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“A, are you okay?”


The first memory was intense.


A small bird appeared out of nowhere and flew straight to Arsene’s face.


In addition, Arsene was in a position under the girl because of the release of the small bird transformation. 


“W, what is this?”


Arsene was surprised both the first time he saw a child the same age from another clan and the second time he saw her sitting on top of him.


The hem of a rich dress that he had never seen before covered Arsene’s face.


The girl hurriedly got up and made Arsene stand up.


Then she looked at the palms of his hands with worry. 


“H, hey. I’m sorry. Please wait!”


It was treated in a flash.


And without time to ask the girl anything, Ethan and the maid appeared.


The mysterious little baby bird disappeared into the hands of another maid.


“So who is that child?”


Arsene was curious about the girl who was walking around his house at will.


So he grabbed the maids’ skirts and asked, but no one answered properly.


And not long after.


“No! I don’t want to!”


When he was struggling with the maid because he didn’t want to take the sticky, horrible medicine.


A little girl like a mountain bird suddenly appeared in front of Arsene again.


“You know, if you listen to me, you can stop taking medicine.”


The girl suddenly stepped into the bed without Arsene’s permission.


“Get out, get out!”


Arsene shouted, wary of the strange girl, but the girl grabbed Arsene’s hand as if she didn’t care.


And she treated Arsene using her own power.




“C, chirp?”


Of course, while he was being treated, she ended up becoming a bird. 




Arsene, who learned the name of the baby bird, pondered the name.


Because he was wondering who the hell was trying so hard to cure himself.


Later, the maids said she was going to be Arsene’s friend.




Up until now, his only friends were Ethan and the maids, Chef Akim, and the head maid Rodri.


So he’s a friend of his age? 


Arsene was unfamiliar with his new friend, but he didn’t hate it.


That’s because she was the first friend he had in his life.


In the meantime, he could never go out of the mansion because he didn’t know when he would be sick.


In addition, he was often sick and had no chance to meet other children.


But a friend of his age. 


Arsene has been looking for the little bird since then.


A baby bird with soft wheat-colored feathers and green eyes as fresh as grass. 


Chirp! The baby bird sat on Arsene’s shoulder with a cry.


Arsene felt strange about his first friend.


He wanted to win over the little bird, but sometimes he wanted to lose to the little bird.


He want to win and he want to lose. 


It was a strange feeling for a seven-year-old to experience it. 


Arsene and the little baby bird were becoming friends, but Arsene had no idea.


In addition. 


Arsene hasn’t been sick since the baby bird treated him. 


It was strange when he think that he was sick almost every week.


‘—It’s amazing.’


Linsy’s ability is said to be healing.


A special and precious talent for healing everything that hurts.


Because Arsene was sick, he didn’t know much about the other clans.


It was also through Linsy that he first learned that the ability of the ‘bird clan’ is ‘healing’. 


Arsene has been close to Linsy ever since.


Of course, the new friend was unfamiliar and he was embarrassed—.


Linsy and I ate together and played together in the garden.


Like ordinary children of their age,




“…No, then…Arsene can’t be treated…”


Arsene looked at Linsy. 


“If Arsene suddenly gets sick… Then…”


Arsene blinked his eyes and looked at Linsy quietly.


If he doesn’t get treatment, he’s the one who gets sick—.


He doesn’t understand why his little friend had a sad face as if she was the one who sicks instead of him.


So, he spits it out.


“What, what am I? If that’s the case, I don’t mind if you don’t treat me.”


As he uttered his words, he saw Linsy staring at him with her eyes wide open.


Arsene, who was embarrassed and coughed for no reason, continued.


“If it’s because of me… you don’t have to worry. I don’t mind being sick anymore.”


There’s no way that it’s okay to be sick.


Arsene was the child who hate being sick the most in the world. 


Since he was born, he has been taking medicine because of the disease, so it was terrible if he was sick.


But why did he want to comfort his friend with sad eyes so much?


He wants to comfort his friend. 


With that in mind, Arsene is fine for nothing. He shrugged his shoulders.


At the time, he didn’t care much because he thought he’d be fine without Linsy’s treatment.


‘I’ve done well without Linsy before.’


So it will continue to be the case.


He thought so.


Until a terrible disease, no, curse, devours Arsene again.


