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It was Arsene who opened the door and entered. He was wearing a pretty navy jacket and a small blue bow tie.


I grabbed the hem of my dress and ran to Arsene. 


“Arsene, what’s wrong?”


Arsene’s face was pale. Then I glanced at Arsene’s forehead.


‘I don’t think he has a fever.’


What’s wrong? Is he sick again?


I bent my knees and looked Arsene straight in the face. Then I tilted my head and asked.


“Arsene, are you sick? If you’re sick, you have to talk now—” 


“It’s not like that, you stupid—” Arsene’s voice grew smaller and smaller as if crawling.


I grabbed Arsene’s wrist, brought him to my bed, and sat down. Betty, who had finished dressing me, told me to be careful not to crumple my dress and left.


“You can’t crumple it, never.”


“Ung, I know.”


Betty left the room after looking at me for a long time with suspicious eyes. I moved my hips closer to Arsene and sat down.


“What’s the matter, ung?” 


“…There are too many people….” 


Ah. It was then that I realized that Arsene also had a banquet for the first time. But, of course, I wasn’t the only one who was nervous because there were so many unfamiliar wolves. 


I furrowed my brow, then let it go and whispered something into Arsene’s ear.


“Actually, me too….” 


“You too?” 


Arsene and I held hands as we sat on the window frame and looked out the window.


Carriages were arriving one after another. The huge gate, which was always tightly closed, was now wide open. 


“What time did you say the banquet was held?” 


When I asked Arsene, Arsene looked at the people blankly and said.


“Two o’clock…I don’t want to go.”


“I don’t want to go either, but….” 


The problem was that we couldn’t avoid going there. Because at today’s banquet, Arsene and I will be formally introduced to the wolf clan. 


I gently brushed Arsene’s hair to tidy it up.


“Let’s stay for a while and then leave.” 


At my words, Arsene quietly nodded his head a couple of times. Arsene and I both had a very strong rejection of strangers. Everyone in Yeckhart knew about it. Therefore—.


‘They said they call out as little as possible.’


And yet, it’s this much. I sighed as I looked down at the crowd of people. I feel like my mouth is dry. Then Arsene asked me with a rather serious face.


“…Can’t we just say hello and leave?” 


“…Of course we can’t.” 


“Then how about say hello for a while and then come out?”


“…Say hello for a while? Then, if I want to get out, I’ll tap your foot twice. What do you think?”


“Yeah, okay.” 


We looked at each other and nodded.


* * *




I took a big deep breath. Then, as I stood in front of the banquet hall door, I suddenly felt as if my legs were shaking. Kendrick said softly, perhaps noticing that Arsene and I were nervous.


“If you don’t feel comfortable, you can just say hello and go outside to play with just the two of you.” 


“…Is that okay?” 


However, they are guests who have come from afar for us—. At that moment, I thought that it might be against the rules.


“There’s nothing wrong with that. Because you are the main character of this banquet.”


Kendrick said, holding me and Arsene’s hands tightly.


“Lord Kendrick Yeckhart is entering!” 


The knights who were guarding the door shouted to announce Kendrick’s position. Then the huge door swung open gently in the hands of the knights.


Kendrick walked into the fancy banquet hall, holding our hands tightly. 


I glanced and looked around. 


‘Wow, so many people….’


It looked a lot more than when I looked out the window. 


I immediately turned my eyes back to Kendrick because the eyes of countless wolves were reaching Arsene and me.


Since we haven’t officially introduced ourselves yet, it seems to attract more attention. 


‘Besides, this is the first time we’re being introduced—’


Perhaps because I was too nervous, I accidentally stepped on the hem of my dress and when I stumbled—.




“You have to be careful.”


Then, Kendrick supported my back so I wouldn’t fall.


Hehehe. I smiled and nodded my head to Kendrick. Then Kendrick led us up the stairs on the second floor and stood in the best view of the people. Arsene and I were nervous, swallowing saliva and holding Kendrick’s hand tightly.


“First, I would like to express my gratitude to my family who attended the banquet.”


Kendrick said.


