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Kendrick hurriedly tried to drop me off, but it was too late.


I could already feel the powers flowing into every nook and cranny of Arsene’s body.


I closed my eyes, concentrated, and tried to use my powers as deeply as I could.


A fresh green wind and rays of light spread through the room in a spiral shape.


For a few minutes—.


Fortunately, I didn’t become a bird as soon as I did before, nor did I feel as if my vitality was draining away.


But it was hard, and I could feel sweat on my forehead.


‘Still, it’s a relief.’


Because I can treat him. 


I wanted to remain a ‘useful child’ in Yeckhart.


At least until I become an adult and become independent. 


With a smile of relief, I focused on Arsene’s treatment.


Everyone in the room watched me and Arsene with bated breath.


The dark red spots that glanced under the sleeves of the loose pajamas seemed to have become blurred.


I could feel the color of her face gradually returning.


‘That’s enough.’


Blood returned to her pale, corpse-like face, and warmth returned to her cold fingertips.


And at that moment,




Arsene slowly opened his eyes.


As soon as they saw Arsene who had opened his eyes, Kendrick, Hern, the maids, and even Ethan, who ran late, breathed a sigh of relief.


Of course it was the same for me. 


With tears in my eyes, I pushed my face into Arsene’s.


“Arsene, Arsene, are you awake?”


“Ugh, ung…”


Perhaps because of the pain that pierced through his body, Arsene was still in a state of hazy as if he was drunk.


Only then did Kendrick lift me up and hold me in his arms.


 “Are you okay? You—”


“Yes? Yes. I’m okay—. N, no.”


I bowed my head.


“I’m not okay—”


The wings protruding from the back didn’t disappear no matter how focused I tried.


I had no choice but to show everyone in the room how embarrassing it was to be transformed like this. 


‘What if they thought I’m a stupid child?’


I thought I was getting a little closer with Yeckhart’s wolves now. 


Tears came to my eyes when this suddenly happened again.


As I burst into tears, Kendrick buried my face in his chest.


“Hern, check Arsene’s condition.”


At Kendrick’s order, Mr. Hern came right up to check Arsene’s condition.


Arsene accepted Mr. Hern’s hand obediently. 


We were able to get out of the room only after Mr. Hern, who had been examining him for a long time, nodded his head.


“Other people leave the room. Let Arsene rest.”


Kendrick held me and strode towards my room.


In the meantime, I couldn’t stop crying, so I could feel Kendrick’s chest getting wet. 




Kendrick opened the door of my room and tried to put me down on the bed. 


But I shook my head and clung to Kendrick’s arms. 


Maybe it was because so many things happened all at once that I started crying. 


I probably grabbed Kendrick’s collar around that time. 


Kendrick eventually gave up trying to separate me and sat on my bed hugging me.


And gently stroked the back of my head and talked to me.


“Linsy, thank you. But it was a dangerous move. Your abilities were unstable, and you could get hurt.”


“…But, hick, Arsene is sick. I’m here to heal Arsene…”


If I don’t treat him, I’ll be a really useless child.


The last words were swallowed up in tears.


Kendrick patted me on the back as if he understood.


“It’s all right, it’s all right, Linsy. Don’t cry.” 


“Why is everyone telling me…Hick, it’s dangerous, hick, and don’t treat him? Arsene is the heir to the wolf clan, and I came here to heal him… “


The words mixed with crying followed for a long time.


Kendrick, who had been quietly listening to me, said, as he stroked my wet cheeks. 


“Linsy, of course, I don’t like Arsene getting sick. I hope you can heal him. But—,  I don’t intend to cure my son if it costs you.”


“…But, hick, Arsene is Kendrick’s son…” 


“I know that you are a precious life too. I apologize for making you feel this way. I didn’t mean to bring you in…”


Kendrick sighed.


I grabbed Kendrick’s sleeve and shook my head. 


“Don’t say things like that. Kendrick-nim, if you keep your promises with me instead…”


Tears kept flowing and words were not coming out properly.