It was when he was lying in bed and trying to take a nap or sleep for a while.


All of a sudden, his eyes changed completely.




Arsene got up.


Perhaps it was a hallucination, but he could see dark red smoke continuously rising in front of him.


And then,




A familiar pain visited Arsene’s body again.


Chloe, who was sitting next to Arsene and sewing the buttons, raised her head in surprise.


Soon, the house became noisy.


The maids went down to call Mr. Hern and brought wet towels and medicine.


Arsene broke out in a cold sweat and let out a painful groan.


‘I, it hurts.’


He was in so much pain that he thought he was going to die.


But then,


“Get out of the way, get out of the way! I have to go to Arsene.”


Again, Linsy appeared.


Only Linsy’s face, which had another sad look on it, was clear in the blinking vision.


A friend’s warm hand grabs his hand.


The warmth spreads slowly from where she touched.


It’s him who’s in pain, but his friend, Linsy, is crying as if her body hurts.


Arsene watched all of it, even though his vision was getting worse and worse.


He wanted to tell her he was fine, but the pain prevented him from speaking.




A warmth like a sun radiated from the hands that were holding each other.


Arsene’s body was quickly surrounded by this green smoke, which was as fresh and warm as a little girl.


Arsene let out a breath in the pain that gradually subsided and looked at Linsy.


The pain slowly disappeared, leaving only painful memories.


Kendrick took Linsy out, and Mr. Hern remained to check on Arsene’s condition.


Arsene thought of HIS friend who was crying sadly in his hazy mind.




And after pondering the girl’s name for a long time, he fell asleep.


Seven years old,


He was still a little too young to know many emotions.




Arsene’s health got worse, and their visit to the temple was delayed a bit.


Kendrick demanded that Arsene’s visit to the temple be delayed due to his health.


Fortunately, Kendrick’s request was granted, and Arsene was able to rest a little longer in the mansion.




I looked into Betty’s eyes and asked softly.


“You know, Betty. Maybe, an ability…is there something to make you lose words? Is there an ability to make words disappear?”


“Yes? It’s impossible, Lady, there is no other clan in the world with this ability.”


Betty laughed as if it were nonsense.


I followed Betty with an awkward smile.


But inside, I was anxious.


‘Then what the hell is this?’


There was something like a small dot around the neck.


I looked in the mirror at my neck and at the dots.


‘I think that’s when I got it.’


Right after I met Ester,


It must have been made by the dark red and terrible air stream from Ester’s body.


At that moment, spots spread all over Arsene’s pajamas came to mind.




It may have just been a coincidence, but the spots on Arsene’s body were the same color as Ester’s ominous air currents.


‘As soon as I found the air current, Arsene was sick—’


So is it because of that too?


Phew, I sighed when I feel my head hurt. 


I’d like to tell Kendrick this story and ask for his advice.


When I try to talk, it feels like it was restricted because my throat gets choked.








I had learned from Raniero in my previous life.


A long time ago, for a short time, there was an organization that used restrictions.


For some reason, they fought among themselves and annihilated, but—.


‘It may be possible if it is restrictions.’ 


The restriction was literally magic that forbids doing something.


The effect was nothing like the ability, and there were many ways to use it that were dangerous, so it was strictly forbidden.


‘Then I’m on restrictions?’


I stuttered around my neck with a pale face.




It was clear.


It wasn’t painful or anything, but when I tried to bring up words related to restrictions, I can’t say anything. 


I can’t.


I jumped up from my seat.


And asked Betty.


“Ugh, you know, Betty… I want to read a fairy tale book.”


“A fairy tale book? If it’s a book, there are plenty of them here.”


“Huh? No… That’s. The library! I want to visit the library!”


I smiled innocently to look like a child as much as possible.


“Arsene said, Yeckhart’s library is really big and cool. I want to go to the library.”


I whined, and Betty said with a smile.


“That’s right, Yeckhart’s library is huge and spacious. If you want to see it, would you like to go with me now?”


Betty smiled kindly and reached out to me.


“Ung, ung!” 


I nodded vigorously and grabbed Betty’s hand.




Most of the data are usually kept in the family library.


And, since most people know about restrictions to the extent that they even teach them to children, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the data.


All right, let’s go and find some data on the restrictions. 


I smiled and took Betty’s hand and left the room.

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