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It was long enough that I could reach the horse’s head if I stretched out my hand.


I looked at the huge horse’s head.


Betty freaked out and tried to lift me up.


“Lady, Kendrick-nim bought you a bunch of desserts. Why don’t you go eat dessert with the Young Master?”


“That’s right, Lady. You might get hurt here.”


As expected, Gilbert also tried to stop me.




‘I don’t feel like its going to attack me—’


Unlike Gilbert, who got a kick when he approached. 


Aiden’s horse only looked up at me with gentle eyes.


After giving it some thought, I suddenly put my hand into the stable.




“Right, right, you’re so nice.” 


And I patted the horse’s head.


The horse shook for a moment as if it was uncomfortable and soon became calm.


Gilbert and Betty looked at me when they saw that the horse was obedient and didn’t move away when I touched it.


“Please wait, I will make sure you don’t feel the pain anymore.”


I give the powers slowly, just like I did with Aiden and the girl.


It was a little difficult because I used this ability twice a while ago.




‘I watched them get hurt in front of me, how can I just pass it on?’


Still, it wasn’t as difficult as before. 


Slowly, a light green ray of light moved from my fingers to the horse’s leg.


Reflexively, the wheat-colored wings behind my back twitched slightly.


A ray of light penetrated the broken leg and then disappeared without a trace.




“Hmm…is that enough?” 




Aiden’s horse jumped from its seat and squealed. 


Then it put its head down and stuck its nose in my cheeks.


“Ah, it tickles!”


“I think it want to say thank you to the Lady.”


Gilbert laughed.


I hugged the horse’s nose and kissed the soft cheek. 


The horse stepped in place a few times and seemed happy.


“Now, you’re not sick anymore, right?” 


I asked while closely looking at the legs of the horse.


Then I smiled. 


After using this ability to heal the injured horse, Aiden, and the girl, a sense of pride rose.


‘I wish I could use this ability better.’


Then I can treat more beasts and animals.




Aiden’s horse let out a long neigh as if to say hello. 


“Ung, take care. I’ll be on my way now. Don’t get sick.”


After greeting Aiden’s horse, I left the stable with light steps.


Gilbert saw me off as I went.


* * *




I rushed to Arsene, who was sitting sulkily.


And sat down right next to Arsene.


“Why are you so angry?”


“Where have you been, and why are you just coming back now?”


Arsene grumbled and pointed to the dessert.


“I wanted to eat quickly, but you weren’t—”


“Did you? Ah, I’m sorry… Why didn’t you eat?”


I thought he would be eating first.


It looked like he had been waiting the whole time while I was busy walking around in the mansion.


I raised my hand and stroked Arsene’s hair.


I can see silver hairs sticking out between my fingers.


Chloe came out and pushed a strawberry cake with plenty of whipped cream in front of Arsene.


Arsene and I both used a fork to poke the corner of the cake.


Then, I carefully scooped the part covered in whipped cream and put it in my mouth.




As soon as I put it in my mouth, my eyes were wide open to the melting whipped cream.


It was the same for Arsene. 


When he put the fork in his mouth, his eyes were wide open.


“Are you going to eat only one piece of that today?”


Chloe said firmly.


Arsene glanced at the mountains of desserts behind Chloe’s back.


“But there are so many?”


“It would be bad if you eat too much.”


Chloe spoke firmly and handed them two glasses of juice in a glass.


I grabbed the juice cup and drank it all at once.




The door opened slowly, and Ethan, an old butler with gray hair, appeared.


“Lady, Young Master, did you go out safely?”




With another bite of the cake in my mouth, I jumped to my feet with a happy feeling.


“Hoho, I heard that the discussion with the temple went well.”


Chloe and Arsene smiled at Ethan’s words.


“Ung. That’s right.”


I smiled brightly and nodded.


Today, while walking around the inside of the mansion, I received a lot of congratulations from here and there, so my heart was like whipped cream.


When word got around the mansion that they had safely finished talking with the temple, some people started calling me “Baby Madam.”


Hoho, Ethan smiled and raised his one-piece glasses.


“The Lord said he would prepare for the banquet now.”


Prepare for the banquet? 




I remembered what Kendrick said not too long ago.


‘He said that he will host a banquet to formally introduce Arsene and me.’


Having a banquet meant that I was officially part of the wolf family.


My heart tickled as if I had swallowed a feather when I thought of that.


Then, Arsene put the strawberry on the cake in his mouth and asked.


