester clicked his tongue. 


Ethan’s face looked like he couldn’t stand Ester’s attitude. 


“You are rude. Ester-nim! She’s the person who will be the little Lady of Yeckhart—”


 “Still, she is just a member of the hostile family.”


Ester responded coldly.


But the strange air current I just saw surprised me, and I wasn’t in the mood to hear what Esther and Ethan were saying. 


It seems that I was the only one who saw that bright light a while ago. 


The scary currents as well.


I glanced behind Ester’s back, frightened, and noticed a more suspicious movement than before. 


The dark red air current that had entered his body crawled out again, and then it was split into several branches and scattered throughout the mansion.


At the same time, I felt an ominous feeling.


A cold feeling from head to toe. 


Not surprisingly, the upstairs immediately became noisy.


I struggled to jump out of Ethan’s arms.


“P, put me down, Ethan! Put me down!” 


“Yes? No, you need to see Dr. Hern for examination—” 


Ethan answered as if he was in trouble, but he didn’t hold me hard because he was afraid I would get hurt.


When I said I’m going to keep struggling and get off, Ethan put me to the floor as if he couldn’t help it. 


Without worrying about Ester, I ran straight upstairs.


“Y, Young Master! No—”


“W, we need to bring Lady!”


“But the Lady— she can’t afford to heal the Young Master—” 


“Oh my, Young Master!”


The maids were busily moving back and forth in front of Arsene’s room.


I ran past the maids and went straight to Arsene’s room.


Then, there was a hand in my way.


“L, Lady—”


It was Chloe.


The maids stopped me for the first time with a look of trouble.


They seemed to have heard that my abilities were not stable.


But they couldn’t stop me in Arsene’s emergency, so it was clear that he was in trouble.


“Get out of my way, get out of the way! I have to go to Arsene.’


There was a sound of breathing through the gap in the slightly opened door.


Only then did the maids clear the way.


I quickly approached Arsene’s bed.


“Arsene, Arsene. Can you hear my voice?”


“Argh, argh!”


A cold sweat was streaming down Arsene’s forehead.


Tears welled up in his big eyes.


The boy’s face distorted in pain.


Dark red spots could be seen coming out from between the sleeves of the loose pajamas.


At that moment, the ominous atmosphere that flowed out of Ester and spread to the mansion passed through my mind.


But there was no time for further thought.


It was because Arsene immediately had another seizure.


I quickly grabbed Arsene’s hand with both hands.


And whispered.


“Arsene, wake up, will you? I won’t hurt you—”


I held Arsene’s hand tightly and took a deep breath.


And I tried to use my power. 






But nothing happened.


‘W, what’s wrong?’


Is it because I’m flustered? I think it was okay until yesterday? 


I caught my breath again and put the power into Arsene’s hand.


But the power, which has always moved like water, can’t be used as if it were blocked.


“Why, what’s wrong—”


What the hell is wrong? 


I’m nothing if I don’t have this ability. 


It was the same no matter how many times I tried.


I went to Yeckhart to treat Arsene, but I didn’t think anything of it because I couldn’t do anything even if Arsene was sick.


Arsene, who had been crying in a cold sweat, was now lying in bed without crying as if exhausted.


Arsene’s condition, which I saw for the first time since coming to Yeckhart, was worse than I thought.


Of course, I thought I could cure Arsene, enough to feel pathetic.


“Arsene, Arsene! Wake up, huh? Arsene—”


Maybe it was because I tried to use my power by force, but the light green smoke appeared and disappeared.


‘Don’t turn into a bird!’


I haven’t treated him, I can’t turn into a bird. 


I felt Arsene’s sweaty face with trembling fingers.




Arsene looked pale.


I’m scared to death because he’s so pale.


At that moment, a faint plume of smoke rose up.




Feeling familiar, I closed my eyes tightly.


At the same time, the door opened and a familiar man stepped into the room.


With a messy face. 


It was Kendrick and Mr. Hern. 


But there was no spirit to greet the two of them.


I felt my physical condition was unstable.


‘I can’t turn into a bird…’


Then I can’t treat Arsene properly.


However, I could feel Arsene’s hand holding each other.


I slowly opened my eyes.


I definitely felt like I was being transformed into a bird, but my body remained in human condition.




I looked at my body slowly.


Behind my back, a pair of tiny wheat-colored wings were sticking out.


In an instant, my face became pale.


The fact that only a part of her body transformed showed that she was unstable. 


In Raniero, it was considered a great shame to have only a part of the body transformed.


But without even worrying about that, someone grabbed my wrist. 


“—Cazy, why didn’t anyone stop you? Ha, at this rate, you too—”


“Kendrick-nim, this is weird—. My ability can’t come out. I need to treat Arsene—”


As I continued to stutter, tears flowed down my cheeks.


Kendrick raised me up with a sigh.


I could feel the protruding wings touching Kendrick’s thighs.


“Linsy, calm down. Mr. Hern will check Arsene’s conditions. So—”


But I shook my head.


I came to Yeckhart to treat Arsene. 


In this way, it seems that she became a failure. Besides—.


‘Because Arsene is my first friend.’


I really wanted to cure this child.


I made sure not to let go of my hand and closed my eyes tightly.




At that moment. 


God answered my prayers.


I could clearly feel the hidden ability being opened.


A bright yellow-green light split between the hands that were touching and surrounded the room.


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  1. So the old man is the problem? Im so confused right noooow

  2. I hope she tells them about that elder. Cuz clearly he triggered the curse. If he carrying the curse with him somehow? Like a peice of it, and not carrying it like Arsene