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‘Why is my ear so itchy?’


I picked up my ears.


My ears were itchy for no reason, as if someone was talking about me.


I cleared my ears a few more times for no reason, then turned my gaze to Leona and Cain.


“Are you ready?”


“Because I’m not going.”


Leona said with a troubled face. The maids comforted Leona as if she was in trouble.


“Lady Leon, I’m sure Fernando is worried. You have to go back to Sir Lamont.” 


“Daddy would have liked it better without me….” 


The maids made a fuss saying it wouldn’t happen, but I saw.


When Leona said she would play with me, Lamont’s mouth blurred into a smile of freedom.


Cain, on the other hand, wore nice clothes and had maids serve him.


Arsene looked at the two conflicting children and whispered in my ear.


“Linsy, tell them not to come now.”


Arsene doesn’t seem to like Cain and Leona at all.


I held Arsene’s hand tightly and whispered in Arsene’s ear.


“Arsene…You don’t talk like that to your friends.”


Then, Kendrick slowly opened the door and entered.


We both turned to Kendrick at the same time.


“Sir Kendrick!”

“Yes, the knights of the snake clan and Deborah has confirmed. You can go now, Cain. Yeckhart will soon officially apologize to the Hezeth family.”


“Yes, thank you.”


Cain spoke clearly. Kendrick smiled and stroked Cain’s head.


“And the Lion clan….”

“Uncle Kendrick…Can I not go back?”


“I won’t cause any trouble, so if I stay calm….” 


“Leona, I’m not sending you back because it’s you. I’m sending you because there’s a problem with the Yeckhart mansion.” 


Kendrick scolded Leona sternly.


Leona was the youngest daughter of Fernando, the head of the lion clan, and Cain was the only heir to Hezeth, the head of the snake clan. 


So, with security issues at Yeckhart’s mansion, he couldn’t have two children with him.


Kendrick resolutely sent Leona and Cain back in the carriage.


As the two children left, the Yeckhart mansion seemed to have become quieter.


“I hate them.”


“How can you hate your friend so much? You should be friendly.” 


“But what can I do if I don’t like it?”


Arsene said firmly. And he squeezed my hand very tightly.


I wrinkled my forehead slightly as Arsene held my hand tightly.


“Arsene, aren’t you holding it too hard?”


“…Ah, I’m sorry.” 


Arsene has been trying to stick with me ever since yesterday.


He showed signs of uneasiness if left even for a moment.


‘He must be really shocked.’


Well, all the servants went crazy and attacked, but that would be even stranger if he weren’t very shocked. 


I stroked Arsene’s fluffy hair.


“Linsy, try to transform.” 


“What? Why?”


When I asked back, Arsene proudly pointed to his pocket and said.


“I’ll carry you around.”




I refused three times but finally gave in to Arsene’s sparkling eyes.




As I stomped my feet in place, a cloud of light green smoke rose again.




I saw Arsene’s face and cried once, then quietly crawled into Arsene’s pocket.


Then Arsene looked a little bit relieved.


I examined Arsene’s face meticulously.


If shifting my form stabilizes Arsene, I could have done it repeatedly.



(Do you like it?) 


Arsene closed his mouth in satisfaction and nodded at me.


* * *


“You said you couldn’t find Akim?”


“Yes, both his old mother and younger sister are missing. But…” 


“Say it.” 


Kendrick commanded in a calm voice.


“The villagers say that it has been several years since Akim’s old mother and younger sister disappeared. They said Akim has been living alone.”

“Old mother and younger sister—oh, didn’t he say his sister was sick?” 


“Yes, her sister is sick… don’t tell me?” 


Kendrick and Ethan thought the same thing at the same time and looked down.


“After telling him that they could heal his sister, they must have been able to persuade him.”


Ethan nodded slowly, keeping his mouth shut. 


He has known for a long time that Akim cares a lot about his younger sister and his old mother.


So, he wouldn’t have been able to refuse treatment at Raniero if he had been offered it. 


And if it’s been a few years—.


He couldn’t have thought that Yeckhart would have Linsy Raniero, so the offer would have been sweeter.


Kendrick sighed.


