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“Ah… right.” 


Ancia nodded her head slowly as if she had just realized it.


Recently, a banquet was held to introduce Arsene as the successor.


So, until then, she seemed to know that he couldn’t be in such a public position because he couldn’t be treated as an official successor.


‘Well, even if it’s not for that reason.’


Arsene was weak, so Kendrick probably wouldn’t have taken him.


I put the cookie into Arsene’s mouth, who was depressed.


“Can we go this time? We also held a banquet…And above all else, I am there, Arsene.”


I triumphantly stretched my chest and pointed my thumb at me.


“I will take good care of you. So maybe this time we can go?”


“Ung, let’s ask Dad when he comes.”


“Yes, yes. When Kendrick-nim gets back, let’s ask him.”


Arsene nodded.


Ancia, who was carefully sipping the juice, opened her mouth while looking around.


“Actually, this is my first festival, too.”


“Ancia has never been there, too?” 


Ancia nodded her head shyly.


“Yeah, I was young and my grandfather said not until I was eight. And I just turned eight this year.”




Ancia laughed, pointing her finger.


“My nanny said that but when I go to a festival, there is a lot of delicious food on the street, and there are fireworks at night.  I heard there’s an apple covered with caramel—what else is there? Anyway, so I’m going to go get a dress for the festival next week!”


“Whoa, that’s amazing. Arsene, don’t you think so?” 


“Yes, I want to go to the festival and eat an apple covered with caramel.”


“If you ask Akim to make that apple, maybe he will do it for you—?” 


Arsene rolled his eyes.


“Linsy, it’s something I want to eat at the festival. Do you understand?”


“Ung, okay.” 


Ancia talked about the festival with an exciting face for a long time since then.


Arsene and I listened to Ancia’s story with glittering eyes.


Because only Gale talked about festivals in Raniero, and there were times when Gale didn’t even talk about festivals at all.


‘And Arsene…’


Perhaps no one has talked about the festival in the meantime because they don’t want to torture this little boy with hope.


After the conversation, Ancia got up and said she would go now. 


“Today was so much fun! Can I invite you to our mansion next time?”


“Ung, I forgot to ask that. If Kendrick-nim comes, I’ll ask him about it too.”


“Then I will leave. Linsy, Arsene! See you next time!”


I saw Ancia off with Arsene.


Ancia got in her carriage and quickly left the Yeckhart mansion.


* * *


Kendrick didn’t return to the mansion for three days.


‘What happened?’


When I asked the servants about Kendrick’s whereabouts, they only replied that they didn’t know. 


In the meantime, Betty helped me adapt to the appearance of a wolf by transforming into it every day and decorating it beautifully. 


I’m pretty much used to Betty now, and I can even touch her fluffy fur.


“It’s really soft—. It’s completely different from a bird feather!”


I said, stroking Betty’s soft brown fur carefully.


A huge, gentle brown wolf gently wags her tail.


Of course, I was still a little scared, so I had to stroke her twice and rest once.


‘Still, I’ve made great progress!’


This was a really big improvement.


Considering that I was shaking and fainted just by looking at the wolf’s eyes.


Of course, if I still see other wolves besides Betty, I likely to tremble and faint, but—.


Still, this was satisfactory.


Betty allowed me to pat her tail for a while, then release her wolf form. 


“I’m glad that you seem to have adapted a lot. Whoo.” 


“Ung, it’s thanks to Betty. thank you!”


“Don’t mention it, Lady.”


Betty put a flower on my head that she wore when she looked like a wolf. 


I laughed, hehe, fiddling with the flowers in my hair.


At that time.




Ethan knocked lightly and then opened the door and bowed his head.


“The Lord is returning this afternoon. He also wanted me to express his apologies for being late.”




“Yes, I thought you were waiting, so I told you.”


Ethan laughed.


I nodded my head over and over again.


I have a lot of things to ask Kendrick when he returns.


‘I have to ask about Hector, I have to ask about the festival… I should also ask if I can go to Ancia’s tea party… And…’


I put my fingers in my head to sort it out in my head, then shut my mouth tightly.