“What are you talking about?”


“Kendrick-nim said he would hold a banquet.”


I sat down again, grabbed a glass of juice with both hands, and answered. 




When Arsene asked again, Ethan answered, bending slightly.


“We invite a lot of people to have a party. If you hold a banquet, you will have many new friends.”


Arsene blinked.


“I don’t need a friend.”




 “She’s here.”


Arsene tapped me on the sleeve.


“Of course, the Lady is a good friend of the Young Master. But the more friends you have, the better. You can’t just play with the Lady forever…”


“I’m just going to play with her.”


Said Arsene firmly.


And he turned his head and looked at me as if urging me to answer.


I replied while fiddling with the cup.


“Uhm… I don’t mind hanging out with just you… but that’s not the problem. Arsene.”


“Then what?”


“It’s an introduction to you as the successor to Yeckhart. Me too, at the same time.”


“What do you mean at the same time? The two main characters of the banquet are the Young Master and the Lady, no matter what anyone says.”


Ethan made a firm correction.


“Yes, thank you.”


I looked up at Ethan and nodded.


Ehem, the old butler, who coughed, once again raised his only glasses.


“Yeckhart has a long tradition. The hostess herself decorates the banquet where she is introduced. But since the Lady is too young—. If you want to do it, feel free to say it, or if you don’t want to, feel free to say it.”


“I’m going to decorate the banquet?”


Me, in a huge banquet hall?


When I asked in amazement, Ethan laughed and said,


“You can just choose the flowers or decorations to decorate the banquet hall. The rest will be ordered by Kendrick and the maids will prepare everything on their own. I’m telling you, Madam of Yeckhart has long since she passed away, and now you’re the little mistress of Yeckhart.”


I nodded slowly.


I didn’t think it would be difficult to choose just the type of flower.




‘If it’s something I have to do, of course—’


Then it was right to do it.


I didn’t want to be hated for putting off what I had to do.


Besides, the elders are on my side, but I still don’t know what the other nobles of the wolf family will be like.


It’s better not to do anything that’s worth bothering  about.


I answered after finishing a short thought.


“Ung, okay. I’ll do it.”


“Then… Now, all that remains is to match the clothes and write the invitations.”


Ethan narrowed his forehead as if he was thinking hard about something.


Arsene and I looked at Ethan calmly while putting the cake in our mouths.


“I’ll let you know when we have a rough schedule. Then please enjoy your meal.”


Ethan smiled, bowed, greeted politely and left the room.


Chloe smiled softly.


“It’s a banquet, and there will be a lot of friends the same age as the Young Master and the Lady. I hope you have fun~.” 


Arsene pursed his lips and replied to what Chloe had said.


“I don’t need a friend.”


“Even so, it would be nice to have one, right?”


“If I have a friend, it’s just annoying…”


“You, you just like to play with me.”


Arsene stuttered as if I had hit the nail on the head. 


“T, that’s!”


I emptied the plate from the cake and looked at the pile of dessert.


There were cakes in there, but there were a lot of muffins and cookies to eat lightly.


It was thanks to Kendrick who swept all the desserts in the shop.


Thanks to this, the dessert shop was closed as soon as we left the store.


The problem is,


Kendrick gave it to us as a gift, so other servants couldn’t eat it.


So if we don’t eat, all those desserts will be thrown away.


I couldn’t leave it alone like that.


“The dessert…you know, Arsene. I thought of something fun.”


I beckoned Arsene to bring his ear close.


“What is it?”


Arsene leaned toward me.


“Why don’t we give out our dessert? Since there are so many, we’ll be able to share a lot.”


I grinned. 


The work at the temple must have worked out well, and I thought it would be good to share it with the servants of Yeckhart as a request to take good care of me. 


“…Share it? To whom?”


“That’s, of course, to the servants. There are two maids, Akim and the maid Rodri… Oh, I thought I’d give it to Ethan as well. I should have given it to him when he came earlier.”


I thought about how many people I would like to share it with.


Arsene, who had been pondering, opened his mouth.


“Hmm… You want to share it since we can’t eat it anyway, right?”


“Ung, that’s right. And, eating delicious food together makes you happier. And also…”




“I received a lot of congratulations earlier. So, I want to share it in return.”


I said, pointing to the strawberry cake we just ate.


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  1. how refreshing! its a pet peeve of mine when the nobles give their children a ton of deserts and never explained what happens to the leftovers. i detest wasting food.