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Arsene nodded obediently to my words.


“Yeah, that’s good.”


Chloe, who heard of Arsene’s plan and me, brought a small toy cart from somewhere. 


And she put dessert boxes on it one by one.


“My Lady has a beautiful heart. Now, this would be a little easier to share it.”


Arsene insisted that he should pull the cart.


But I took the handle of the cart from Arsene’s hand.


“You can’t. Your body is weak.”


“What? But I’m all better—” 


I glanced at Arsene and flapped my wheat-colored wings.


My wings haven’t even totally disappeared yet.


Arsene bit his lip and grudgingly gave me the handle of the cart. 


I grabbed the cart handle.


And Arsene and I walked around the mansion and shared desserts. 


“Oh my, thank you. Lady.”


“Then should I call you Baby Madam now?”


“Congratulations. I will eat well, thank you.”


“Desserts in town? I’ve heard that it’s famous, but I didn’t expect to get a chance to eat—. Thank you for the food. Lady, Young Master.”


Unfortunately, I couldn’t give it to everyone, but I was able to give it to most of the servants who loved me.


Arsene, who had been pulling a cart with me, was exhausted and sat down on the grass.


“Oh, it’s hard…I want to rest.”


“Me too, it’s really hard.”


I slumped down next to Arsene.


It was unimaginable to sit down anywhere in Raniero.


I seemed to have adapted to the free atmosphere of Yeckhart to some extent.


Now I looked up at the sky, which was getting darker, and took a deep breath. 


‘Now that I see it, it’s time for dinner.’


The problem was that I wasn’t hungry because, while pushing the cart, I kept eating desserts one by one without Chloe and Betty knowing.


Arsene seemed to feel the same way.




“Lady? Were you here? I’ve been looking for you for a while.”


Aiden looked fine as he walked toward me from far away.


I wanted to get up and say hello, but I had no energy and had no choice but to sit down and say hello.


“Yes, Aiden. Did you rest well?”


“Yes, of course. And—please talk comfortably. You are now a member of Yeckhart.”


I nodded my head as I listened to Aiden.


“Ung, then I’ll do it now.”


“Yes. I’m here to say thank you formally, Lady.” 


Aiden was polite and bowed to me.


“I heard that you healed my horse. How should I repay this favor—” 


“Then, I have one request.”


I looked up at Aiden.


Aiden looked at me with a serious face, like he was going to listen to whatever it was. 


“You know, there’s a kid who bumped into Aiden, please don’t get mad at her… okay?” 




“Of course, Kendrick-nim said he wouldn’t punish her, but—I’m afraid Aiden will visit the kid and get angry. She’s in the mansion right now.”


I looked up at Aiden’s face, wiggling my fingers.


Aiden, who was blinking while listening to me, soon waved his hand.


“What do you mean angry, Lady? I have no intention of doing so. I heard that she’s a kid who can’t even see—” 


“Her eyes…I thought she couldn’t see, but I’m still not sure.” 


I wrinkled my nose slightly.


When she was facing Kendrick, she certainly looked like a blind kid. 


‘She was looking at me directly.’


Our eyes must have met.


Her eyes were clearly fixed on me, which had been wandering all over the floor.


At times like that, I feel like she can see what’s in front of her—.


No one knew yet if her eyes were blind or not because she didn’t open her mouth.


I looked up at Aiden, who looked at me with puzzled eyes.


“Anyway, I’m glad you’re not angry. I trusted Aiden.”


Hehe, when I smiled, Aiden smiled.


“I am much more grateful. If you need anything in the future, please let me know. I will help you with all my heart and soul.”


Then Aiden left first, saying he had to go back.


I got up from my seat.


Arsene stared at me.


“Are you going in?”


“Ung, we have to go in. We can’t sit still forever.”


Arsene grabbed my hand and got up when I reached out to Arsene.


We pulled the empty cart back into the mansion.


Betty smiled and greeted us warmly.


“You’ve worked hard, aren’t you hungry? Kendrick-nim is waiting for you.”


“He’s waiting for us?”


“Yes, he just went to the dining room. So come on..Oh, my.”


Betty, who saw me and Arsene, who were all covered in dirt, covered her mouth.


“Lady…you said you’d only share the dessert…?” 


“Hehe. I’m sorry, Betty. Can we eat later?”


