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We went straight back to the central temple.


The venue was not too far from the temple, so I was able to return quickly.


It is said that the heads of each clan had more work to do at the venue, so only I, Arsene and Ethan had to return to the temple. 


But then.


“Linsy, let’s talk.”


I naturally turned around at the familiar voice.


Arthur Raniero stood tall there.


“…H, huh?” 


Clearly, all the heads of the clans should have stayed at the venue because they had work to do, right?


‘Why is my father here?’


Did he sneak out because he didn’t want to?


Originally, he was the kind of person who said he hated family gatherings and often skipped meals, so it was reasonable for him to do so.


But if that were the case, he would have gone straight back to Raniero. 


Did Gale say he wanted to play more at the festival? Otherwise, there was no reason for my father to be here.


I hid behind Ethan, stuck my head out, and looked at Arthur.




“Yes, let’s talk. Get out of the way. Is everyone doing this because they don’t know who I am?”


At Arthur’s exclamation, Ethan raised his monocle and stood resolutely in front of me.


“I know who you are. But you can’t talk to the Lady. Please go back.”


“Ha, what does it matter if I say I will talk to my daughter? Linsy, come here.”


“You can’t. Let’s go, Lady.” 


At that time, the knights of the bird clan held their hands behind their backs and obstructed our path so that we could not go. 


“…Get out of the way.”


At the end of Ethan’s words, Yeckhart’s escort knights raised their hands to the scabbard. 


However, it was useless because everyone knew well that they couldn’t point swords at each other in the sacred sanctuary. 


Arthur opened his mouth again.


“Let’s talk for a minute, Linsy. I will go back soon.”


“…I don’t want to!”

I grabbed Ethan’s collar and stood behind him, and shouted quietly.


In my words, I could see Arthur’s face stained with ridiculousness.




Such a reaction was natural. I was a good daughter who never once said no to my father during my time in Raniero.


That was the case with all of Raniero’s children except for Gale. 


“I don’t want to! I don’t want to talk…! So please leave!”


“Linsy, father is….” 


“Ethan, I want to stop and go.”


I looked up at Ethan. Then Ethan hugged me. And then. 


“Please get out of the way. If you don’t move, I’ll draw my sword.”


Pulling out the sword in the sanctuary also meant a war between the two clans.


Raniero’s knights hesitated at Ethan’s momentum.


“Pulling out your sword when you’re only Yeckhart’s servant? You don’t even know your subject.”


A scraping sound came from the throat of my father, Arthur Raniero. However, Ethan answered calmly. 


“The Lord told me to put the safety of the Lady and the Young Master first. The safety of the Lady and the Young Master is more important than the strict law.” 


The Knights of Yeckhart paved the way around Ethan.


Ethan left without looking back, hugging me and holding Arsene’s hand tightly in one hand.


I heard my father grumbling behind me, but I couldn’t hear it properly because of the distance.


* * *


“Lady, are you okay?” 


Entering the room given to Yeckhart at the temple, Ethan put me down and wiped the sweat from my forehead. 


Arsene looked at me with a worried expression.


“Linsy, are you okay?”


“Ung, I’m fine. But what if I come to see the festival again….” 


“There are a lot of escort knights, so it should be fine. Don’t worry. And besides, the Lord is here too….” 




“If you are wearing the necklace the Lord gave you, there will be no problem.”


Ethan pointed to the necklace made of blue gems hanging around my neck and smiled.


I nodded my head.


“Ung, I will do that.” 


“Then change your clothes first. I’ll let the maids in.”


Ethan grabbed Arsene’s hand and left, saying he would be out for a while.


And Yeckhart’s maids came in with a luggage bag containing my dress.


“Lady, let me change your clothes.”


The maids reassured me with soft voices and slowly changed my clothes.


They took off the long dress and put on a yellow dress that was easy to move around.


After tying my hair back in pigtails, she carefully placed a small bonnet over my head. 


“Okay, that’s it! You are really, really cute.” 


“That’s right, you are really cute, my Lady.”


The maids covered their mouths with their big palms and screamed.


“Ung, thank you.”


 Thanks to Betty, I replied with a big smile to the compliment that I am now a little accustomed to. 


