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“Right! I need to talk to Kendrick-nim before we go out!”


When I stood tall, Leona looked at me like she didn’t understand.


“What? The butler will tell him that.” 


I shook my head.


“No, I promised to tell him before I go anywhere. Right, Arsene?”


“Ung, this kid is just randomly dragged us.” 


Arsene growled as he glared at Leona. Leona also growled at Arsene.


‘They can’t even transform yet, so why…do they look like a beast?” 


I felt like I was with a young lion and a young wolf instead of kids.


“Let’s go back. I’ll wait until Kendrick-nim comes.”


“You want to go back? Anyway, this is the entrance to the central temple, so he’ll pass through here. So let’s wait here.” 


Since the temple hadn’t opened yet, the only people inside were the priests and servants that the blessed clan had sent.


After thinking about Leona’s words for a while, I sat down on the small fountain at the temple’s entrance.


And with Arsene and Leona, I blankly stared at the sky and waited for Kendrick.


‘Sir Lamont and my father have already returned, so why is Kendrick so late?’ 


Could it be that something happened?


At that time, Cain Hezeth passed in front of us as if showing off.


No, he was going to pass.








We tried to pass by, but stopped and stared blankly at Cain, who glanced back at us.






I greeted Cain first.


Then Cain immediately greeted me as if he had been waiting.


Then, standing tall next to us, he chinned to the servants who were following him.


The servants of the snake clan smiled and disappeared leaving behind Cain.



I stared at Cain blankly.


Why is he still here?


Then, Leona let out a deep sigh.


“Phew, I should have gone sooner before Cain came….”


“Did you mean to leave me?!”


Cain screamed sharply.


The priests, who were busy passing by at the sound, glanced at us.


“Yes, I was going to leave it. You don’t like being undignified. I’m going to go to the festival and play with as little dignity as possible.”


After Leona finished speaking, she stuck her tongue out at Cain.


I let out a sigh and spoke up for the kids.


“Guys, stop fighting….” 


“I’ll let it slide because of Linsy.”


It was Leona who turned her head first. I waited for Kendrick among the children with an already exhausted face.




“Linsy? What are you doing here, you’re not going in.”


Before long, Kendrick appeared, looking a little weary.


Kendrick looked at us all standing next to each other, and then he patted my hair, Arsene’s hair, Leona’s hair, and Cain’s hair in turn.


“So you’re going to see the festival. Have a good trip. Linsy, Arsene. Did you get the money from Betty?”


I nodded.


Betty stuffed a small pocket around my waist. She also told me that there was enough money to enjoy the festival inside.


And the same thing hung from Arsene’s waist.


“Okay, have a good time.”


“We’re going to the sheep clan area first. I’ll let you know if anything happens.”


I looked at Kendrick and said clearly.


Even in the midst of this, Leona, Arsene, and Cain were quarreling behind my back.


I sighed.


“Yes, Linsy. It seems you’re going to have a hard time. The escorts will protect you. I’m sure there’s Sir Aiden. And…The Shadow Knights will follow you, so don’t worry too much and play.”


I opened my eyes wide at the word of the Shadow Knights.


I had heard of Yeckhart’s Shadow Knights in my previous life.


It was a knights’ order made up of the most elite knights, and they were called the Shadow Knights because they followed and escorted them unnoticed like shadows.


I heard that the Shadow Knights are from unknown origins and clans and only escort Kendrick—.


“It won’t be dangerous. Because Yeckhart will protect you.” 


Kendrick said. 


“And Arsene, take good care of Linsy.”


“Ung, I know.” 


Arsene closed his mouth and nodded vigorously.


“And… Leon, don’t bully the kids. Cain, you too.”


“When did I bully them, Uncle?” 


Leona grumbled with her eyes wide open. Cain didn’t say anything but glared at Leona.


Then, in Yeckhart’s carriage, we left the temple.


There were so many people that the road for the carriage was cramped.




“Let’s start with the area of the sheep clans. They sell delicious fruit there.” 