“Do a thorough investigation. Everything related to Raniero must be rooted out. In a situation where Ester have not yet been discovered …it’s bothering me.” 


Kendrick touched his forehead.


Soon, he had to go tell the Pope about the current situation, but the more he thought about it, the more he grew irritated.


It was strange to think that only one chef helplessly beat Yeckhart.




‘Then why were the kids fine?’


Kendrick himself didn’t eat much, even so, the children should have fallen asleep as if they had eaten. Or,


‘Linsy couldn’t transform or lost her mind.’


She should have. 


Linsy didn’t lose her mind, and the other children also woke up quickly as the mansion became noisy.


‘Is it because of Linsy?’


Is it because they are the children who have been in contact with Linsy all along? 


Since Linsy has the healing ability to purify the Giles flower, there was a very high possibility.


Kendrick thought for a while, then slowly raised his head.


“Did you dispose of Raniero’s peregrine falcon?”


“Yes, the soldiers were buried well. But— I have a question.” 


“Say it.” 


“When you captured them, were there only two of them?”


“There must have been more, but I don’t know since I only captured two.”


Kendrick said, recalling the memory of capturing a hawk alive using his power. 


A shadow that rose from the ground grabbed two falcons’ wings.


There is a high probability that the other falcons, startled by the movement, ran away. 


If Linsy’s kidnapping had been planned and staged in the first place, there was no way they would have sent only two of them.


There must have been at least one platoon of knights sent.


However, unfortunately, only the two of them stood out. 


‘Then why… wouldn’t they kidnap her?’


At that moment, Kendrick raised his eyebrows as if he remembered something.


“Did the plan go awry?”




“They must have tried to put all the servants to sleep with Giles flowers. However, those who overdose lost their mind and went on a rampage.”


Kendrick thought of the wild beasts fighting in the garden and inside the mansion, losing their mind. 


Wolf, lion, and snake.


Nothing would be an easy opponent for a peregrine falcon.


Wolves also have strong territorial and pack instincts, so they would have tried to drive other clans out of their territories when they were not in the right mind.


It was for the same reason that the wolf, having lost their mind, tried to attack Linsy and Leona, leaving Arsene alone. 


‘The birds must have been torn to shreds the moment they entered.’


At that time, Edan cautiously raised a question.


“Then…Why did they bother to use Giles flowers? They should have used some other sleeping pills.”


“It must be because there are many people who are not immune to Giles flowers, or.”


Kendrick tapped the table with his fingers.


“They have other ulterior motives.”


The Giles flower was an ancient extinct flower.


They just want to show that the flower has reappeared now.


‘To us…’


Kendrick narrowed his eyes.


* * *


“…What did she do?” 


Arthur Raniero asked with a dumbfounded expression. The eyebrows were raised as high as possible.


“Lady Linsy has healed hundreds of servants who have lost their mind by her power….” 


“The kid is only seven years old. But what did she do?” 


“Healing hundreds of people with her power….” 




Arthur Raniero banged his fist on the desk.


“You have to say something that makes sense! She’s only seven years old. But what? Heal hundreds of people? Beasts who lost their mind? Raniero’s powers can’t heal beastmen who have lost their mind!” 


Raniero’s knights looked at each other’s faces with very unfair expressions. 


This conversation had been repeated for thirty minutes already.


Every time the knights report, Arthur just spits out the words that can’t be the case.


‘But she did it.’


One of the knights got these words up to his throat, but he decided to keep quiet for his own good.


Arthur Raniero dropped his gaze in disbelief.


“By her power…what? No, and explain why the damn wolf mansions were transformed in the first place! Because they transformed….” 


Originally, Raniero planned secretly kidnapping Linsy through the window after putting the servants to sleep. Once they take her to Raniero’s territory, they can’t take it back. 


To carry out this plan, he obtained sleeping pills made from goat horns, which are said to make someone sleep for a hundred years.


But— lost their minds? 




‘To think Linsy healed them all.’


The gaze, which had been confused, as if the world had been lost, came back to life.


“You must bring her back unconditionally.”


There is no case in the history of Raniero in which someone healed beastmen who lost their mind at the age of seven.


So he had to bring Linsy back no matter what.


“First, catch that chef when he arrives and investigate.” 

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