I smiled awkwardly and scratched the back of my head.


Because I couldn’t have dinner with Kendrick with this appearance.


Betty sighed and reached out to me.


“You’d better wash up first. I’ll tell Kendrick-nim. Young Master too.”


Arsene was led into his room by Chloe, who held his hand.


Betty took me to the bathroom.


After pouring a lot of warm water into the huge bathtub, she slowly put me into the bathtub.


“If it’s hot, please tell me.”


I shook my head.


It felt good because it was moderately warm.


After a clean bath in the rose-scented water, Betty and the other maids wiped me dry.


“Come on, raise your arms.”


Betty changed me into an indoor dress and took me to the dining room.


‘Kendrick-nim won’t be here, will he?’


It took a long time to wash up, so it was clear that Kendrick would have finished eating first and gone upstairs.


I was going to ask about this ability.


And what to do with the girl who was brought from the street.


I blinked in regret and stepped into the dining room.




“Now she is coming.”


Kendrick was sitting in the dining room.


I rushed to the table in surprise and sat down.


“You haven’t eaten yet?”


“I want to have dinner together. The time has come for Arsene to come as well.”


Arsene, who had been washed away, appeared as soon as Kendrick finished speaking.


Arsene naturally sat across from me.


As soon as we all sat down, the dishes came out one after the other.


I looked at Kendrick with a spoonful of warm vegetable soup in my mouth.




Then, Kendrick raised his head and made eye contact.


I smiled awkwardly and put the soup in my mouth.


“Today, did you share the dessert?” 


“Yes? Yes, there are too many to eat…It’s a waste to throw it away.”


As he nodded, a subtle smile stood on Kendrick’s lips.


“Good job.”


“Thank you, Kendrick-nim. I really enjoyed the meal.”


Arsene, who was eating well, also nodded.


“Yes, it was delicious.”


“I’ll buy you again next time. No, it would be better to leave the banquet cake to the store altogether.”


“But isn’t there Akim?”


“Akim’s dessert is great, too. But I think you guys prefer the dessert at the store.”


“Yes, the dessert at the store was more delicious than Akim.”


Arsene spits out the words that would have shed tears if Akim had heard it.


“I’ll have to leave the cake for your wedding to the patissier.”


Saying that, Kendrick seemed to be in a better mood than usual.


I nodded, then gathered courage and cautiously called out Kendrick.


“Uhm, Kendrick-nim. I have something to ask you—” 


“Tell me, Linsy.”


I carefully set the fork I was holding down on the table. 


“About the girl staying in the mansion.”


“What’s wrong with that kid?” 


“Can’t you let her stay in the mansion longer?”


“Tell me why, Linsy.”


Kendrick stared at me.


“Let me ask you… It’s just that personally…”


Kendrick stopped chewing the meat and looked at me instead.


As expected, I can’t right? 


I looked at Kendrick and Arsene, and read the air. 


There was silence for a while.


It was Kendrick who broke the silence first.


“Yeah, do it if you want. Then we’ll see what she can do in the mansion. It’s hard to do a lot of things because she can’t see, but—”


“Really? Thank you!”


I smiled and nodded lightly toward Kendrick.


“Instead, it could be dangerous, so always go with two or more maids whenever you meet her.”


“Yes? But she looks like my age—” 


“Still, I can’t slow the tension down. Linsy, you are a direct member clan of Raniero, and now you will become Yeckhart’s hostess. It means more and more people are looking for you.”


Kendrick continued, slowly slicing the steak.


“If you need it, I will give you permission, but if you don’t keep this much, I can’t give you permission.”


Kendrick said firmly.


In the end, I had no choice but to nod.


“Yes, I will.”


“Yeah, good girl.”


* * *


After dinner,


Arsene and I got up from the table when our stomachs were full.


“I’ll go now, Kendrick-nim. Thank you for the food!”


“I’m full. Father, bye.” 


“Yeah, go and rest. Arsene, Linsy.”


At that moment, a maid quickly rushed into the dining room.


Arsene and I both stopped on our way out and stared at the maid.


When Kendrick asked what was going on, the maid bowed and said.


“Lord, the kid is awake.”


“That kid?”


I looked at the maid’s face once and then at Kendrick once.


“That kid is awake, Linsy.” 


Kendrick looked at me, smiled, and nodded his head. 


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