Kendrick pulled out his handkerchief and wiped my tears away, said sweetly. 


“Yes, I will protect you no matter what.” 


“Y, yes, then…” 


“Even if there is going to be a war.”




Tears welled up at Kendrick’s words.


I looked up at Kendrick with my eyes wide open.


However, his expression was quite serious as if he were saying that what he just said was not a joke.


“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you even in war. Linsy.”


“N, , no, you don’t have to…”




I swallowed saliva. 


Just hearing the word “war” brought back memories of my past life, and I got goosebumps.


 ‘Of course, it wasn’t a war, it was a one-sided massacre…’


The massacre happened when the leader of the wolf clan, Kendrick Yeckhart, lost his mind.


I didn’t want that to happen this time.


I hated Raniero, but I didn’t want innocent people to die apart from that.


“Now you’ve stopped crying.”


Kendrick tapped my cheek with a handkerchief.


I couldn’t help but blink, unable to say, ‘I was so startled by your words that you were going to war.’


“By the way, the wings have come out.”


I felt Kendrick’s thick hands touching my wings.


Then my cheeks started to get hot.


‘It’s embarrassing.’


Showing this to the people in the mansion. 


Everyone may have thought that I was a stupid child.


“N, no, so—this—” 


I talked nonsense and tried to fold my wings. 


However, the protruding wings didn’t turn easily.


It seemed like I had lost control of my body because I had run out of energy while using my powers. 


I reached out to cover my wings, but it didn’t work.


As I struggled in embarrassment, Kendrick said, hugging me to keep me from falling.


“Why, what’s wrong with the wings sticking out? Linsy. Calm down, calm down.”


“Wings… Don’t you think it’s weird that the wings are sticking out?”


“It’s just pretty. Don’t worry, Linsy.”


Kendrick said firmly.


I looked at Kendrick as if I didn’t understand.




As a beast, it was a huge shame to be partially transformed. 


At least that was the case with the bird clan and Mrs. Belin taught that it was the same in the other clan.


‘But is it pretty?’


Blinking in disbelief, Kendrick sighed.


And after brushing his hair once, he said softly.


“Look, I’m only going to show you once.”


“Yes? Yes—” 


Kendrick shook his head once, and the gray wolf’s ears popped above his head.


“Look, it’s not strange.”


At that moment, Betty, who had come into the room and watched us, opened her mouth.


“That’s right, Lady.”


Betty smiled and ruffled her hair.


Then, from above Betty’s head, brown wolf ears popped out.




I was taught that being partially transformed is incomplete evidence.


It’s hideous.


But the people of the wolf’s mansion were acting as if it were nothing.


I took turns looking at Kendrick and Betty, the hiccups stopped.


Behind Kendrick’s back, a huge, thick gray tail was also swaying.


“Look, it’s not strange.”


“B, but it’s obviously disgraceful and hideous to show half transformed—” 


“…That head of bird bastard.” 




Kendrick mumbled something softly.


I asked back because I didn’t hear well, but Kendrick didn’t tell me again.


He just put a big hand on my head.


“It’s not a shameful thing, at least here, in the wolf clan. So you don’t have to worry too much.”


Kendrick said, bringing his thick tail close to my hand.


“Look, it’s not strange.”


I felt a thick, soft, fluffy tail in my hand.


I nodded as if I were possessed.


“Yes, and… I, I have something to say…” 


I was going to tell Kendrick about what I saw earlier.


The dark-red air fluttered behind Ester.


But the moment I was about to get it out of my mouth.




The words didn’t come out properly, as if something got stuck in my throat again.


A suffocating sound came out, and my back fell down at the same time.


“Linsy, Linsy?” 


Kendrick lifted me up with a worried look on his face. 


‘A, ah, I won’t say it, I won’t say it—’


As I tried to black out the event from my mind, I felt something hanging from my neck slipping away.


“What.. is this?” 


“What’s wrong with you? What’s the matter, Linsy?”


No matter how many times it was repeated, the result was the same.


When I tried to bring up the story, I was unable to speak.


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