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“It will stand out too much.”


Kendrick said firmly.


Since it was a dark night now, there was a possibility that I would definitely stand out if I used this power.


Of course, there was no other mansion near Yeckhart’s mansion, but—.


I knew at least that Kendrick wasn’t worried about the public eye.


‘He’s worried about Raniero.’


He even did this to take me, but when he found out, I had a strong power.


He would have spent more energy trying to take me.




‘There are too many injured people.’


There were many people whose bodies were torn here and there because they lost their minds and fought together. There was even a drooping tooth.


So, first of all, I had to use my abilities to heal. But—.


“I’ve heard before that Raniero’s ability can even cure poisoning symptoms.”


So, it means I can detoxify if they went crazy because of drugs and not because of Kendrick’s anger and sadness like in my previous life. 


I stared at the wounded people, then looked up again at Kendrick. 


“What if they die while Mr. Hern is coming? I can’t just let it go, I… please let me heal them.” 


I could feel Leona, Cain, and Arsene looking at me.


Leona nodded her head.


“Let her heal, Sir Lawton looks sick….” 


Leona pointed to a struggling lion shackled by shadows.




His side had been bitten and was bleeding. 


Cain also nodded.


“Deborah’s tail….”


Shhh-, shhh.


A gigantic snake with its tail almost cut off was hanging limply.


Kendrick touched his forehead.


“…Then don’t overdo it. Linsy, you need to be careful.”


“Yes, I will,”


I kept my mouth shut and let go.


Then I spread out my palms.




Light green light gathered on the palm like fireflies.


Leona and Cain opened their eyes wide and watched me use my ability.


‘This isn’t enough.’


There seemed to be about a hundred and fifty beasts now tied up in the front yard. 


So more, more powers were needed.


I closed my eyes and concentrated.


The green light, like fresh green, came together to form a round sphere, which gradually expanded in size. 




I could hear Leona and Cain’s exclamations from the side. 


A gentle, pleasant breeze flowed from the top of my palm and brushed through my hair.


The sphere soon left the palms and floated above the heads of the beasts.






It formed the shape of a watering can again.


‘Oh no, it keeps going like this….’


When I was practicing my ability alone, I tried hard to use my ability in a form other than the watering can.


…If it wasn’t in the shape of a watering can, I couldn’t use my ability comfortably.


However, I always felt embarrassed whenever I used my ability. 


Leona and Cain saw a huge light-green watering can floating in the air and opened their mouths.


“…A watering can?”


“Linsy, your ability is a watering can…?” 


“Shh, be quiet. You fools.”


Arsene hit Cain and Leona to tell the children to be quiet so that I could concentrate.


The children nodded and covered their mouths with both hands.


I took a deep breath, concentrated my mind, and used my abilities.


Then, a huge watering can that was floating in the air broke off at the top, sending pieces of light over the beasts’ heads.








The beasts struggled against the light fragments but couldn’t move because Kendrick had tightly bound them with his powers. 


I could see the torn skin slowly healing.


Deborah’s huge tail was also reattaching.


Soon after, the beasts stopped struggling. 


And instead.






Here and there, the beasts with their hair wrapped as if drunk came back to their human form after releasing their transformation. 


There were servants, and there were also knights. Leona was the first to run to the knight of the lion clan whose transformations had been released. 


“Sir Lawton!”


“…Lady? Why am I here….” 


They came to their senses one by one, and soon they looked as if they didn’t understand what had happened. 


I finished using my abilities and smiled proudly. 


‘It’s done.’


It was the first time I had treated so many people at once.


‘But I succeeded.’


Kendrick was convinced that my ability would be the strongest in Raniero.


It seems that it wasn’t a lie because even my father wouldn’t be able to treat so many people at once.


But the problem is—.


The Peregrine Falcons that roamed around the mansion had already disappeared.


They probably went to report me to my father.




I sighed.


Perhaps, having seen me use my ability, they would try to bring me back more earnestly.


