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“I’ll put it here, miss, so you can see the flowers for a long time.”


Betty put the flowers Glene had left behind in a pretty vase.


“Ung, thank you.”


I stared intently at the transparent vase placed on a sunny spot.


‘Why did you leave the flowers behind?’


Is it to say goodbye?


I thought about it for a long time but couldn’t find the answer.


I went to the servants’ accommodation where Glene stayed with Arsene just in case, but—.


“She was suddenly gone, and she was definitely there until last night—” 


“I see…Thanks for letting me know!”


The maids were already cleaning the place where Glene was staying.


‘I couldn’t even say goodbye.’


If I had known that it would be the last time I saw her last night, I would have said goodbye to her. 


I chewed on the tuna sandwich and thought about it.


Arsene was next to me, picking out the cucumbers in the sandwich.


“That’s right, the Lord is not at the mansion today.”




“You say Kendrick-nim isn’t here?”


Arsene and I both stopped eating our sandwiches and looked at Chloe.


“Yes, he said he would be away from the mansion for a while because he had work. Young master, don’t pick out cucumbers and eat them.”


Arsene trembled at Betty’s words.


I took another bite of the sandwich while listening to Betty.


‘Is he going to find out about prohibition?’


When I told him yesterday, he said that he would investigate separately, so there was a high probability of that.


“Then, when will he come back?” 


“Maybe he will be back tomorrow? I don’t know, too. Actually, before the Lady came, the Lord was often absent. At that time, he was away for two or three days, but not these days—so I’m not sure.” 


“Ung, I see….” 


“Right, Lady. Elijah Young Lady sent a letter saying she wanted to apologize—what should we do?” 


Betty looked me in the eye and said. 


“Elijah? Do you mean Evelyn Elijah?”


At that time, Arsene secretly threw a pile of cucumbers on the floor and said.


“Why does she ask something like that? What do you mean by an apology? Tell her not to come forever.”




“Hey, you fool. Do you want an apology? What trouble did she cause for you?” 


Arsene snapped.


“Young Master, please don’t pick cucumbers. And, Lady, if you don’t want to receive an apology, please feel free to tell me. Lady’s mind is the most important thing.”


I swallowed my saliva.


‘I should…accept the apology, right?’


However, when I think of Evelyn, I keep thinking of that child’s beast form. 


The black wolf who showed its teeth and threatened me.


I trembled. 


“As expected, I shouldn’t accept it, so tell her I’m done with the apology. Because I don’t want to see her.”


Then Betty laughed softly.


“Yes, I’ll tell her so.”


I gripped the hem of the friendly Betty’s skirt.


Then Betty smiled and took my hand.


“Why? Do you have any discomfort?”


“No, it’s not—” 


She was no longer afraid of Yeckhart’s servants, as well as Betty, Arsene, Kendrick and Ethan.




‘It might be a little scary if they turn into a wolf.’


Yeckhart’s servants had never transformed in front of me.


They know that I am afraid of wolves and take care of me.




‘Then if Betty turns into a wolf, will I be afraid of her?’


Most likely, it was.


Because I was a child who was extremely afraid of big wolves.




‘Strangely, I didn’t think Betty would be scary—’


I grabbed Betty’s hand and looked up at her. 


“You know, Betty. Can you transform later?” 


When they were close friends, asking someone to change into their beast form wasn’t rude. 


But, wondering if Betty would feel uncomfortable, I looked into Betty’s eyes. 


“Y, yes? Beast form? Lady, you are afraid of wolves. It just happened yesterday—” 


“Ung, right, so…I was really surprised to see Evelyn’s wolf form yesterday.”


“But you want me to transform to my beast form, Lady?” 


“But I don’t think Betty’s wolf form will be scary for some reason…If I’m scared, I’ll tell you right away. Then you can release the wolf form. Can you?”


I looked up at Betty with eager eyes.


Betty pondered for a moment as if she didn’t know what to do.


“Then if you’re scared, you have to tell me right away, okay—?” 


“U, ung, I understand!” 


