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“Lady Linsy, Lady Linsy has disappeared.”


Tristan comforted the gasping granddaughter with a familiar hug. And when he heard the whole story, he opened his eyes wide.


“…What? What did… that kid do?”


Tristan’s voice trembled slightly with anger. Did she surprise the Lady in the wolf form? No matter how immature she is—. This was the same as insulting and ignoring the Yeckhart family.


Tristan immediately suppressed his desire to ask the Elijah family and put Ancia down. 


“Let’s find the Lady first. Let the servants know. Grandpa will tell Lord Kendrick first before coming.”


Ancia nodded her head once, then twice, and then ran straight away. Ancia first informed the butler, Ethan.


“Yes? The Lady?”


“Ung, we need to find Lady Linsy quickly.”


“How did that happen… did you happen to see where she flew?”


“She went near the mansion. After that…”


“I understand. First, I will tell them to search the mansion thoroughly.”


The atmosphere at the banquet quickly became a mess. At first, the noble thought it was just a mistake by the “immature bird clan lady,” but then they realized that the situation was very serious.


Only Evelyn and her friends were relaxed.


All of the servants began to search the inside of Yeckhart’s mansion.




“Lady—! Where are you!”


“Please answer me if you hear me! Lady!”


Linsy’s bird form was so small that they had to find her before she got hurt somewhere. Fortunately, the banquet started at 2 pm, so it was still daytime. 


The servants looked everywhere, even behind the sofa and in Linsy and Arsene’s rooms. 


However, Linsy’s figure was nowhere to be found.


“How could this happen….”


The servants were looking for Linsy with blank looks on their faces as they ran around. Betty, Chloe, Ethan, Rodri, and even Chef Akim and the stablekeeper are searching for Linsy. 


All of Yeckhart’s servants knew that Linsy was easily frightened. That’s why they’re not sure if she’s crying alone—.


All of the servants searched for Linsy with worried faces. 


And then—.


Arsene, who was resting in bed, also discovered that Linsy had disappeared.




Arsene jumped up with an annoyed expression on his face. 


“Linsy was surprised and flew away?”


“Yeah… but we’ll find her right away and bring it to you… Oh my, Young Master!”


Arsene jumped out of his place before the maid finished speaking. Then, he quietly looked in each place he’d been with Linsy. Nevertheless, he couldn’t find Linsy’s figure. 


Arsene’s face was stained with bewilderment. 


“Linsy, Linsy! Hey! Answer me!”


Arsene walked around the mansion with the servants and called Linsy’s name anxiously.




“Explain exactly what this is about.”


Kendrick asked with a cold face as he looked at the busy servants. Next to him, Tristan stood politely with his head down. The servants who faced Kendrick’s face, who seemed to be firmly angry, lowered their heads.




“Linsy is disappeared? Also… who surprised her?”




Kendrick laughed. 


The servants all held their breath under the terrible pressure.


“What are you doing, find her now. And… bring the kid who surprised Linsy.”


Kendrick said. 


“I will ask for responsibility.”




After it calms down a little, I look around. The place where I ran away was pitch black with no light. I didn’t know because I was so busy hiding, and it seemed to be a warehouse where things were stored, not a room.


It was dark, so I couldn’t see clearly, but there were piles of boxes containing all sorts of things. 


I frowned.


‘Let’s quickly get out of here.’


I didn’t want to be in the dark for long. So then I jumped in place.




With the familiar sound, the transformation was released, and the field of view increased. 


Then I ran quickly to the door and grabbed the doorknob with my hand. However—.




The door didn’t open. I grabbed the doorknob and shook it, but the tightly closed door didn’t open.




The fact that I was stuck alone in a dark warehouse suddenly came close to me. I felt as if the darkness was creeping up my body from the tip of my toes. 


Bang, bang—!


“H, hey! Please get me out of here! Hello!”


I knocked hard on the door. I hit and screamed desperately at the door as if I was being chased by darkness. 


“Please help me! Get me out! I hate it!!”


