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“Linsy, Arsene.”


I turned my head reflexively to a familiar voice.


Kendrick was walking from afar.


Kendrick strode towards us, unbuttoning a couple of buttons as if his shirt was cramped. 




As I called him nicely, Kendrick’s fine mouth drew a line. 


“I’m sorry I’m late. I have work to do.”


“Please don’t be late next time.”


Arsene spoke in a sulky tone.


He seems to have become irritated after sitting in a hot place for a long time.


I, Arsene, and Kendrick were out in the garden now.


Originally, we were supposed to take classes in the library, but—.


‘Come to think of it, it must be a little dangerous to do it in the library. So it would be better to go to the garden.’


So, based on what Kendrick said, we ended up going out to the garden.


Even though the maids brought ice water, it was still hot. 


And Arsene seemed to feel the heat more than anyone else.


‘Is it because he’s a member of the wolf family?’


Arsene was sitting behind me and saying it felt cool when my wings flapped.


I’m dumbfounded, but I fanned Arsene hard with my wings.


‘I feel like I’m raising a kid.’


I’m not wrong about that, but—.


Arsene’s cheeks were flushed from being fanned by my wings.


Kendrick swept Arsene’s cheek once and reached out to me.


“Get up first, Arsene. You too.”


I grabbed Kendrick’s hand and jumped to my feet.


I then shook off my crumpled dress and spread the wrinkles out. 


Arsene also followed me and got up from his seat.


“First, use your abilities. Linsy.”


“…To whom?”


I said, looking at the wide garden.


Unlike Kendrick’s ability, my ability had to be in direct contact with the opponent to be used.


‘Do you want me to use it to Kendrick?’


I carefully squeezed Kendrick’s hand.


Then Kendrick shook his head and dropped my hand.


“Just use it. Close your eyes tightly.”


“…Can I do that?” 


It wouldn’t be—.


Raniero had never used an ability like that before.


It was natural because our abilities were only manifested when we were in direct contact with the opponent.


I looked up at Kendrick.


Kendrick shook his head as if that wasn’t the right way to use it.


Arsene was also looking at me with a curious expression.


‘Ah, I don’t know.’


I used this ability with the idea of reaching out my hand into the air and infusing it into the air.


But as expected, it couldn’t have worked either.


Only grasshoppers buzzed around the area, not a swarm of lights coming from my fingers.


I quickly turned to Kendrick.


“Raniero’s ability can’t be used that way. I have to make contact with…”


“No, Linsy. It’s possible. Try again.”


Kendrick was determined.


I nodded slowly.


Because I didn’t have the courage to refute Kendrick’s words. Furthermore—.


‘I’m the one who asked him to teach me—’


I had to find a solution somehow to put these wings in.


Kendrick leaned on his back, grabbed my wrist carefully, and pretended to reach his arm up into the air.


“Now, close your eyes.”




I gently closed my eyes.


“Think of your hands touching a skin. You are touching the patient now.”


Kendrick’s low-pitched voice fell softly into my ear.




I wiggled my fingers, then stretched out ten fingers. 


“Now, try it. There is an opponent in front of you who can use this ability.”


With my eyes closed, I murmured as if chanting a spell.


‘There’s an opponent, there’s an opponent—’


And slowly infusing the ability.


I could feel the warm wind starting from my fingertips.


It’s working! 


I opened my eyes and looked at the scene unfolding before my eyes.


A bright yellow-green sphere was floating in the palm of my hand. 


“It’s work! It’s working!” 


“Okay, don’t stop and keep going. Just like now. You’re doing well, Linsy….”


Kendrick whispered.


Before I knew it, Arsene sat right next to me, watching me use this ability. 


I slowly closed and opened my eyes and kept taking deep breaths. 


‘It’s strange.’


When I was treating Arsene, it was so difficult that I could only use it for five minutes, so I couldn’t control my body.


It was possible to infuse the power into the air endlessly as if it were a wave of power.


‘It seems to be easier than in previous lives.’


I remembered taking care of the Elders, Aiden, his horse, and Glene in turn.


Somehow, I didn’t feel it was difficult during the treatment.


‘I’ve become stronger than in my previous life.’


I stared at the sphere that was constantly growing in size in the palm of my hand.


