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“Come here, let’s go home.”




Gale’s hand shook my body.


If Arsene hadn’t grabbed my hand quickly, I would have been dragged along.


“What are you doing, Gale!”


“Ha? I’m here to save my stupid sister who was kidnapped?”


Gale raised his eyebrow.


I struggled to shake off the grip on my wrist, but it was not enough to defeat Gale by force. 


“Let go of me! I didn’t get kidnapped! I went by myself!” 


“You go? What are you talking abut?” 


Gale widened his eyes as if he didn’t really understand.


Taking the opportunity, I shook off the hand that was holding me and fiddled with my wrist.


It was held so tightly that my wrists were swollen.


“You don’t have to know. Let’s go, Arsene.”


I grabbed Arsene’s hand and quickly tried to get away from Gale.


If only Gale hadn’t grabbed my shoulder and pushed me.




“Ah, ha…” 


I landed hard on the grass.


“You have lost your manner, sister.”


Gale said, pretending to stroke my hair, then holding it forcefully.


When I faced Gale’s eyes, I got goosebumps all over my body.


‘No, come to think of it, Gale is definitely supposed to be at the Academy right now—’


Why is he here—.


I searched through the memories of my previous life.


Gale was definitely at the academy at a time when they were talking about Schville and Arsene marriage.


But why is he here?


No, besides.


‘Gale is the one who should be happy when I’m gone.’


Gale was the person who bothered me the most in my previous life.


He was also the one who was the happiest when I had the cursed feather. 


‘Because he kept my abilities in check.’


Even though Raniero can’t have a woman as their successor. 


But why is he suddenly saying he’s going to take me?


As I sat blankly, Arsene stood in front of me with his arms wide open.


“What are you doing now!”


“What is this? Hey, get out of here.”


Gale tapped Arsene on the head.


Arsene growled.


“Don’t touch me.”


“What? Ha really… What do you think a puppy, who can’t even transformed into beast, is going to do?”


Gale raised his fists as if threatening.




“They said you did transform into a bird, but you didn’t even do it properly? Are you going to take your wings out like this?”


Gale smirked after discovering my wings.


I instinctively flinched, shivered and stared at Gale.


“You didn’t even know this was a shame… Like a stupid little sister, hurry up and put it in, because it’s hideous.”


Gale said while smirking.


My face turned red in an instant.


Everyone in the Wolf Mansion said my wings were pretty, but—.


Hearing this from Gale made me feel as if I had returned to my previous life.


I was embarrassed and wanted to hide in the grass.


I tried to hide the wings, but I couldn’t get them in.


Arsene was almost on the verge of jumping on Gale.


I hugged Arsene tightly around his waist so he wouldn’t rush in.






With good timing, I saw two knights running from afar.


Aiden came quickly, lifted me up, and pulled Gale away from me.


“Get away. I cannot let you approach the Lady.”


“Hey, what are you talking about? Her name is Raniero. If you want to protect, protect that stupid wolf Young Master over there. I’ll take that kid.”


Every time Gale spoke, his thick cheeks trembled.


But Aiden firmly stopped Gale from approaching me.


“You can’t. Back off.”


Aiden placed his hands on his waist, blocking the gap between me and Gale.


Gale stepped back after arguing with Aiden for a long time.


“You, you’ll see, Linsy!”


Gale rolled his eyes at me, then turned around and walked to the other side.


“Lady, are you okay?”


Aiden lifted me up and said.


“Linsy, you…are you okay?” 


Arsene did the same. He seemed to have seen my face turn pale when I looked at Gale. 


I smiled and answered.

“Ung, I’m fine.” 


But the pretty dress got dirty.


Gale had nothing to do with my previous life or this one.




I let out a deep sigh. 


* * *


“I guess it appears that Raniero’s tutor abused the child?”


Kendrick said.


Arthur looked dumbfound as if he had never heard of it before.


“She never did. Raniero’s tutors don’t abuse children. That kid is out of her mind right now—” 


Even after Linsy and Arsene left, their opinions were strongly opposed.


Half of the people think she should return to her guardian since she is still only seven years old. 


But they couldn’t send her back as long as they knew she was being abused, and she seemed to want to be protected in Yeckhart, so half of them said to just leave her there.


The High Priest looked at Arthur and Kendrick with an expression of displeasure, as if in trouble.


