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“If I am that strong… Why couldn’t Arsene be completely cured?”


I looked up at Kendrick and asked. As Kendrick said, if I had the most powerful ability in Raniero, I should have been able to heal Arsene. However, every time I treated Arsene, I felt as if I had drained all of my abilities. 


Then Kendrick opened his mouth slowly.


“I don’t know that either. Maybe your abilities don’t match Arsene’s disease, or—” 




At Kendrick’s words, I looked at Arsene with a depressed look. No matter how strong I am, it doesn’t matter if I can’t heal Arsene. 


‘At first, I was obviously trying to heal him so I could survive.‘


Because I had to heal Arsene so I didn’t get kicked out of Yeckhart.


I stared at Arsene, who was standing in front of me. A boy with slightly curly gray hair and impressive blue eyes. And my one and only friend.


I have to heal Arsene by all means so that the tragedy of the past life doesn’t repeat itself. 


Kendrick tapped me on the back.


“Come on, try one more time. Linsy.”


After nodding my head, I once again made a light green sphere. The sphere quickly grew bigger, floated in the air, and changed back into a watering can. 


“…Kendrick-nim, what will happen if I spray this on Arsene?”


I looked at Kendrick with a curious expression. Since I don’t use it directly, wouldn’t it be okay? The wings on my back fluttered in anticipation that it might be okay. 


“Oh, it’s too early. Let’s try it after finding out the reason why your ability doesn’t work well with Arsene’s disease.” 


“But… I did improve when I used this ability. “


It’s hard for me to use this ability, but Arsene’s condition has definitely improved since I tried to heal him. However, Kendrick stopped me from pouring my powers over Arsene’s head. 


“Spray the garden, Linsy. Don’t water Arsene.” 




I poured my ability into the garden once again. A shimmering green light flew in the air like pollen. Arsene stared at the figure with his mouth open.


And then.




The familiar soft smoke enveloped my body once again.




“The wings are in!” I said while touching the back of the dress, which had lost its wings. 


“The way you used your abilities was wrong, so your abilities collided inside your body. It’s rare, but there was a case like that in Yeckhart.” 


I looked at my back with joy. 


“Then, is it possible to freely control my bird form now?” 


“Well, I don’t know about that, but maybe it will.”


I jumped a couple of times in place. Then the light green smoke rose around me again.






I changed into a small bird with a wheat-colored feather and sat on Kendrick’s shoulder. Then I went straight down to the lawn and stood tall on it, but I couldn’t see well because the lawn grew so tall because of my ability.




I shouted loudly and jumped in place. After that–.




Light green smoke enveloped me once again. 



The transformation was released. It seemed like I had some control over it now. I thought to myself while nodding my head. 


“It was a matter of ability. If you release it often….” 


It is also possible to control the beast’s transformation. 


‘In my previous life, I didn’t have such a strong ability….’


It’s not that I didn’t awaken. Because in my previous life, my half-brother Gale had a much stronger ability than me.


‘Until I was ten years old, I was just like me.’ 


After molting at the age of ten and after I was locked up in the attic, Gale’s abilities grew stronger with each passing day. However, Gale’s ability, which was so strong, wasn’t that great either. I squinted my eyes. 


“I told you not to overdo it all the time, but now I have to tell you to overdo it.” 


Kendrick grinned.


Hehe, when I smiled and nodded, Arsene came up and stood next to me.


“Hey, Linsy…” 




I tilted my head so that Arsene could speak comfortably. Arsene whispered in my ear.


“You… you’re so cool.”


Arsene had a very serious look on his face as he said this. I burst out laughing and grabbed Arsene’s hand. 


“If your ability is manifested, you will have a better and stronger ability than me. Just like Kendrick-nim.”


“Really?” Arsene blinked. “Nobody ever told me that I would have the same powers as my father.” 


Arsene, who said so, looked somewhat sad. To some extent, I could guess why no one told Arsene about his ability. 


‘They must have thought he was going to die before then….’


Because he would die before his ability was revealed, and shedding started. I grabbed Arsene’s hand tightly.