I nodded vigorously.


Betty let out a sigh.


* * *


“Lady, should I come out?”


“Ung, I told you to come out.”


Arsene and I sat next to each other on the bed while we waited for Betty’s wolf form to appear.


Betty said from behind the screen.


“Really… I’ll do it for you because you want to see it… But if you’re scared, you have to tell me right away, okay? Make sure to do it?” 


“Okay. Don’t worry, Betty.”


“…Can you not fly?” 


“I know, how many have I told you.” 


“Right, you shouldn’t fly. It’s really hard to find you.”


Arsene, who had been listening to our conversation, grunted in.


“Phew… Then wait a second.” 


As soon as Betty finished speaking, from behind the screen, there was a sound Pong!


Soon after, brown smoke rose into the air and spread out. 


Betty didn’t come out right away and seemed to be simmering.


I grabbed Arsene’s hand and wiggled my leg as I waited for Betty.


Soon after, the screen was lifted, and a giant wolf appeared.


A wolf with curly brown fur stared at me.


And then she sighed.


I squeezed Arsene’s hand.


‘I think…it’s not as scary as I thought?’


I stared at Betty for a long time, then swallowed my saliva. 




“Lady~! Wait!”


Chloe swung the giant brown wolf into the screen.






There was a sound of something breaking, and soon Betty reappeared.


There was a large crown on Betty’s head.


And there were pretty ribbons and flowers wrapped around her neck.


Chloe and the other maids appeared behind the screen.


“How do you like it, Lady? You’re a little less scared, right?”


“If you’re still scared, I’ll hang more flowers!”


The giant wolf stared at the maids with flowers on her body, and then turned to me. 




Smiling, she pulled the corners of her mouth and tried to smile.


“Uhm… I think it’s okay. Is it because it’s Betty?”


I put my hand carefully on my chest.


Of course, my heart was still pounding,


It wasn’t at a level enough to run away from it, like when I met Evelyn. 


‘All right, let’s adjust like this.’


There were a lot of people in the wolf family who looked down on me.


I could tell just by looking at the banquet yesterday.


I mean, there are a lot of people who don’t like me.


So maybe the same thing as yesterday will happen again. 


At that time, I couldn’t escape in a panic.


I swallowed my saliva.


“Good, I think it’s okay. Betty, thank you for doing me a favor.”


As soon as I finished speaking, the giant wolf slowly rose.






A cloud of brown smoke rose, and Betty appeared from the middle with a bunch of flowers hanging on her head.


“Don’t mention it, Lady. I’m glad you’re okay.”


“Ung. I want to practice not to be afraid of wolves.”


Arsene turned his head and looked at me at my words.


“Why do you practice like that?”


“Because nothing like yesterday should happen. What if I faint because I’m surprised again?”


“Ah… well, then we can make it impossible for them to transform into wolf form in front of you.” 


Arsene said as if it was not a big deal.


‘That’s…a dangerous statement right?’


I blinked and looked at Arsene still.


Is it just a feeling that Arsene reminds me of a tyrant?


I tapped Arsene on the arm.


“You can’t stop transformation… Of course, they shouldn’t do it on purpose like yesterday, but I don’t know what’s going to happen with people.”


“Why? I’ll stop them from doing it.”


Arsene jumped up. 


“Okay, fool. I’ll just get used to it.”


I talked to Arsene with my eyes glaring.


“Uhm… Then, should I change to my beast form once a day?”


Betty asked, rearranging her skirt.


“I don’t think you’re scared of me, so I’ll transform for you.”


“Really? Thank you, Betty!”


“It’s not a difficult job. But you have to promise me one thing. You will make sure to tell me if you’re scared, okay?”


“Ung, I will!”


When I laughed, Betty smiled after me.




Knock, knock. 


Someone knocked on the door.


“Come in~”


As soon as we were finished, Betty opened the door.


Outside the door stood an apprentice maid.


“Lady, you have a guest.”




“Yes, Sir Aiden is here.”


“Sir Aiden?”


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