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“Just take a nap for a while, we’ll be arriving soon.”


Kendrick said, pointing his chin at the cushion behind me.


The maids packed it for me just in case I was uncomfortable on the way.




I nodded lightly and glanced at Arsene.


Arsene was already sleeping on my side.


I stamped my feet lightly in my seat, careful not to wake Arsene.




Light-green smoke rose in a lump inside the carriage and then dispersed instantly.


I turned into a little bird figure and jumped on the cushion.


“Do you feel comfortable sleeping like that?”


Kendrick asked.




Of course! 


The carriage was wide but not wide enough for two people to lie down and sleep.


‘No, it’s possible, but….’


If I lay down, Arsene might wake up feeling uncomfortable.




‘I think this is more comfortable.’


I worked hard with my beak to tidy up the cotton inside the cushion to make a place for me to sit.






It’s done. 


I sat down like a nest in a cushion and buried my head wide on my back.






Where I buried my head, I could see a little red feather sticking out.


I raised my head in a cold sweat.


Then I made eye contact with Kendrick.


“Is there a problem?”






I flapped my wings wide open to show that there was no problem.


Thanks to this, it became a more unnatural shape.


Fortunately, Kendrick quickly turned his head away from me and looked out the window.


I finally breathed a sigh of relief.




It’s a relief. 


Since the spot of the red feathers was on the inside of my back, he couldn’t see it very clearly unless I spread my feathers.


I carefully covered the red feathers by arranging the feathers on my back that I had scattered to sleep.


‘Because I can’t pull it out here….’


If I pulled it here, there would be no place to dispose of the red feathers.


If Kendrick finds out, I’ll have to confess where the red feathers came from—.


I trembled.


‘I don’t like that.’


So let’s hang in there and pull it at the mansion. 


Instead of sleeping with my head buried in my feather, I chose to lie down on a cushion.


A blurry smile hung around Kendrick’s mouth when I lay down on the cushion and soon disappeared.




“No, go to sleep.”


Kendrick took a neat handkerchief from his pocket and placed it over me like a blanket.


Like the day I first came to the Yeckhart mansion.




I tossed and turned in the handkerchief Kendrick had covered me and soon closed my eyes.




“We’re here. You have to get up, everyone.”


I slowly opened my eyes to the touch that touched me.




“We’re here. Go to sleep in the mansion, Arsene. Arsene?”


Kendrick woke Arsene with a weak shake.


Arsene, who was complaining as if he didn’t want to get up, slowly rose up.


“Linsy, if you’re tired, you can stay that way.”




I shook my head slowly, and soon released the bird form. 


It’s my first time staying in this mansion, so I can’t sleep in this form. 




My hair was a little messy because my hair was pressed down while I was sleeping. Kendrick swept my hair with a clumsy touch.


“If you wake up, let’s go.”




I grabbed Kendrick’s hand and jumped off the carriage. 


Arsene then got out of the carriage and stumbled for a moment. I held Arsene’s arm tightly.


“You have to be careful, fool.”


“Sleepy—it’s because I’m sleepy.”


I quarreled with Arsene and followed Kendrick’s footsteps.


And I looked up at Yeckhart’s mansion.


I couldn’t see it properly because I frowned a little because of the bright sunlight, but—.


‘It’s really huge.’


I could tell one thing.


I thought it was a small mansion because it was rarely used.


It seemed almost as big as Yeckhart’s main mansion.


“It’s so huge….”


As I muttered, Arsene nodded beside me. 


“I know…”


“Right, you said you’ve never been here either.”


Arsene lived only in the mansion until he met me, so it was Arsene’s first time coming to this mansion.


“Ung, it’s my first time seeing it, too…”


Arsene replied in a hazy voice.


From the entrance, the servants were seen standing side by side.


“Welcome, my Lord.”


As Kendrick, Arsene, and I stepped into the mansion, the servants bowed their heads calmly.


“Welcome, my Lord. And Young Master, Lady. I’m honored to meet you. I’m Joshua, the butler of the second mansion.” 


“Ung, hello.”




