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Betty happily called me when she saw me without bird form. 


I rubbed my sleepy eyes, sat on the bed, and greeted Betty.


“Ung, Betty…good morning.” 


“Lady! Do you know how worried I was? When I heard that the Lady was surprised and flew away, I was really—” 


Tears welled up in Betty’s eyes as she said that.


I was so embarrassed that I squeezed Betty’s waist and puffed her cheeks.


“Betty, Betty, are you crying? I’m sorry….” 


“No, it’s not something you should be sorry about. It’s Miss Evelyn’s fault. How can she surprise you by changing into a wolf when she knows you belong to the bird clan?”


Betty nodded and continued.


‘I’m a new clan, so I was surprised by the wolf form….’


But I decided to put up with it because I thought Betty would be angry if I said that.


“Lady, I’m so glad. I’ll bring Mr Hern. How worried he was that you wouldn’t wake up—” 


“Ung, please do it.” 


“And is it okay if I bring Young Master Arsene along too? When he hears that the Lady is up, he want to come straight away.”


“Of course, please bring Arsene too.” 


I nodded, and Betty left the room. And not long after—.




The door swung open, and Arsene, with a disheveled appearance, entered.


Arsene’s eyes were swollen as if he had just woken up.




I stopped screaming at Arsene, who suddenly jumped into bed.


“You surprised me, you stupid!”


“Linsy, you…are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” 


Arsene looked closely at my condition with his sleepy eyes wide open.


I put my hand on Arsene’s curly gray hair.


“Of course, there’s no pain. Were you worried?”


“…I didn’t worry. No, it’s not that I didn’t do it. It’s a little….” 


Arsene lowered his eyes and lowered his voice.


“I did a little.”


“Ung, thank you. That’s right, Arsene. You say you have something to tell me?”


I recalled a story I had heard from Kendrick last night and spoke up.


“It would be better for Arsene to talk about this in person. Hear it from Arsene tomorrow.”


Arsene listened to me and blinked as if thinking for a moment.


“Something to tell—? Ah.” 


Then, as if he had just remembered, he opened his mouth slightly.


“Look at this, Linsy.”


Arsene opens his palm.


I stared intently at Arsene’s tiny palm.


“Look carefully.”


As soon as Arsene finished speaking, a black light rose from the small palm of his hand and gathered together. 


I looked at it and asked with my eyes wide open.


“What’s this? Did you manifest your ability?” 


“Ung, when you’re fainting.”


Arsene continued, shrugging.


“Look, I can do this, too.”


As soon as Arsene finished speaking, the black light that had been gathered together took the form of a wolf.


I let out a low exclamation.


“Wow, you can do this, too?”


The black shadow, which had gathered in the form of a wolf, came up to me and rubbed its head at me. 


“Whoa, whoa, are you using your ability?”


“Do you mean controlling it?” 


“Ung? Ung. Ah, is it normal? It’s your ability, so you must be controlling it.”


I stroked the head of the shadow wolf that was rubbing against me.


It was small and more like a dog than a wolf. The shadow wolf wiggled its tail every time I stroked its head.


“No, it just moving by itself.”




I stopped stroking it with my hand and raised my head to look at Arsene. 


“Its moving alone?” 


“Uh, it’s just… I’m just calling out.”


Arsene murmured, blushing.


I looked at Arsene once and alternately at the shadow wolf — made by Arsene’s ability— acting cute to me.


“But it’s impossible…? How can this ability be used alone? That’s— that can’t be happening.”


According to Arsene, that shadow wolf was moving against Arsene’s will. 


It also meant that the shadow wolf, created by Arsene’s powers, had an ego.


‘Isn’t it dangerous?’


I can’t believe ability can have an ego. 


Still, Arsene was weak.


I clasped Arsene’s hand and spoke in a rather serious tone.


“Arsene, stop using your ability.”




“Send it back. Get rid of it.”


The shadow wolf who heard me drooped its tail. The ears that were standing upright also drooped.


I almost felt a little weak at the sight, but—.


“Get rid of it, quickly.”




Arsene obediently gets rid of the shadow wolf.


Then Arsene gestured to the air once, and the shadow wolf shattered and melted into the surrounding shadows.


“What do you say to Kendrick-nim?”


“Dad hasn’t said anything yet.”


Arsene said quietly.


“That’s right….” 


I stared at Arsene’s clean face for a long time.


If Kendrick didn’t say anything, is that okay?


However, it was the first time since I was born that something made with ability moves with an ego.


No ability could be used in that way.




“Lady, are you awake?” 


The door opened, and Mr. Hern entered the room.