Leona said excitedly. Cain frowned at Leona’s words.


“The thought of eating such a dishonorable thing….”


“You get off.”


Leona said firmly. I barely stopped Leona from beckoning to the coachman.


“Leon, Leon! calm down!”


“No, because he keeps ruining the atmosphere….” 


Hmph, Cain turned his head.


Leona growled at Cain again. Arsene has now reached the point of treating them both as almost invisible.


‘…Will it be okay?’


I looked at Leona, Cain, and Arsene with worried expressions.


* * *


We got off the wagon, looked at the shops on the street, and bought and ate side by side the skewers grilled and sold on the roadside.


Of course, everyone was wearing a cape.


I wanted to play without being noticed like that, but—.


“What are you doing, Lady?”


Thanks to the Snake Clan, the Lion Clan, and Yeckhart’s escort knights following one after another, a situation where they can’t not know who we are has been created.


“Ung, it’s nothing.” 


I smiled awkwardly.


‘Still, this is better.’


It was much better to travel this way, almost as advertised than to travel alone and get kidnapped or into trouble. 


Leona continued to run and lead us as if she was not tired, even after shooting beyond the area of the sheep clan to the area of the dog clan. 


“There, let’s go there, Linsy!” 


But I stopped Leona.


“Leon, wait.”


And I looked at Arsene’s condition.


Even though I held hands tightly with Arsene the whole time, I seemed very tired due to my weak body.


I looked at Arsene’s complexion for a long time, touched his forehead, and then put my hands on his waist.


“We can’t. Let’s go back.” 


“What? Already?”


Leona looked at me with pity, but I firmly ignored her.


“Arsene is weak. It wasn’t long before he started coming out of the house. So we have to go back.” 


“I will call a carriage.”


Sir Aiden said quietly.


Leona looked sadly at the crowded street, then she shook her head.


“Yeah, I can’t help it. Let’s stay overnight at Yeckhart’s mansion today.”


“What? No way!”


At that time, Arsene, who was exhausted and gasping for breath, shouted.


“No way! Go to your house!”


“Arsene, don’t do that to your friends.”


I tried to convince Arsene, but Arsene didn’t seem to like Leona.


“I want to play more, but Linsy says you have to go home. Do you want to go back to the mansion alone then?” 




Arsene shook his head.


“Look, then everyone can go to the mansion and play. Arsene, right?”


At Leona’s unreasonable words, Arsene opened his mouth slightly for a moment.




“What are you talking about! No way!”


But Leona was firm.


Yeckhart’s carriage arrives, and Leona casually climbs into the carriage. 


Cain, who hadn’t said anything the whole time, was the same. Arsene screamed loudly at her to get off, but it was no use. 


“Come on, Linsy. Get in.”


Leona tapped the seat next to her as if she wanted me to get on.


As if it were Fernando’s carriage, the following actions were very natural.


“Ung, I’ll get in.” 


I replied and looked around the bustling festival streets one more time before getting on.


People were constantly buying, selling, and distributing things in excitement.


‘I have to come again tomorrow.’


When it comes to Arsene’s physical strength, we could come the day after tomorrow if Arsene was having a hard time because the festival was held all week. 






In the distance, an old man who looked exactly like Ester was mingling with the crowd, staring at me.


I closed my eyes, shook my head vigorously, and looked back in that direction.


But it was already gone.


‘…Did I see something wrong?’


Lately, I’ve been thinking about Ester a lot lately, so maybe I was wrong. 


And even if it’s an Ester.


‘There are so many escorts.’


Ester wouldn’t be able to approach me carelessly.


We got into the carriage and headed for the second mansion.


Of course, we forgot to tell Leona and Cain’s parents in advance.


What I remembered was when the deputy of the snake clan leader arrived at the Yeckhart mansion with a sigh. 


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  1. Cain loitering around just to be noticed and included was so adorable roflol and I love Leona’s wildness, though it would be exhausting to deal with. I hope they can all become good friends. And Ancia of course.