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But there was something strange.


‘How did she get into that warehouse?’


There was more unused space than used space in Yeckhart’s basement. 


The same was true of the warehouse.


‘It’s definitely a place I don’t use.’


The warehouses located deep in the basement were inconvenient to move around and ordered to be locked.


After all, there are many other warehouses, so there will be no need to use such a deep place. Therefore, there was no way that the servants would leave it open while preparing for the banquet. 


They probably lock up the warehouses and move everything they need, so all that’s left is a bunch of junk.


But how did Linsy get in?


There were no ventilation holes in the warehouses in the basement, so she could only enter through the door.


Then, did the door open? But how? No matter what he thinks about it, it’s strange.


Moreover, when Kendrick and Arsene arrived, the door was locked. 


So who locked her up?


Kendrick’s eyebrows wrinkled badly as he thought about it.


It’s something he couldn’t understand. In addition,


‘I couldn’t use my ability properly.’


Yeckhart’s power is shadow.


In other words, every dark place where shadows can move freely is in Kendrick’s hands. 


However, the search for Linsy took longer than expected.


If it had been in the basement, it should have been discovered the moment he used his ability to scan the entire mansion. 


Because there’s no better place to use Kendrick’s powers than the dark basement. 


‘But I couldn’t find it.’


It’s not that Kendrick’s abilities didn’t reach the warehouse where Linsy was. 


For some reason, it was correct to say that the warehouse where Linsy was locked up was temporarily hidden. 


Kendrick tapped his knee with his finger.


And then he remembered Linsy, who was exhausted and collapsed in front of the door. 


‘If only I was a little late.’


It could have been a real big deal. It’s fortunate that he and Arsene quickly found her—.






Kendrick squinted his eyes.


How did Arsene find Linsy?


Linsy was trapped in a deep warehouse basement that hadn’t been used for a long time.


Yeckhart’s basement was deep and wide, and it was a maze, so servants frequently got lost. 


But how did he find the room where Linsy was locked up in that deep, wide, dark basement? 


Kendrick’s mouth smiled after thinking that far.


‘It has manifested.’


Kendrick slowly got up.




“I think she collapsed because of stress. Her ability is unstable.” 


Hern said while looking at Linsy with a worried look.


The little baby bird was lying on a huge pillow and breathing heavily. 


Hern’s eyes can see the shaking ability inside Linsy’s tiny body. 


Light green ability. 


Her ability, which had always warmly wrapped around Linsy, moved as if it was about to swallow Linsy.


‘It’s a little strange to say it’s just because she’s surprised….’


The flow of her ability was not normal.


So, it was as if something had forced the power to be locked in Linsy’s body. 


Then, Arsene looked up at Hern and asked.


“Then when does she wake up?”


“Yes? I don’t know—. She doesn’t have any health problems, so we’ll just have to wait and see.” 


Hern narrowed his forehead and looked at Linsy, who was sleeping as if dead.


“…It’s not like she’s not going to wake up, right?”


Arsene asked carefully.


The hair, which had been neatly styled for the banquet, was already a mess. 


Hern smiled as if not to worry. 


“Don’t worry, she’ll be up soon.  I have to go now. Young Master, please go and rest. You can fall…Huh?” 


Hern, who was talking casually while organizing his bag, widened his eyes.


His startled gaze met Arsene’s face, and then he climbed down and touched his chest.


“…Young Master?” 




Arsene answered bluntly.


Hern dropped his bag and rubbed his eyes with his sleeve.


‘Is it a dream?’


Until he saw it a while ago, Arsene had not yet been able to manifest his ability.


And—he thought he would never manifest in the future. 


It was because the little pitiful Young Master’s body was empty inside.




What on earth is that power wriggling inside Arsene’s body?


“Have you manifested your powers?”


Hern asked stutteringly.


Inside Arsene’s body, a black power could be seen wriggling. It’s faint and weak, but—. 


It was obviously an ability. 


Arsene opened her mouth small and nodded at Hearn’s question.


“Yes, earlier.”


Arsene stretched out his hand.


Then he saw a flash of black light in his hand.


As if in disbelief, Hern rubbed his eyes once more and looked at Arsene. 