The sphere kept getting bigger and bigger until it was twice as big as my body.


Then Kendrick grabbed my wrist.


“You can stop now. Try using it as if you were scattering it on the lawn.”


“You can stop now. Try using it as if you were scattering it on the lawn.”


“On the lawn…How?”

I looked at Kendrick and stomped my feet.


It was the first time I had ever used this ability in this way, so I had no idea.


Kendrick seemed to ponder for a moment, then opened his mouth. 


“You said you had a flower bed with Arsene last time, Linsy.”


Why is he talking about that all of a sudden?


A gardener left a flower bed, so I planted flower seeds with Arsene.


I nodded my head vigorously.


Then Kendrick said, lightly clasping my wrist.


“Think of it as watering with a watering can.”


“…A watering can?”


I asked again, as if in disbelief. Is he trying to pull a prank on me? I even thought it was like that. 


But Kendrick’s expression was extremely serious.


Eventually, I closed my eyes again.


‘A watering can… Think of it as watering….’


So that the lawn can absorb this ability properly.


When I finished thinking and slowly opened my eyes, a light green sphere floated high in the sky. 






The light green sphere twisted strangely, and it eventually resembled a giant watering can.


“…I, is this right? It seems strange…Kendrick-nim…” 


“No, you’re doing well, so keep going.”


I looked at the giant watering can in the air, almost crying. And—.


‘I think of a watering can.’


I remembered that giant yellow-green watering can be watering the lawn evenly.


So let’s give them the power right away.




Light green rays of light came out of the sphere in the shape of a watering can and wet the lawn.


The watering can, which had been watering the lawn for a while, broke up and disappeared into the air.


The glittering light green lights in the air continued to fall to the ground. 


I stared blankly at what I had done, then asked Kendrick.


“I, is this right? Why did this ability take the shape of a watering can?”


“That’s because you imagined a watering can. Linsy.”


I had never learned anything like this in Raniero. 


Unlike other clans, Raniero’s ability was not an ability that could be used in a variety of ways. 


Only for healing. 


It’s an ability used only for that.


Kendrick said this as I opened my eyes wide and looked at my palm.


“This is the method used by the wolf clan. It’s a little different than this.”


Another black sphere rose from Kendrick’s hand into the air. 




As Kendrick lifted his finger, shadows flowed softly from the black sphere. 


And soon after, it covered the entire mansion, including the lawn. The mansion covered in shadows was gloomy like a rainy day. I kept saying “Wow!” as I looked at Kendrick.


“Learn how to widen the shadows first. Then learn to control the shadows.”


Kendrick drew a circle with his index finger.


Then, in an instant, the wide-spread shadows came together to make the shape of a huge horse.


“The handling of abilities is all the same. All abilities have the same root. But the reason Raniero doesn’t choose this method is because it is inefficient.”




“How powerful do you think your ability is in Raniero, Linsy?”


I pondered for a while.


With Gale and my father, Arthur Raniero— probably the third. 




But Kendrick shook his head.


“I can assure you, there is no one in Raniero who has a stronger ability than you.”


“Yes? That’s not true. Gale has such a strong ability. And I’ll tell more about father—” 


“The reason why Raniero doesn’t use this method is that the amount of abilities that can be used is small, so they have to pour out all of their abilities to the person being treated.”




“That’s why you don’t get along with each other, Linsy. You have the most powerful abilities in Raniero because you use the method of infusing them little by little.” 


“So—are you saying that I have a strong ability, so I can’t control my abilities and my body?”


I asked again.


Kendrick nodded and pointed to the lawn in the garden.


“I didn’t know that Raniero’s abilities were this great.”


I slowly turned my eyes along where Kendrick was pointing.




The lawn where I had released my abilities was growing gorgeously.


This can’t be happening? 


Raniero’s ability was ‘healing’, not ‘growth’.


I squatted and pulled out a handful of the overgrown grass. 


It’s not a dream. The grass was really lush.


“When there is nothing to cure, excessive powers are poured in, so that must have been the driving force for growth.”


Kendrick looked down at the lawn as if it didn’t matter.


I looked at the grassy lawn and then at my sweaty palms.


‘…Am I that strong?’


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