‘I thought it was because a kidnapping.’


It was made to ask for Linsy Raniero’s return because people thought she had been kidnapped. 


Also, it was difficult to send the person back when she didn’t want to go.


In addition.


‘She said she was abused—’


Ten priests heard those remarks.


As long as the child was directly abused, the temple had a duty to protect the child. Besides.


Raniero and Yeckhart’s arranged marriage has also been confirmed. 


He is sure that the child also wants to get married, so if he lets Linsy go, everything will be fine. So why is he being so stubborn?


The priest took a deep breath.


After asking Kendrick and Arthur to understand, he took ten priests into a small room. 


To share opinions and make decisions.


The priests who sat around the round table gave their opinions.


“Since Linsy is still young, she should be sent back to her guardian.”


“But, didn’t she say that she was abused? The temple has a duty to protect the child before the name of the Gods.”


“We still don’t know if that’s true. It could be a child’s lie.”


“However—, Linsy and Arsene have clearly expressed their desire to get married—” 


One of the priests cautiously opened his mouth.


“If you don’t intend to break the political marriage, I think it’s fair to stand by Yeckhart because the two parties agree.”


The high priest listened to the priest’s words and gently pressed the throbbing temple.


‘There must be a strong backlash in Raniero.’


The temple was receiving a lot of help from Raniero.


This is because the current Pope is not in good health.


He was weakened by old age, even though Raniero’s healing didn’t make him completely healed. 


Nevertheless, thanks to Arthur Raniero’s healing, the Pope’s condition was improving.


But if they take Yeckhart’s side here.


‘Raniero may refuse treatment.’


A new Pope who will succeed the current Pope has not been decided.


When the Pope’s illness worsens, the situation becomes very difficult.


The high priest touched his head. 


But they couldn’t just tell her to go back to Raniero and ignore Linsy’s opinions.


Because, when these kinds of problems came up, the temple always put the parties’ opinions first, as long as they were in line with God’s teachings.


The high priest thought for a long time.


And quickly wrote something on the paper.


The door to the room where the high priest and the priests had all entered burst open.


Arthur and Kendrick, who had been arguing, turned to the door.


The high priest tidied up his uniform, walked over, and sat down.


So did the other priests.


Arthur and Kendrick waited until the temple expressed its position on the issue. 


After the high priest cleared his throat, he opened his mouth.


“Linsy Raniero doesn’t want to return to Raniero, and after considering everything else, we’ve decided that Yeckhart’s actions were not ‘abductions’.”






Joy and sorrow crossed.


“Therefore, according to the doctrine, the temple respects the opinions of the parties, approves the marriage of Linsy Raniero and Arsene Yeckhart, and recognizes the arranged marriage of the two clans.”


Arthur jumped to his feet.


The threatening mood in the near distance can’t be hidden.


In response, Kendrick crumpled his forehead and used his ability.


Black smoke rose from the tip of the finger and turned into a round sphere to aim at Arthur.


“You know what happens to a clan that goes against the temple’s opinion.”


It was a slow warning. 


Clans who oppose this will be expelled from the Federation.


Arthur quickly stepped back when he remembered the rules about the beasts. Kendrick also concealed his powers.


“Well then, I’ll be on my way. You know, I’m busy.”




“I think the Hampton River would be a good reward, but I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with Linsy.”


Kendrick said as if passing by.


“We will have to visit the temple again to register their marriage later.” 


“Thank you for your hard work. Kendrick-nim.”


“Yes, thank you for your hard work. High Priest.”


Arthur clenched his fists, shaking his body in anger.


Raniero and Yeckhart had been fighting against each other for a long time, so it must have been hard for Raniero to accept that they lost in the temple.


Kendrick, who didn’t think much of it, jumped up from his seat.


Then, after bowing to the high priest, he left first.


Arthur glanced at the spot Kendrick had left, then gritted his teeth and opened his mouth.


“…I’d like to ask for an audience. High Priest.”


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  1. Gale that pos brat
    All that healing she did in the wolf territory and he’s done opened his dumb mouth augh makes me wanna strangle him

  2. I hope the Church here is an overall good organisation….

    Like, I love how the author of Star-Embracing Swordsman wrote their Church. Some priests are bigoted, and some are genuinely good people. I hope the Church in this novel is also like that, or better