‘As for Arsene’s powers.’


Arsene’s powers seemed to grow in size with each passing day.


It was originally in the form of a wolf the size of a very small puppy.


Now it has become a wolf the size of a little puppy.


‘Although it’s only small difference.’


It’s definitely bigger.


In addition, there were times when it went against Arsene’s will. 


It is as if there is really an ego. I was confused about all of this.


‘In my previous life, I had never heard of Arsene having this ability.’


Maybe it was only natural since Schville took Arsene’s vitality day by day. 


Anyway, everything was different from my previous life. So, if Arsene’s ability is an ominous sign—.


I should be prepared.


With the return of the prohibition, we can’t assume that the worst won’t happen. 


Hmm, after contemplating, I spread my palms out.






When I used this ability, a green sphere floated in the air.


‘I must release this ability once.’


Mr. Hern and Kendrick had spoken to me together.


‘The size of the bowl is small compared to the amount of power you were born with, so it overflows. You have to keep releasing it so it doesn’t overflow.’ 


It’s the same as my previous life.


One’s own power can be felt best by oneself.


To be sure, I had strong abilities in my previous life, but not to this extent.


‘But why did this happen—’


As I recalled my previous life, Schville and Adele suddenly came to mind at the same time.


I hope Adele is doing well.


The reason Adele was hated in my previous life was because of me, so now that I am gone, there will be no reason for Adele to be hated.


Because she was a reputable maid among the servants.


‘And Scvhille…’


Scvhille’s ability was really dangerous.


She has the ability to take away people’s vitality.


However, the entire Raniero family may be suspected if it is revealed to the public.


In the worst-case scenario, they might destroy the whole family.


So my father kept Schville’s abilities a secret.






‘Sister Linsy, look at this!’


Schville was only five years old.


It’s not her fault she was born with that power.


Still, it’s a relief. 


‘Because my father is afraid of Schville’s ability—’


Schville was too young to control her emotions. 


So, of course, when Schville’s emotions run wild, her terrifying abilities will also run rampant.


And although my father terribly despised  Schville, he didn’t treat her as an invisible person like he did to me in my previous life. 


‘So it’ll be fine….’


After trying to rationalize myself, I erased both of them from my mind.


And not long after that, Kendrick arrived at the mansion.


* * *


The Yeckhart’s servants lined up to greet the Lord.


Arsene and I went out to meet Kendrick as well.


Kendrick smiled slowly and walked over to Arsene and me.


“How have you been?”


“Of course, I’ve been well!”


“Dad, why are you coming now? You said you would come soon.”


Arsene said bluntly.


Kendrick gently pinched Arsene’s cheek.


“I have an urgent business to take care of. I also visited the territory of the lion clan. I’ve been to Tamal for a while. That, handle it carefully. If it falls down, it’ll cause a lot of trouble.”


Kendrick said to the attendant carrying his luggage.


Hearing his words, the servant’s steps became more cautious.


“What did you buy? Gift?”


“There are gifts, too. You can take a look.”


“Really? Can I take a look?”


“Yes, let’s take a look together.”


Kendrick came out and patted Arsene on the back, and headed for the place where the servant had just disappeared with his luggage.


Everything Kendrick brought was piled up in his study.


“It was given to me by Lamont. Arsene, Linsy. Do you know Lamont Fernando?” 


Arsene and I nodded at the same time.


Lamont Fernando, the head of the Lion Clan.


He was friendly with Yeckhart and was also hostile to Raniero. 


So I heard almost nothing but cursing about Lamont. 


That he’s the head of an ignorant lion family—something like that. 


“Lamont asked me to deliver it. So, Arsene, this is yours.”


Kendrick looked at the pile of presents as if in trouble, then put Arsene on top of it in disbelief. 


“And… oh, here it is.”


Kendrick took out a small box from the pile of luggage.


“Now, Linsy, look at this first.”


Kendrick brought me a small red gift box. 


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