Tears welled up.


I suddenly felt like I was being chased by a wolf with its mouth wide open as if it was about to eat me. 


“Please get me out of here!”


A dark place. 


When I’m in a dark and narrow place, I feel like I’m burning—.


“Save me!”


It wasn’t even a fire, but I felt like my breath was filled with acrid smoke. Whether it was the smoke or the tears, my vision quickly spread.


Bang bang—!


I knocked on the door as hard as I could, but the door showed no sign of opening. The flesh of the hand that hit the door was peeled, and it was bitter and painful.


I jumped in place.




Light smoke rose, and it turned me into a bird form again.


‘Ceiling, is there any place to go out on the ceiling?’


At least the ventilation.


I quickly flew up to the ceiling and searched for a way out. But not a single place was seen. Not even one. I couldn’t stop my tears from coming out.


I sat down in front of the door, covered myself as much as I could with my wings, laid down on my stomach, and cried. 


And at that moment—.


My eyes were darkened.






Arsene looked in all the places Linsy could have gone. 


His own room, Linsy’s room. The garden she used to play in. Into the bushes.


But Linsy was nowhere to be found.


“Linsy, where are you?” 


At the same time, he was worried that she had bumped into something and got hurt.  Linsy was his one and only friend. And at the same time, she was Arsene’s best teacher and doctor—.


…She was a precious person. 


He couldn’t think clearly because his mind was full of worries about Linsy. Arsene ran around frantically looking for Linsy. To the point that he seems like a totally different person than the one who was just lying in bed exhausted.


But he couldn’t find Linsy anywhere, so he lost his energy again.


Arsene stood blankly in his seat. And he looked at the servants who were busily moving to find Linsy. 




He looked at the other nobles who were looking at this side like it was none of their business. He was angry and couldn’t stand it.


‘How could you….’


How could you do this? 


There were a few rules that must be followed in a society of beasts.


The first one is don’t threaten or bully a weaker clan than you.


No, it was an ambiguous sentence  even to call it a rule. Because it was a natural thing to do, even a four-year-old child knew they shouldn’t bully a clan weaker than them.


However— Arsene clenched his fists. The blue eyes turned coldly.


And that moment.




A black glow rose from Arsene’s fingertips and wrapped around Arsene’s hand. It was faint, but it was definitely light.


Arsene looks down at his hand. 




The power of Yeckhart. 


Mr. Hern said that it was due to Arsene’s unstable physical condition. So when everything gets better, he will also naturally manifest his powers. 


That’s why he forgot. As Arsene wriggled his fingers, the clump of light shook wildly along Arsene’s touch.


Arsene’s ability was unstable because it had just emerged. The evidence was that the light stream couldn’t be in one place and continued to spread. 


Furthermore, Arsene had never been taught how to use this ability. Even though no one spoke directly to Arsene—.


‘I know.’


The fact that Arsene is so weak that they doubt he will be able to manifest his powers. 


Arsene clenched and opened his fists lightly. And—.


“Find Linsy.” 


He whispered as if he were asking the ability who had just emerged. He didn’t know how to use this power, so he couldn’t help it.




A faint ray of light flickering from Arsene’s fingertips quickly spread out in all directions.


The raindrops that stretched out swallowed the shadows of the trees and the benches. And—.


The gathered shadows moved for a while, then took on the shape of a small wolf. The shadows gathered in the wolf’s form jumped out of Arsene’s fingertips instantly. Arsene quickly ran after the shadow he had created.


Seeing Arsene running after the shadow, the servants widened their eyes.


But now, it didn’t matter.


The shadow, who had been running for a long time, thought about a bit of trouble in the mansion and then disappeared into the basement.


The problem was next.


It was dark inside the basement, and the shadows kept getting blurry. Besides, Yeckhart’s basement was like a maze, so it was easy to get lost. 


Arsene took a step forward, his gaze fixed on the blazing fire and the shadow that appeared near it.




The shadow stood at the door.


Arsene immediately pulled the doorknob and shouted.




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