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I glanced at Kendrick.


Kendrick smiled every time we made eye contact.


As I wiggled my fingers, Kendrick said in a friendly tone.


“Don’t worry too much, the conversation will be done by adults.”




“Go playing with Arsene. There is a fountain at the back of the temple, and it would be great to play there.”


I nodded.


In fact, this was the first time I had visited the temple.


Once a year, the temple provides a meeting place for the heads of each clan.


Usually, the heirs of the family at that time also attend.


‘Because Raniero’s successor was my half-brother Gale.’


Only the children named as the successors were permitted to follow to the temple.


So I’ve never even followed. My heart was pounding and I looked out the window.


“And… try not to talk to the priests as much as possible.”




When Kendrick said those words, I turned around and look at him.


Don’t talk to the priests?


Kendrick said, shaking his hand as if he couldn’t explain anymore.


“There is nothing good about being involved with priests.”




“You too, Arsene.”


“I understand.”


Arsene gave a rough answer and looked out the window.


My neck slightly reflected in the window as I turned my eyes away.


It was hidden because Betty tied a ribbon around my neck, but—.


The ribbon was lifted slightly, revealing a very faint speck.


Phew. I sighed.


‘I have to deal with this too.’


I couldn’t find a clue in the library, so I had to look for another way.


What the hell was that?


The dark red air current moved like it was going to swallow Ester.


And—a bright light that burst out in an instant.


It would have been nice to be able to talk to Kendrick, but it was frustrating.


‘No, let’s think about this first.’


Of course, the air current and prohibition were also important, but now the meeting at the temple was more important


Because I could never, never go back to Raniero.


I clenched my fists and fixed my bonnet.


* * *


We got off at the entrance because we couldn’t take a carriage to the temple.


Kendrick held Arsene with his left hand and mine with his right.


I followed Kendrick as he walked down the street, widening my eyes and looking around.




Flowers that only grow in the territories of different clans were blooming in clusters in the temple.


I looked at the flowers with an enchanted mind, and then immediately raised my head.


A huge and magnificent ivory-colored building caught my eye.


In front of them stood a statue of a divine beast with a human head, bird wings, a wolf body and a snake tail.


‘Are you going inside now?’


But Kendrick passed the entrance to the building.


“Huh? You’re not going in?”


I asked, looking at the building entrance and Kendrick alternately.




Kendrick led us to the fountain at the back of the temple.


A huge ivory fountain with a statue of a divine beast on top.


Kendrick said, putting me and Arsene side by side in front of the fountain.


“Just play near this fountain, and if you ever need to go far, take the knights with you.”


Kendrick pointed it back.


A little farther away, there were two knights in armor with Yeckhart’s seal standing next to each other.


Arsene and I nodded at the same time.


“I’ll call you later, have fun.” 


Kendrick laughed and stroked our hair with both hands.


No, to be exact, my hair was stroked, and Arsene’s hair was being messed up.


Arsene’s bangs, which the maids had neatly groomed for hours, were all messed up.


‘Chloe will be sad if she sees it—’


I trimmed Arsene’s bangs so that Chloe wouldn’t be sad.


Kendrick left, and the knights strode towards us.


“Hello, Lady. My name is Aiden. Please feel free to call me anytime.”


Said the soft-faced knight.


I nodded my head.


“Ung. Nice to meet you, Aiden.”


“I’ll be standing behind you, so if you need help, call me anytime!”


The knights left the words and walked away.


Arsene and I sat by the fountain next to each other and tapped our feet.


It was Arsene who opened his mouth first.


“You know, I heard you and father talk last time.”


“Ung? When?” 


“In the office. But you… If… So if…” 


“What if? You have to be straightforward, Arsene.”


“If the conversation doesn’t end well…you will go back to Raniero?” 


Arsene raised his head and looked at me.


His small hand grabbed my hand.




“No, you just said you were going back to Raniero—if something like that.”


Arsene’s face turned red.


Tears welled up in his eyes as if he was about to burst into tears.


At times like this, he was a seven-year-old child.


I quickly pulled out his handkerchief and wiped Arsene’s eyes.


