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I changed my clothes with the help of the maids who woke up first. It was fortunate that the maids had brought open-back pajamas in case the wings popped out.


And I went around the mansion and used my power. 


When I used my ability on the servants who were sleeping all over the place as if they had fainted, the servants quickly regained consciousness.


“…L, Lady?” 


Betty stuttered up from her seat, her eyes wide open. 


She asked while touching her head.


“Why are you walking around at this hour…No, more than that, why am I here?” 


Betty said gibberish. I held Betty’s hand tightly.


“Ung, Betty. Kendrick will explain it tomorrow. Go in and sleep.”


Even after that, one by one, the servants started to come to their senses.


Those who first came to their senses tried to wake the others who were asleep, but it seemed that they were physically unable to wake them up.


In the end, it was only after scattering my powers throughout the mansion that they could wake up all the sleeping servants. 


“Oh my, Lady, what is this… what’s going on….” 


Ethan asked as if he couldn’t understand the situation. 


Ethan was asleep as if he were falling down the stairs, but he seemed to have no idea why he was asleep there.


Then, Kendrick popped up from somewhere.


“Someone fed Giles flowers to the people of the mansion. Some fell asleep and some lost their minds. Ethan, check the number of servants first since the settlement is almost over. From now on, we have to find out who did this.”


Ethan, who was listening to Kendrick blankly, answered yes and rose up quickly.






My eyes were turned upside down for a moment. I lost my balance for a moment and then stood up again, thanks to Kendrick’s help.


“Linsy, are you okay?”


“Yes? Yes, I’m fine. I guess it’s because I used too much of this ability.”


It was a natural result because I had never used this ability so much and for so long.


Kendrick hugged me.


“Go and sleep. Leave it to me to clean up. Good job today, you were great. And you guys go to sleep too.”


Kendrick said as he looked down at Leona, Cain, and Arsene, who was following me.


Leona’s body trembled as if she was hot.


“That’s okay… Linsy is so cool when she uses her ability… I want to see more, but I don’t want Linsy to be sick….” 


“…That’s right, it’s cool.”


Leona and Cain faced each other and nodded.


Arsene held Kendrick’s arm tightly and asked.


“Linsy, are you sick?”


“No, I’m fine. Don’t worry.”


I shook my head to reassure Arsene.


“Now go to sleep. Ethan, take the kids. We’ll fix it later.”


Ethan followed Kendrick’s orders, leading the three children.


My legs fluttered in the air with each stride Kendrick took.


“I’m really fine… Not to the point of falling while walking.” 


“You almost collapsed just now, what are you talking about? Just rest well. Don’t think about going out tomorrow, get a good night’s sleep.”


The door to my room was broken down earlier, so Kendrick took me to another room.


He quickly arrived at the front of the room and opened the door.


Then he gently put me down on the big bed and gently stroked my face.


“Thank you, Linsy.”




“You seem to be of great help to Yeckhart every time.”


It was dark, so I couldn’t see Kendrick’s expression very well, but I could see that he was smiling softly.


“Leon, as soon as you lie down, you should go to sleep. Because Linsy is tired. No, no. She should sleep in another room.”


“Why? Why? I don’t want to! I’m going to sleep with Linsy! She’s my friend.”


“Your friend Lynsey looks very tired, so you should sleep in another room.”


As Kendrick beckoned, Ethan lightly overpowered Leona’s resistance and left with Leona in his arms.


Leona struggled, saying she didn’t want to go out but couldn’t overcome Ethan’s power.


I muttered as I stared blankly at it.


‘…Ethan, he’s strong.’ 


 In the temple, the maids of the lion clan couldn’t overcome Leona’s power.


Kendrick said goodnight, and he slowly left the room.


A small lamp was burning quietly by the bedside table.


I slowly closed my eyes due to the overwhelming fatigue.


* * *


“Young Master!” 