When the door opened, Arsene and Hearn turned to the door at the same time.


On the threshold stood Kendrick.




Kendrick, who called his son’s name leisurely, smiled at the light in Arsene’s hand.


“Lord! The Young Master, the Young Master—!” 


“Did he manifest his ability?”


Hern nodded her head madly.


Is it possible?


No, it was close to impossible.


Because Arsene is truly a child with only his life on the line.


A pitiful master who bears the ancient curse with his whole body. He thought, at best, that all he had to do was survive.


Then, Kendrick strode over and held Arsene in a flash.


“When did it appear?”


“…A while ago, when I was looking for Linsy….” 


Arsene replied hesitantly.


The black light on Arsene’s hand moved and gathered together. 


“Because I think I want to find Linsy….” 


As soon as Arsene finished speaking, the black light gathered together and took on the form of a wolf again. 


The shadow, who had turned into a small wolf, naturally left Arsene’s hand and went to sit next to Linsy, who was lying there, waving its tail.


“So, that’s what it looks like.”


Kendrick stared at him silently.


Hern and Kendrick exchanged meaningful glances for a moment.


But they didn’t show it in front of Arsene.


“Well done, Arsene. Now go and rest.”


“No, I want to stay with Linsy.”


“I need to give Linsy some time to rest. Don’t worry, she’ll get up soon, so go and rest.”


When Kendrick ordered Chloe to come in, not long after, Chloe knocked on the door.


“Young Master, let’s go now, say hello to the Lady.”


Arsene, who had kept his mouth shut as if he was annoyed, soon approached Linsy.


Then he stared at the sleeping baby bird and whispered.


“You have to get up quickly.”


Arsene looked at Linsy, who had been lying there for a long time, and then he moved on with a shaky step.


Then at that time,


Linsy’s tail moved slightly.




There was darkness all around.


I was squatting and sobbing.


When I closed my eyes, I was under the illusion that the flames were swallowing me, and when I opened my eyes, I saw a vision of the burning flames approaching.


All I could do was hug myself with wings and cry helplessly.


‘I don’t want to die again….’


Being left alone, then being rejected again, and getting killed. 


Tears streamed down my face and covered my face. 


‘Red feather is a symbol of the curse.’


‘You’re my daughter, you’re a disgrace to Raniero. Linsy.’


My father’s words kept ringing in my ears.


I shook my head from side to side to shake it off, but it was useless.


‘Curse feather.’


If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t have been hated by my father. 


As soon as I thought of that, the surroundings suddenly became bright.


And— my figure floated in the air as if everywhere had turned into a mirror.


‘What is this?’


The moment I touch another side of myself.




My hair, which was a fine wheat color, was dyed red in an instant. 


I stepped back in surprise, but it was a vain attempt.


‘They’ followed me tenaciously and stared at me.


It’s me with red hair. 


Then, the people of Yeckhart who had been kind to me came to mind in an instant.


Will they all turn their backs on me if they find out I have red hair?


Like Raniero—.


My fingertips trembled. 


“I, I don’t want to….” 




[You look worried, my baby]


An unfamiliar voice came from somewhere. At the same time, all the illusions in front of me disappeared.


I looked around at the empty space.


“W, who are you…?” 


[Baby, baby. Something peculiar has choked your neck. Poor thing.]


It was an unfamiliar and familiar voice at the same time. 


It was like hearing it for the first time, but it was familiar, as if it were a voice I heard every day.


And that moment—.


A woman in a fluttering transparent veil appeared in front of me. 


An incredibly bright light was pouring out from behind her so that I couldn’t see her face properly. 


I was dazzled and narrowed my eyes.


Then she reached out to me with a big hand. 


Without stepping back, I blankly stared at the giant fingertips. 


Then her fingertips touch me. 


[It won’t hurt anymore. But, baby, remember… your feathers are not a curse. I love you…] 


With those words, the light that surrounded me quickly faded away. The figure that was talking to me was no longer visible. Soon after, I felt like I was falling endlessly somewhere.


And not long after.




I opened my eyes.


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  1. I think Linsy is a pheonix. If she is then it explains how she was revived again because the trait of a pheonix we all know is they die by burning and from their ashes they rose again.