“Yes, it’s an honor to serve you. We will serve you comfortably during your stay. If you have anything to ask me to do, please feel free to find it.”


Arsene and I replied with a nod.


“Is Ethan coming late?”


“He’ll be there soon. I ordered him to leave right after we left. By the way, the kids look tired, so please show them to their rooms. I have somewhere to go out for a while.”


“Yes, my Lord.”


“Where are you going?”


“I have someone to meet for a while. If you’re resting, I’ll be back right away.”


Kendrick came out and stroked Arsene’s head once and left the mansion.


“This way, Young Master, Lady.”


Joshua personally guided me to a room on the second floor.


“First of all, the Young Master’s room is over here—”


“I want to play together in Linsy’s room….”


Arsene murmured in a sleepy voice. Joshua asked back affectionately.


“In the Lady’s room?”


“Ung, I want to play together in Linsy’s room… Let’s go to Linsy’s room.”


“Yes, let’s stay in my room together.”


Joshua listened carefully to our conversation and opened the door to the next room.


“The Lady’s room is this way. If you have any inconvenience, please feel free to tell me.”


The door opened, and I saw a pretty room plastered with pink.


The soft-looking bed and wallpaper were all pale pink.


The only exceptions were the wool rug underfoot, the bedside table, and the tea table.


“Ung, thank you. The room is so beautiful…!”


“From now on, you’ll stay here at every festival. So the Lord told us to decorate it carefully.”


Joshua smiled and left the room with the words to get some rest.


Arsene and I lay down on a fluffy bed first.


“Uh… I’m sleepy, Arsene.”


“Me too…”


Maybe it was because the sun was warm, but I kept falling asleep because my body was tired.


“Should we sleep like this…?”


“Yeah. Let’s hold hands and sleep.”


I stood up half way up and looked at Arsene with my eyes twinkling.


Arsene blushed and freaked out.


“What? Why? I don’t want to!”


“You don’t even listen to the reason and say you don’t want to.”


I grumbled, grabbed Arsene by the shoulder and said.


“Listen, you know I can’t treat you when your condition gets worse.”




“It’s hard to treat normally— so let’s hold hands and sleep.”


“What does it have to do with holding hands and sleeping?”‘


“Og my, Mr. Hern said before that even if I don’t use my ability, it always flows around my body. That’s why you’re showing improvement even if I don’t treat you properly.”


I stuttered through the story that Mr. Hern told me.


Before leaving the mansion.


“Are you leaving now, Lady? Stay healthy and have a safe trip.”


“Isn’t Mr. Hern also going with us?”


I asked with my eyes wide open.


Mr. Hern replied with an awkward smile.


“I’m not done with the investigation yet. Other doctors will accompany you. And… I have something to tell you.”


“Ung. What is it?”


“These days, the Lady’s ability has stabilized, and the ability is flowing steadily around your body, which is a good sign. It may be because of this that the Young Master has shown signs of improvement even though the Lady hasn’t treated him.”


After saying that, Mr. Hearn asked me to stick with Arsene often.




“…So, you want to sleep with me?”


“Yes, that’s it. Let’s sleep while holding hands. If I tell Kendrick-nim, he’ll give me permission.”


I looked at Arsene. 


Of course, I knew it was rare for boys and girls to sleep in one room.


“We are seven years old.”


Of course, my mind is twelve years old, but—.


Besides, we’re engaged and getting married soon, so wouldn’t that be okay?


Arsene rolled his eyes as if embarrassed by what I said.


“What do you think?”


“…Then, okay.”


I grabbed Arsene’s hand. Then, I naturally remembered the first time I held Arsene’s hand.


‘That time, he was angry and told me not to grab it.’


I laughed for no reason because I felt like we really became close.


‘I hope Arsene gets better soon.’


Then we can do more together.


I opened my eyes wide with surprise at the sudden thought.


Before, I didn’t want to be kicked out, so I thought I wanted to treat Arsene in a hurry—.


After receiving so much undeserved love from Yeckhart, it seemed that my worries about being kicked out had disappeared a bit.


I was satisfied with it and looked at Arsene’s face for a long time with his eyes closed.


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