Deborah rushed over and hugged Cain, who was about to enter the room. And she carefully checked to see if Cain was hurt.


“Young Master, are you okay? Do you hurt somewhere?” 


“I’m fine. But Deborah…” 


Cain wrinkled his face, remembering the deep cut in Deborah’s side earlier.


“I am okay. Thanks to Lady Linsy’s treatment, I’m fine.” 


Deborah said, opening the door again as she ensured Cain was safe.


Arsene lay first on the bed.


Deborah lowered her voice and whispered to Cain because she wondered if Arsene had fallen asleep.


“I’m glad you weren’t hurt. You didn’t use your ability, did you?”




“Good job. Sleep now. I will go and report to the Lord.” 


Deborah put Cain to bed, saying that she would pick him up tomorrow morning. 


And she left the room.


The servants and knights who got their minds back because of Linsy’s power were busy figuring out what was going on and dealing with the mansion.


Broken doors, broken windows, dented walls, and even the dining room with claw marks. 


Ethan, who was looking at this situation miserably, came to his senses and checked the number of servants and knights with Joshua.




“…Didn’t you see Akim?”


Ethan asked cautiously.


The other chefs in the mansion shook their heads, saying they hadn’t seen him since dinner last night.


On Ethan’s face, there was a moment of doubt.


He carefully checked the servants and knights and tried to find Akim.


It’s possible that Akim has fallen somewhere and hasn’t been healed yet.


‘Akim couldn’t have done that….’


Akim had been working in Yeckhart’s mansion for ten years without mistakes.


He got along well with the servants of the mansion and quickly became friendly with Linsy and Arsene.


However, no matter how much he looked for him while dealing with the situation, he couldn’t find him.


Ethan’s suspicions became a reality when he went to the lodging where Akim was staying.


Akim’s luggage was not in the room that was attached to the annex. 


It was clean. As if he never came to the mansion together in the first place. 


Ethan muttered with a pale face. 


‘That’s why.’


That’s why all the knights and servants in the mansion fell asleep.


Because the festival wine and festival food used in the festival got pollen.


All of the food in the mansion went through Akim’s hands.


So, if it was something that Akim did, all of this was explained. But—.


‘How could he do this?’


Akim had to take care of his sick younger sister and his sick mother.


After working at the mansion for about ten years, his family history will become known whether he intends to or not.


Because he believed he wouldn’t do something bad for them.




‘I made sure to check all the belongings. All food out of the dining room will also be inspected one more time—’


Ethan moved his steps to report to Kendrick with a confused face. 


Kendrick stood tall in the middle of the garden and looked around at the disorganized mansion.


“My Lord? What are you thinking?”


“Ah, Ethan.”


Kendrick smiled and looked behind him. The night wind brushed the shirt Kendrick was wearing.


“Isn’t it funny? Why didn’t they take Linsy after all of this?”


“That’s right. If they took advantage of the mess—” 


When Ethan assumed the terrible situation, he shook his head. 


“Now that we have captured Raniero’s spies alive, we can ask them. Did you check the number of people?”


When asked by Kendrick, Ethan closed his mouth and nodded slowly.


“Yes, everyone has been identified except for chef Akim.”


“Even all the lion clan and the snake clan?” 




Kendrick narrowed his eyes.


“If Akim did this, it would make sense. However, no matter how much Raniero helped, there was no way he could have done this alone. Investigate thoroughly and look for Akim. Find him and bring him to me.” 


“I will take the orders.”


Ethan bowed his head. Kendrick said, shifting his gaze to the messy mansion.


“By the way, isn’t that flower extinct, Ethan?”


“Yes…As far as I know…” 


Ethan replied. Kendrick said as if he didn’t understand.


“There are many things to find out. It’s complicated. Bring in the other knights and the people of this mansion right now. If anyone complains of headache or dizziness, send them back.”


“Yes, my lord.”


Ethan bowed his head and quickly went back to call them in the mansion.


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