“Then why am I here, fool? i’m not going and we also practiced hard.”




“Yeah, you practiced saying you want to marry me.”


“Can I just do that?”


I nodded.


“That’s all you need to do. Kendrick-nim will do the rest.”


Then Arsene quietly nodded.


I grabbed his hand, not to worry, and Arsene wiggled his fingers.


The sun was shining down on the fountain in the afternoon.


Arsene and I sat side by side on the fountain, waving our feet and waiting for Kendrick to call us.


* * *


“It’s been a while, Arthur.”


Kendrick sat down and greeted him.


As soon as Arthur Raniero saw Kendrick’s face, he crumpled his face in displeasure.


“Tsk, I have to look at your face—” 


“What’s wrong? Wasn’t it you who asked the temple to see me?”


Then, the Priests came in one after the other and took their seats.


Then the High Priest slowly came in and sat down.


Kendrick, Arthur, and the Priests set their respects toward the High Priest.


The High Priest also showed respect to the two heads of each clan.


When the High Priest beckoned, they immediately took their seats.


Dispute settlement began immediately.


The High Priest recommended that Arthur first explain the situation.


Arthur Raniero told the High Priest everything he knew.


“Kendrick Yeckhardt of the Wolf clan has kidnapped Linsy Raniero, a child of the bird clan.”




“He purposely visited Raniero’s mansion under the pretext of a political marriage and kidnapped a child of a bird clan, so it is very intentional. Yeckhart has been in need of Raniero’s daughter. I think this is clearly a planned crime.”


Kendrick listened quietly, then opened his mouth.


“By the way, Arthur, aren’t we already talking about a political marriage? Then I don’t think there’s any problem with bringing the children of Raniero’s clan early.”


It was truly a shameful act.


“And by the way, I didn’t kidnap her, she followed me by herself. She said he wanted to marry Arsene.”


Arthur Raniero was greatly enraged at Kendrick’s actions and said.


“Nonsense! When did she meet the heir of the wolf clan and want to get married? You must have lied as much as you possibly could!”


In front of Arthur, who struggled with his anger, Kendrick had a very unhappy expression on his face.


“It’s true, but you don’t believe it.” 


“You have to lie enough. It is right to agree to a political marriage. But I didn’t mean to let her go. I demand Linsy Raniero’s immediate return.”


The High Priest didn’t rush in to interrupt Arthur and Kendrick’s conversation.


It was natural. The temple was involved in this conversation to keep the conflict between the wolf clan and the bird clan from growing.


The heads of the two clans stared into each other’s faces with murderous looks.


Kendrick spoke first to Arthur in a relaxed manner.


“So, would you like me to pretend to set aside the marriage over the Hampton River for nothing?”


“Political marriage can proceed. But not her. I have another child. I will get this kid ready—” 


“So you mean that you agree to the political marriage itself?”


“Yeah, the political marriage—” 


Arthur swallowed his words.


In fact, it was Raniero who benefited the most from this marriage.


The Hampton River flows between the territories of the wolf clan and the bird clan.


Because the value of the river was really enormous. So Raniero couldn’t hastily destroy this political marriage.


Then, Kendrick said to the clerk who was writing down the conversation between the two.


“Did you write it down? He agrees to a political marriage.”


When the clerk replied that he had written it down, a smile came to Kendrick’s face.


“Then let’s hear the party’s opinion.”




“Since you said you agree with the political marriage, the political marriage of Yeckhart and Raniero has become a fait accompli, and the opinions of the parties are considered the most important in terms of the rules of the several people, so it would be right to listen to the opinions of the parties.”


At Kendrick’s signal, the huge stone gate slowly opened.


Then a little girl and a boy walked in, holding hands tightly. 


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  1. Ahhhh just to imagine two little angels walking together!!!! My heart!!!

  2. Why do I have a bad feeling, Mayne I’m used to things not going smoothly in these situations 🥲

  3. It’s so sad that two little kids need to use marriage as a way to escape from their circumstances. But seeing them together, just playing like kids their age and being happy, I approve of this marriage!