“How can you smile so cute….” 


The maids handed me over to Ethan and took Arsene in to change his clothes.


I held Ethan’s hand tightly and waited for Arsene to change and come out.




“Linsy, Lin–sy!” 


From far away, Leona shouted loudly and ran towards me.


And after that—.


“Hh, huh, ugh…H, hello, so you’re Linsy.” 


A huge man with a huge build greeted me, bending down as if he were out of breath and exhaling his breath in a hurry.


“Dad, you can go now.” 


Leona said softly.


“It’s no use raising children…I’ve heard a lot about you, Linsy. My name is Lamont Fernando of the Lion Clan.”


Lamont glanced at Leona, who caught his breath and greeted me.


“Hello, Sir Lamont.” 


“Yes, Ethan. Long time no see.”


Ethan and Lamont greeted each other warmly. The escort knights lined up in front of the door and respectfully greeted Lamont.


“Hello, Sir Lamont. Thank you for the gift.”


I lifted my dress slightly and greeted politely.


The only one who didn’t show respect to Lamont was Leona.


“Where is Arsene? Actually, Arsene doesn’t have to be here… Anyway, I think it’ll be more fun to have one. Is it in here?”


Leona pretended to burst open the door of the room where Arsene was changing.


Huh, I took a quick breath and ran to block Leona.


And shook my head.


“No! He’s changing his clothes!”


“He’s changing his clothes?” 


Leona said, tilting her head. Leona was wearing comfortable pants, not the dress earlier.


Lamont strode over, grabbed Leona by the nape of her neck, and lifted her up.


“Leon, I told you not to push your friend like that. When will you grow up?”


Lamont said sorry as he gently put down his daughter, who looked like a fish that had just been pulled out of the water.


“Sorry, Linsy. My kid is a bit rough—still, I hope you will play well. Be a good kid.” 


“Linsy decided to be friends with me. Right, Linsy? Oh, have you not said that yet? We can do it from now on, well. I’ll say it again! I’m Leona Fernando! seven years old!”


Leona said proudly, dangling in the air.


“Since you’re my friend, you can call me Leon.”


Just then, the door opened, and Arsene walked in wearing comfortable clothes.


But when Arsene saw Leona hanging from the door and Lamont holding her awkwardly, he slammed the door shut again.


I quickly opened the door again and called Arsene.


“Arsene! Why are you going back in all of a sudden?”


Arsene sighed and opened his mouth.


“We’re not going with that kid, right?” 


“I don’t want to go with you either, hmph—!” 


Lamont hurriedly shut his daughter’s mouth. And he laughed awkwardly. 


“Please play with Leona during the festival. Linsy, the lion clan escort knights will be with you.”


“I don’t need an escort knight!”


“Because I need you to stay still.”


Lamont lightly subdued his daughter’s rebellion.


I nodded my head obediently after hearing Lamont’s words.


To be honest, I was thinking of going out with Leona even if I didn’t have that, but—.


If the Lion Clan’s escort knights followed us, it seemed that I wouldn’t have to worry that Raniero’s knights would take me.


‘Of course, Yeckhart’s knights are trustworthy, but….’


Because two are better than one.


When I nodded, Lamont’s face brightened strangely.


“Yeah, Linsy. You’re as nice as I’ve heard. Play well with Leon.”


Lamont carefully put Leona on the floor.


Leona brushed off her clothes as if she didn’t care, then ran over and grabbed my hand.


“Let’s go play, but you know. Can I go to Yeckhart’s mansion? Dad told me to go play in the mansion.”


I glanced at Lamont at Leona’s words.


Lamont sent Leona to me and looked somewhat relieved. 


“Can’t you see me?” 


Arsene snapped, but Leona listened to Arsene carelessly.


“Come on, let’s go play. The festival lasts for a week, so let’s start with the Sheep Clan area today. Ung, ung?” 


The festival section had separate areas where stores could be opened by clan.


Since most of the clans opened stores, the area was incredibly wide and varied.


“Let’s go! The sheep clan area is the most fun!”


I nodded awkwardly and held Arsene’s hand tightly.


I didn’t even realize that.


It means that there are eyes watching us.


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