“Today, this banquet is the place to officially announce my son Arsene Yeckhart as Yeckhart’s successor.” He paused for a moment and then continued. “It is also the place to announce that Linsy Raniero of the bird clan will officially become a member of Yeckhart.”


At Kendrick’s words, there was silence in the hall for an instant.


I broke out in a cold sweat on my palm for no reason and only grabbed the hem of my dress.  I felt hundreds of pairs of eyes staring into me. I took a deep breath and instinctively took a step back.


But then I regained my composure and stood upright again, grabbing Kendrick’s thick hand. 


‘Don’t be nervous, I’ll be fine.’


Because I have Kendrick-nim. 


No matter how much Raniero and Yeckhart are in a bad relationship, they won’t be able to treat me badly openly.


Thinking about it like that, I felt a little relieved. 


Kendrick went on to say goodbye to his two children and then walked away, saying he had something to discuss with the others. 


Arsene and I were left alone. Then—.


“My name is Robert of the Patros family. It is an honor to meet you.”


“I’ve heard a lot about you, Young Master. The George family….”


“The Kanut family….” 


Numerous nobles approached Arsene and asked for a handshake. Of course, none of them greeted me. But it was okay.


‘Well, this is nothing.’


I’m used to being treated as an invisible person in my previous life.


Arsene glanced at the people who had flocked to him, then tapped me in the foot.




Does he want to leave already?


I glanced at Arsene and shook my head slowly. Because there were so many people who wanted to say hello to Arsene, and it wasn’t polite to go out. 




“I’m sorry, Lady, could you please stay out of the way for a moment?”


A man with torn eyes asked me with a tone of asking for understanding.


I looked at Arsene with my eyes wide open and at the man once.


“I wanted to say hello to the Young Master.” The man said. 


However, Arsene held my hand tightly as if not to go.


As soon as I was in trouble standing in the middle of a nervous battle between a man who asked me to get out of the way and Arsene who asked me not to go. 


“Congratulations, Lady.”


A familiar face suddenly appeared in the crowd.


I raised my head with a broad smile of joy. 




As the Grand Elder approached with a smile, the other nobles naturally left their seats. Then Tristan looked at me and Arsene in turn and smiled kindly.


“I heard that things went well at the temple. Congratulations, Lady, Young Master.” 


“Yes, thank you.”


“Congratulations on officially becoming a member of Yeckhart. Now, I should call you Little Madam, not a Lady.”


When Tristan gave strength to the words ‘Little Madam’ and spoke clearly, the other nobles flinched.


“I haven’t even been married yet…it was just a banquet held first.”


“Yeah, we haven’t even been married yet.”


Arsene added.


Tristan smiled and asked back, “Is that so?” and looked around at the other nobles.


And then.


“Then I’ll call you Lady for now. By the way, what are you doing without saying hello to the Lady?”


Grand Elder Tristan. 


Usually, the Elder is made up of the nobles of the clan by selecting those who have made great achievements. And Tristan was also a Grand Elder and at the same time a high-ranking noble of the wolf clan. 


When Tristan noticed the other nobles, the nobles quietly greeted me. Then they quickly left their seats.


I grabbed Arsene’s hand and stared blankly at the place they left.


“If anyone is being rude, punish them at any time. You are now the hostess of Yeckhart.”


“Um, no. I understand. I don’t think they would like it if the daughter of an enemy family was the hostess.…”


“You don’t have to understand. Kendrick himself announced that you were a member of Yeckhart, so those who show rudeness are disobeying the head of the wolf clan.”


Tristan cut it sharply.


I nodded.


Then Tristan smiled again. Every time the old man smiled, his face was wrinkled.


“My granddaughter also attended today’s banquet. How loudly she said she wanted to the Lady…I would appreciate it if you say hello to her once. Maybe she will be a good friend.”


Tristan whispered.


“Tristan-nim’s granddaughter? Where is she?”


“I’m sure she’s with kids her age… Oh, there she is.” 


I turned my head to follow where Tristan was pointing. I could see children my age gathering and talking. And next to it.




The child, who was looking at me, widened her eyes as if she was surprised when Tristan pointed at her. 


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