“I’m glad you woke up early. Do you feel any pain anywhere?”


Hern touched my forehead familiarly.


I nodded.


“Yees, I don’t have.” 


“That’s a relief. I was so surprised… Please sit down. Let me check your condition.”


Hern looked over my body meticulously.


I quietly entrust my body to Hern’s hand.


“Fortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any major problems…your ability is also stable. That’s a relief. Now get some rest. Young Master, let the Lady rest—” 


“I’m not going out.”


“No, Young Master has to be out so that the Lady—” 


“I told you I’m not going out.”


Arsene cut Hern’s words twice with an angry expression.


He seemed very surprised that I had suddenly disappeared.


I stroked Arsene’s hair.


“Uhm, I want to stay with Arsene. Ah, and… Betty!” 


When I shouted, Betty, who was outside the door, opened the door and came into the room.


“Did you call me?”


“I want to see Glene.”


Yesterday Glene left me with only important stories.


Without having time to grab or ask anything else.


Of course, I’ve told Kendrick about Glene, so he’ll find out.


‘I’ll need Glene’s permission to look at her body again….’


Glene may not show her body to Kendrick.


However, I want to ask questions if she doesn’t refuse.


‘But she can’t speak because of the prohibition— I’ll check if she can answer with a nod.’


Looking up at Betty, Betty answered with a light smile.


“Yeah, I’ll get her right away. Lady.”


Betty left the room, saying she was going to call Glene.


After Mr. Hern left, I lay with Arsene on the bed and turned my head to look at Arsene.


“Tell me more about the moment your ability manifest.” 


“There’s nothing much…it just happened.” 


“It just happened?” 


Arsene seemed to ponder for a moment, and then he opened his mouth.


“Just…it suddenly appeared while looking for you. I don’t know either.”


Arsene suddenly blushed in embarrassment.


“Yes? Why don’t you know, Arsene~.”


I clung to Arsene’s back and tickled Arsene’s stomach.


“Because I don’t know! It suddenly appeared—” 


“Anyway, congratulations, Arsene! As expected from Yeckhart’s successor! I will work hard and make you completely healed!”


“…You don’t have to push yourself too hard.”


Arsene grumbled.


At that moment, Chloe, who was standing next to him, smiled and opened her mouth.


“Why don’t we ask Kendrick to throw a little party? As a commemoration of the Young Master’s ability that manifest.” 




“Yeah, that kind of party with cakes and lots of cookies and muffins. Lady, because you didn’t eat much at the banquet.” 


“Ung, right. I couldn’t eat much….” 




I grabbed Arsene’s arm tightly with excitement.


“Party…I won’t do it if there’s a lot of strangers coming again like this time.”


Arsene said firmly.


Chloe smiled and waved her hand.


“It’s a small, small party inside the mansion. Only the Lady and the Young Master. Or, if you have someone you want to invite, you can invite them. If you want to, I’ll ask Kendrick.”


My eyes twinkled with anticipation.


‘It’s a small party.’


There must be some delicious desserts like a banquet.


The banquet had a huge variety of desserts, but I only ate one cookie and orange juice.


While the wolves have been watching me—.


“Okay then, let’s have a party.”


Arsene said softly.


“I want to party too.”


“Then I’ll ask Kendrick-nim. He’ll probably say yes.”


And at that time.




Betty hurriedly ran into the room with a surprised expression on her face.


“Betty…? What happened?” 


I jumped out of bed, looked at Betty, and asked.


Arsene also had his eyes wide open as if something was wrong.


“Glene is disappeared.” 


Betty said as if she was bewildered.


“…Who is disappeared?” 


“When I went in the morning, they said she wasn’t there. She left all the clothes…It is said that only one flower was on top of it.”


Betty handed me a flower.




Not long ago, when I met Glene on the flowerbed, it was the flower she was taking care of.


I took a flower from Betty in a daze.


“And the other maid said…Glene came to visit at night and she said something.”


“What did she say?”


“Don’t get sick, she asked her to tell you that she hopes to see you again soon. She heard it in her sleep, so she didn’t know that Glene would disappear—” 


I stuttered as I stared at Betty, bewildered.


“It’s impossible for Glene to disappear…she talks to me at night…ah.” 


Then she talked to me and left the mansion right away?


But why? Because my prohibition is lifted? Or is it because I found out about Glene’s prohibition?


I couldn’t figure out why Glene had left the mansion.


I thought she might like it since I had lifted my prohibition.




I only realized yesterday that Glene was standing right in front of my room.


‘Then maybe…’


Did she come to say goodbye?

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