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Kendrick, who was standing in front of the main staircase, noticed me and turned his head to smile. 




When I saw Kendrick, I spat out exclamations in my head.


‘Kendrick-nim looks cool even without any decoration…’


He showed off his coolness to the fullest, and his handsome appearance stood out even more.


The same goes for Arsene standing next to him.


Arsene wore a navy blue robe with a gold pattern and a ribbon with a light green emerald under his chin.


Today, Arsene’s always-covered hair was neatly brushed over, which made his clean-looking face stand out even more. 




As I stood still, Kendrick called me in wonder.


“Ah, let’s go now!” 


I grabbed the hem of the dress by the hand and dashed toward Kendrick and Arsene.


“Come slowly, you’re going to fall.”


“Yes, I’m sorry.”


“Why are you so late?”


Arsene opened his straight eyes and stared at me. Hehe, I held Arsene’s hand tightly with a smile. 


“I was late to get ready. But Arsene…” 


I lowered my voice, brought my mouth close to Arsene’s ear, and whispered carefully.


“How are you feeling? Sleeping with me, uhm, do you feel refreshed?”



Kendrick allowed Arsene and me to hold hands and sleep together.


So Arsene slept with me in my room last night, holding hands.


Of course, Arsene put a big pillow on his hand, telling me not to come over, but—.


When I woke up in the morning, the pillow had already fallen to the bed floor for a long time, perhaps because of my sleeping habits.


Then Arsene blushed and said annoyedly.


“It’s the same as usual! Don’t talk too close… because I’m surprised…!” 


I giggled and held Arsene’s hand tightly.


Just like when we first arrived at this mansion, servants lined up to see us off.


“Have a good trip, lady.”


Betty said goodbye to me one last time. I nodded eagerly and asked Betty.


“Betty, are you going to the festival too?”


“I won’t go today, but I will look around from the second day. I have friends near the sanctuary.”


Betty said with a smile. I nodded and walked, holding Arsene’s hand.


A larger and more bigger carriage than the first one they rode in stood in front of the mansion. 




The carriage was so big that even four horses pulling it at the same time made it seem overwhelming.


“It’s the carriage my father used to ride. It is a carriage representing Yeckhart, so it is mainly used for festivals.”


Kendrick explained to us in surprise, and lifted Arsene and me into the carriage.


I sat down in the carriage, careful not to wrinkle my dress.


When Kendrick got on, Joshua gently closed the door of the carriage.






The carriage started. The sound of horse hoofs running off the ground was faint. It seemed soundproof.


“Linsy, remember what I said, right?”


Kendrick opened his mouth.


“Yess, don’t use my abilities carelessly, and make sure to tell everyone when I go somewhere— scream immediately if I think it’s dangerous.”


“Actually, the knights will come out before you can scream, but just in case.” 


“Yes, I understand.”


“Arsene, what about you?”


Kendrick glanced at Arsene and nodded his head as if to say something.


“…Stay close to Linsy. And don’t use my ability?” 


“Yeah, both of you remember it very well. I’ll be with you the whole time, but I won’t be able to be with you during the event. There will be Ethan instead.” 




“I know.”


After that, Kendrick narrowed his brows as if he was worried and asked us not to use our ability several more times.


And not long after that, the carriage entered the sanctuary.


“Whoa… look at the people…” 


I opened my mouth wide and looked at the crowd of people in the street with my eyes wide open.


Except for the roads where carriages were passing, everything was full of people.




The carriage was full of people all along the way. Everyone was moving towards the temple, laughing and talking.


“I know a lot of people….”




Arsene’s voice trembled slightly as if he were nervous. I held Arsene’s hand tightly.


The carriage quickly arrived inside the temple. It was still too early for the temple to be opened, so only priests were busily coming and going inside the temple.


“We were the first to arrive.”


Kendrick clicked his tongue. 


He said that he would like to meet the Pope first and asked the priests to guide us.


“Take the children to a place where they can rest for a while. Linsy, Arsene. I’ll be right back.”


