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‘Hn, there’s nothing—’


Sitting in the middle of a huge library, I slammed my head into a fairy tale book.


Raniero had quite a lot of records of people using ‘restriction’ in the library. 


However, there was no book with that title in Yeckhart’s library.


In addition,


“There aren’t any books you can read over there, so are you choosing from here?”


Betty said, pointing to a bookshelf full of fairy tales.


Eventually, I took a look at Betty and took out a fairy tale book and read it.




A sigh came out.


‘I can’t tell her, so I won’t be able to ask her to find the book.’


I thought I couldn’t just talk, so I tried to write it on paper.


“Betty, Betty! Can I have a paper and a pen?”


“Are you going to draw? Of course you can.”


I got a pen and paper from Betty and tried to write about ‘restrictions’ on the paper.




But, as if someone were holding my hand, I couldn’t write it.


‘Is there no way?’ 


I wish someone would notice a small spot on my neck.


It was so small and faint that people couldn’t see it well if they didn’t see it up close.


“Do you enjoy fairy tale books? Do you want me to read it?”


“Hng? No, I’ll read it by myself—”


I roughly flipped through the pages of the children’s book.


There’s no point in coming to the library.


However, there is one thing for sure.


‘Ester is suspicious.’


The Great Elder Ester. 


The ominous air current he had and the transparent light that shone dazzlingly in an instant.


And Arsene’s seizures, which started as soon as the dark red air flowed in all directions, and even the restrictions in my throat.


There are more than a few suspicious things.


I need to talk about this to Kendrick.


I pounded my chest in frustration.


Betty asked, leaning her head slightly.


“Do you want me to bring you water?”


“Ung? No… Juice…”


Orange juice—, I am a baby bird with a firm taste, so I didn’t forget to add.




I felt stuffy, so I felt like I had to drink something.


Betty left for a while, saying she would bring orange juice.


Taking advantage of that opportunity, I hurried to the other books.


‘I looked here before.’ 


In the corner of the library, there was a bookcase filled with unnamed books.


‘I haven’t seen the title related to restrictions.’


Among the untitled books, there may be a book with related content.


I ran to the front of the bookshelf and looked at the books.


The bookshelves were all high, so it was very difficult to climb without a ladder.


‘Let’s pick the one at the bottom first.’


I snuck up a book that was at the bottom.


And looking through the bookshelf.


‘The history of the wolf clan… not this…’


I put the book back in its place.


And I immediately pulled out the book next to it.


Betty will be right back with orange juice, so I had to sneak a peek before that.


‘This is… About the powers… This is not too..!’


It was when I was looking at it one by one.


“What are you doing here, Lady?”




I was surprised by a sudden voice that spoke to me and hit my butt off.


“W, who—ah!”


“Are you all right? Now, grab it and get up.”


The old man reached out to me.


I got close to him and grabbed his hand.




Hoho, the face that raised me up with a smile was kind.


I grabbed his hand and quickly got up and shook my butt.


“Did you take out your wings?”


“A, ah, so, this is—”


I glanced at the wheat-colored wings behind my back.


Although it was covered with a thin blanket, the wings were also clearly visible.


Betty, Kendrick, and everyone else said it was okay, so I forgot.


I was embarrassed to meet someone else with my wings out like this.


Does Tristan think it looks ugly too? 


But Tristan just smiled. Every time he smiled, the corners of his eyes wrinkled.


“You’re very cute. You got a new dress for your wings.”


Tristan said as she looked at my dress, which had an open back.


I nodded my head.


As soon as Kendrick confirmed that I couldn’t put the wings in, he called Serina back.


And ordered her to make a dress that I could wear comfortably right away.


Serina made a few pretty little dresses that had a white hole in the back so I could put out my wings and send them to the mansion.


The dress was as pretty and light as Serina promised. 


Every time I moved, my skirt fluttered like a butterfly’s wings.


The dress for the temple hasn’t arrived yet.


‘I look forward to it.’


Serina was a really good tailor.


She made these pretty dresses in a short time.


I answered Tristan with red cheeks.


“Yes, Kendrick got me a new one. But, what are you doing here, Tristan-nim?”


I asked as if I were really curious.


Of course, the Great Elders have access to Yeckhart’s library. 


This is because I thought it wasn’t a coincidence that he suddenly appeared.


“I have something to tell the Lady, so I stopped by on the way after seeing the Lord. If it’s okay, could you come to my mansion next time?”




I opened my eyes wide.


It’s been a while since I came to the wolf mansion, but I didn’t expect to be invited to someone else’s mansion.


“Yes, I have a grandchild the same age as Lady— how excited it is to hear from that child want to see you—” 


“Uhm… I’ll see if I can go to Kendrick-nim.” 


“Yes, my grandchild will love it if you come. By the time you come, I’ll call you Baby Madam, not Lady.”


“Yes? No, no, it’s not Madam… the marriage hasn’t been finalized yet…”


I waved my hand and shook my head.


Tristan, who was listening to me, sighed a little.


“By the way, you’re going to the temple soon, you’ll be fine. Don’t be afraid. Just say you want to go and get married, and the Lord will take care of the rest.” 


Tristan’s face, which says so, shows a strong trust in Kendrick.


“But… if Raniero’s objection is severe and is not accepted…”


Tristan laughed.


Then he bent down and whispered in a low voice.


“If you say enough that you want to marry the Young Master, you’ll be fine. The temple originally values the opinions of the parties. If you think things are going wrong—”


“If things are going wrong…?”


“You can kiss the Young Master.”




I raised my head in surprise at Tristan’s words.


But Tristan spoke with a rather serious face.


“The parties say they like each other so much, but what will the temple do? So if you think things get really weird—” 




I swallowed my saliva.


“Give him a kiss.”




It was shocking to hear again.


Kiss Arsene in front of everyone.


That too, in front of my father, Arthur Raniero—.


I looked away pretending I didn’t hear.


But Tristan was quite persistent, so I ended up covering Tristan’s mouth.




“Oh, stop! Stop it! Thank you for letting me know—”


Tristan laughed as I turned my head as if I couldn’t hear it.


“Uh, uh—, Thank you for letting me know—”


I glanced at the door.


Suddenly I can’t wait for Betty to come back with my orange juice.


“I will send you a formal invitation next time.”


Tristan had noticed that I was in trouble, so he left and said that. 


Then, Betty, who went to get orange juice, came back.




I rushed to Betty and gave her a big hug.


Betty said, handing me orange juice.


“Lady, the Young Master is looking for you.”




Arsene has been lying in bed all this time because of illness.


Kendrick prevented me and Arsene from meeting.


The reason was that he was worried that I might overdo it with my power. 


‘I don’t know why you keep stopping me.


I tilted my head. 


Kendrick, Arsene, and Yeckhart should be happy if I can cure Arsene even if I force myself. 


‘Don’t overdo it, Linsy.’


‘I know that you have a precious life too. I apologize for making you feel this way. I shouldn’t have dragged you in—’


Every time he said that, I stopped myself from using this ability.


—Are they worried about me?


When I thought of that, my heart suddenly tickled strangely.


I shook my head and looked at Betty and asked.


“What does Kendrick-nim say? Can I meet him?”


“Yes, Young Master’s condition seems to have improved a lot.”


“Then I’ll go see him!”


I drink the orange juice and put it down. 


I happened to have something to talk to Arsene.


‘Although I can’t talk about the restrictions for now.’


We had to go to the temple soon, so I had to talk to Arsene about it at least once.


I got up and shook off my dress. 


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  1. OK hmmm at least she tried. I do hope she can find a way around this. I’d be so fucking frustrated if it were me 😭