“Maybe you’ll have more powers than Kendrick-nim, Arsene.”  I said it in a low voice as if it were a big secret. “Really. So until then, let’s work out hard with me. You can’t be picky either. You have to be healthy.” 


Arsene nodded, and his face was a little bit wrinkled. He was a bit moved by my workout talk, but I shrugged. Then, Kendrick came out and patted Arsene on the back. 


“Then let’s go in now. I’ll teach you the theory next time.”


Arsene and I nodded and grabbed Kendrick’s hand.


* * *


After that, Kendrick’s classes continued. I learned from Kendrick how to control my abilities more delicately. However—.


‘The shape of the watering can is the same—’


If possible, I wanted to look cool like Kendrick. 




What’s a watering can?


That day, after hearing Kendrick’s explanation of the watering can and using it differently for the first time, my abilities continued to take the shape of a watering can. Thanks to this, I had to feel as if I was watering everywhere every day, and since I wandered around the mansion and scattered my powers, there was not a single sick person in the mansion.


‘It’s strange if there is still people who are sick—’


I gave away so much of my power, but if anyone were still sick, I would be in trouble. Of course, Glene still couldn’t see properly, but—.


‘Because she said she still can see a little bit.’


Maybe because Glene had bad eyesight from birth, I couldn’t cure it completely with my powers. However, because of my power, she could see a little bit of what was in front of her.


‘That’s a relief.’


I sat down on a bench in the garden and looked at Yeckhart’s mansion. In preparation for the upcoming banquet, all the servants in the mansion were busy moving. 


‘Will that person come to the banquet?’




I touched my neck because the skin around my neck was tingling for no reason. When I thought about the prohibition hanging again, my throat felt stuffy. 


At that time, 


“Huh? Glene…?” 


Glene was stuttering as she cleaned the flower bed off in the distance. I quickly jumped off the bench and ran to Glene.


“Glene? What are you doing here?” 


Glene slowly turned towards me. Her white hair, which was cut short, fluttered every time she turned around. 


“L, Lady…?” 


“Ung, Glene!”

Unlike the first time, Glene smiled faintly. Kendrick also allowed Glene to stay in the mansion at my request. They tried to find work for Glene to do in the mansion, but she couldn’t see, so it was hard to figure out what she could do. In addition, Betty told me that she was working hard and that the servants liked her a lot. 


Glene and I met on a regular basis. 


Glene didn’t say anything when I brought up prohibition, so I couldn’t have a meaningful conversation with her. Still, it was comforting to think that there was at least one other person who could see the ‘black stream’


“What are you doing here? Are you cleaning the flower bed?”


Glene nodded slowly.


“F, flowers… Because I can touch it….” 


It is said that she touched it with her fingertips, got a feel for its condition, and cut it. 


I smiled brightly. 


“Okay, Glenn. Fighting! And… eat this!” 


And I took a well-packed cookie out of my pocket and handed it to the girl. Then Glene accepted the cookie and she uttered meaningful words.


“…Just a little bit, please hang in there.”


Without stuttering. 




I immediately asked Glenn what that meant, but Glene didn’t answer. She just quietly trimmed the flower bed. At the time, he didn’t know what that meant.


That was at that time.


* * *


The day of the banquet was fast approaching. Ethan and Rodri sent invitations to each family and decorated the mansion splendidly. 


The mansion was decorated with blue flowers, the same color as Arsene’s eyes, and light green flowers, the same color as mine. Betty has been busy since morning, washing me clean and putting on a pretty dress on me. She carefully tied my hair and decorated it with gorgeous flowers after I put on my shoes. 


I glanced out of the window. Strangers were swarming outside the mansion like a cloud.


Gulp. I swallowed my saliva.


My palms kept slipping because I was nervous. 


‘I’ve never seen so many wolves.’


I’ve seen it on the street before, but I didn’t feel this way because I saw it from a distance. 


At that time. 


Knock, knock.


Someone knock on the door. 


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  1. Omg 😳 what is going to happen? She probably have a really powerful prohibition….

  2. Dude, I hate Jerma95. Stupid mf who can’t read properly. She’s not being cryptic doofus, she’s prohibited by the curse