The priests took the lead, and six escorts followed Arsene one after another.


The priests arrived in front of the huge room and slowly opened the door made of heavy wood.


Then, small and pretty sofas, large sofas, and small tea tables, as if tailored to children’s size, caught my eye.


As I looked up at the priest, not at the things that might be in the temple, the priest smiled and opened his mouth.


“Lady Linsy from Raniero, Young Master Arsene from Yeckhart. Is this your first time at the event? It is a space prepared in advance in the temple so that successors can rest.”


“I see, it’s amazing….”


“Young Master Cain of the Snake Clan has arrived first, so please talk to him. Then I’ll get going.”


Arsene and I both looked up at the sofa at the same time.


I didn’t know earlier because the sofa head covered it, but a black-haired boy was sitting there.


The priests closed the door and left the room.


The escort knights didn’t follow when we entered the room prepared by the temple. 


Arsene and I walked over and sat down in front of the black-haired boy.


“Excuse me…hello?” 


I swallowed my saliva and said hello.


The boy seemed to be our age, but slow energy flowed from his piercing eyes.


‘As for the snake clan, they said he has the ability to poison.’


That’s why it didn’t go well with Raniero’s ability. I slipped my butt out for no reason. 


“Who are you?”


The boy frowned and asked. Arsene glared at him.


“Arsene Yeckhart, seven years old.”


“I’m Linsy Raniero. I’m seven years old. Hello…?” 


“…Cain Hezeth. Seven years old.”


After the boy introduced himself, he folded his arms as if he didn’t want to talk anymore.


But I kept talking to the boy.


“It’s my first time at a festival, and you? Have you been here many times?”




“….I heard that there are many things to eat when you go to the streets, but is it true? I…” 


“Filthy. It’s street food. You really don’t know the dignity or manners.”


The boy snapped back. I blinked at the way he spoke too maturely for a seven-year-old.


“This is why my father told me not to interact with other clans….” 


Then, the door burst open.


Then the girl, whose orange hair was neatly pulled back, put her hands on her waist and said.




It was such a noisy greeting that the whole temple rang loudly.


The girl crumpled her face at Cain, and ran quickly at Arsene and me with a big smile.


Unlike me, the girl’s outfit was a short dress that reached only to her knees.


“Hello, hello! You are from the wolf clan, right? And you are from a bird clan! Nice to meet you!”


Then he grabbed Arsene’s and my hands and shook them up and down.


“Huh? Oh, that’s right… who are you?” 




The girl widened her eyes and pointed at herself.


Arsene and I nodded slowly.


“I’m Leona Fernando of the Lion Clan! Nice to meet you!!” 


The orange-haired girl who introduced herself as a member of the lion clan chuckled. 


Then a pointed fang caught my eye.


As expected, she’s a carnivore. I flinched for no reason and then held out my hand again.


“I’m Linsy Raniero of the bird clan.”


“I’m Arsene Yeckhart of the wolf clan.” 


“Nice to meet you! I’ve heard a lot about it. Uncle Kendrick told me about it every day. He said you would be my new friend!” 


The girl who said that looked very excited, 


“Actually, Brother Aslan should have come here originally, but my brother didn’t come to the festival, so I came instead. Ungg.” 


At that time, Cain, who had closed his eyes as if he was sleeping peacefully, slowly opened his eyes and criticized Leona.


“Leona, don’t be rude. I’m ashamed to be friends with you….” 


Leona answered straight away.


“Who said we’re friends? Funny. I’m not friends with you.”


Leona snapped back and grabbed Arsene’s hand.


“I’m going to be friends with them now. You don’t have to be friends with me.”


“What? You came to my house to ask me to be friends….” 


“At that time, you’re annoying because you always copy your father’s tone.”


Leona stuck out her tongue. Cain turned white as if he was shocked to see Leona.


“Hey, how can you say such a thing….” 


“Linsy, you know. I heard from my Dad that you already know how to do transformation?”


Leona lightly ignored Cain and asked with her eyes twinkling.


“To me, can you show it to me? I want to see it!” 


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