I really hated that, but still.


“Why…Why am I here?”


“I was definitely sleeping…What is this? Why are my armor torn?”


“You too? My armor is also torn.”


It was okay because I could treat them.


I looked around at the chattering knights and servants who were trying to figure out the situation. 


At that time, Kendrick spoke in a calm voice.


“Wait, attention.”


It was a command exercised with the authority of the head of the wolf clan. The wolf clan naturally shut their mouths. 


Then the knights of the snake clan and the lion clan also kept their mouths shut. 


“Don’t make any more noise, and go back to your position quietly. The situation will be explained tomorrow afternoon. If there is anything wrong with your body, report it immediately.”


Kendrick paused for a moment before continuing.


“If anyone is involved in this matter, we will severely punish them according to the laws of the wolf clan. Until the culprit is identified, no one can leave Yeckhart Mansion. I will close the barrier. Knights, keep an eye out for anyone leaving. If there is an inevitable departure, report it, that’s it.”


At the end of Kendrick’s words, the servants and knights rushed back to their positions. 


And I—.




Light green smoke rose, and wings popped out behind my back.




The back of the pajama was torn as the wings popped out.




Arsene covered my back with his arms wide open.


‘I guess it’s because I’m tired.’


This was the first time I had used a large power at once, so I was exhausted.


Of course, I had already practiced enough at Yeckhart’s mansion—.


‘At that time, it was just sprayed in the air.’


This was the first time that I used a large amount of power by choosing an opponent like this.


I smiled at Arsene.


“Thanks for covering it up, Arsene.”


“You, be careful.”


Arsene grumbled. At that time, a huge thing covered me.




“Good job, Linsy. Well done.”


Kendrick took off the jacket he was wearing and covered my back.


Hehe. I looked at Kendrick and smiled, then nodded at him.


Then, Leona’s eyes lit up.


“Linsy, Linsy! Your wings popped out! Can I touch it? But why did you suddenly take out your wings? Ung? Can I take out only the tail if I transformed?” 


“She’s tired. If she get tired, she won’t be able to control her form.” 


Kendrick answered Leona’s question instead. And he lightly tapped Leona’s forehead.


“And don’t use your powers on anyone, Leon. Lamont has taught you.”


Leona was furious at Kendrick’s words.


“I can use that ability! Earlier, earlier I made a mistake for a while….” 


“Didn’t Lamont teach you that Fernando’s abilities are incomplete until they reach adulthood?” 


Fernando’s ability, the lion clan, couldn’t subjugate an opponent stronger than themselves. 


So, the lion clan could only freely deal with this ability when they became adults and had the strongest power.


Until then, it was said that they used their abilities as a way to defeat stronger opponents by subjugating weaker opponents as a group. 


When Leona got angry, Kendrick stroked Leona’s head.


“As soon as the sun rises, go back to the mansion. Lamont will be worried. Today’s work is Yeckhart’s mistake, so I will explain and apologize to your father. Cain, you too.” 


Kendrick said, looking over Cain and Leona.


“Arsene, Linsy. Tomorrow, the knights and servants of Yekhart’s mansion must be called in to investigate this matter thoroughly, so it’s best to postpone the festival.”




I nodded. 


This is because I was exhausted after treating all the remaining knights and servants, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to go to the festival tomorrow. 


Kendrick smiled faintly.


* * *


“What if they die while Mr. Hern is coming? I can’t just let it go, I… please let me heal them.” 


Kendrick smiled at the thought of the little girl whose eyes were sparkling.


He was originally going to say no.


If it’s detoxification, he can call Hern and have him do it, while other doctors treat the injured.


Linsy’s safety has always been his top priority. So he tried to say no—.


“Please let me heal them.” 


The moment he saw the light green eyes that shimmered in the dark, he couldn’t refuse.


So, it seems that there is a strong power in those eyes.


Kendrick smiled as he broke the peregrine falcon’s wings in his grasp.

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