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Kendrick strode in. I nodded and bowed to Kendrick.


“Do you have a good dream, Kendrick!”


“Yes, Linsy. I’m glad you slept well.”


Kendrick placed a large hand on top of my head and stroked it gently.


After that, he looked at Arsene’s shadow wolf and spoke sternly to Arsene.


“I’m sure I told you not to use your ability until we return to the mansion.”


“…but I was using it by myself with curtains closed and doors closed.”


As Arsene grumbled, Kendrick let out a small sigh.


“Arsene, don’t be too impatient. Soon…” 


“Ah! Don’t talk about it!”


Arsene jumped up and clung to Kendrick’s waist.


Kendrick gave a meaningful laugh. I looked at the two and asked.


“What do you mean impatient?” 


“I’ll tell you later, since Arsene seems to hate it.” 


Arsene nodded steadily and puffed out his cheeks.


I nodded as well.


Kendrick took Arsene and me to a carriage he had prepared.


As soon as we were all in the carriage, the coachman slowly moved the horse forward.


I heard the sound of horseshoes kicking off the ground for a while, and soon we arrived at the temple entrance. 


Today, the temple’s depths were open to general beastmen, so it was crowded with beastmen.


I gulped at the sight of the huge crowd.


And it was the same with Arsene.


“Don’t worry, we won’t get mixed up with them.”


The carriage went deep into the temple.


After entering to some extent, the Paladins of the temple stopped the carriage for a while and checked the people inside the carriage. 


They let the carriage go after confirming that it was only me, Arsene, and Kendrick inside.


“Where is this?”


When I first came to the temple, I had never been to a place like this.


“It is a place used only once a year when there is a meeting of heads.”


According to Kendrick, it only opens once a year.


‘Ah, that’s why.’


That’s why Kendrick brought Arsene and me. 


He seemed to take me to places I hadn’t been to before. 


The carriage went deep into the temple, and soon the horse stopped. 


An escort knight opened the carriage door and lowered the footrests so we could get out comfortably.


“Come on, let’s get off.”


Kendrick lifted me up and put me down before I even stepped onto the footrest.


Arsene jumped off the ground before Kendrick lowered him in the same way.


“Arsene, you’ll get hurt.”


Kendrick gave him a light scolding, but Arsene acted like he didn’t hear.


I naturally grabbed Arsene’s hand.


I could feel Arsene holding my hand too.


‘We’re really good at holding hands now.’


At first, he freaked out when my hand touched him, but now, even when I hugged him, he didn’t push me away. 


Of course, he has a grumpy face, but—.


I looked up at the building of the temple.


An enormously large figure of the God of Knut was carved into it. 


God of Knut had the appearance of a benevolent woman.


I followed Kendrick eagerly, looking around at the enormous structures.


“Lady, Young Master. Please this way.” 


At that time, two female priests appeared and smiled at Arsene and me.


Looking up at Kendrick, Kendrick nodded as if to follow them.


“If anything happens, shout right away. There are no escort knights, but… you don’t have to run. Do you understand, Linsy?” 




I pressed my lips together and nodded hard.


“Arsene, take good care of Linsy. Don’t use your abilities.” 


“I know.” 


I felt Arsene gripping my hand tighter even as he grumbled, so I smiled.


And we followed the priests.


On the first day of the festival, just like when we visited the temple, there was a room where successors gathered.


This time, the difference was that there were successors from other clans besides the blessed ones.


Of course, Gale was included.




I sighed again at the thought of meeting Gale’s face.


“You can take a rest.”


The priest escorted me and Arsene to the room and hurriedly left.


Like a small banquet, refreshments were prepared everywhere for children to eat comfortably.


There were even priests who walked around and poured juice.


However, Arsene and I were unfamiliar with them, so we sat in the corner without thinking about mingling with them.


“Arsene, there are so many acquaintances here.”


I whispered in Arsene’s ear, and Arsene slowly nodded his head.


“Ung, a lot.”


Arsene’s face stiffened a little when he said that, so I cupped Arsene’s cheeks with both hands.




“Arsene, are you nervous?”


“N, no, who’s nervous…” 


“It’s okay, I’m here.”


I proudly pointed my thumb at him and smiled.


To be honest, I was still afraid of strangers, but that was enough to calm Arsene. 


“Yes, and I’m here too!” 


Then, a familiar voice came from behind Arsene.




It was Leona Fernando, a child with a ponytail of curly orange hair.


Cain was standing next to her, looking like he had been hit because his clothes were all messed up.


I looked at Cain in surprise.


“You, who hit you?”


Cain glanced at Leona.


Apparently, the two of them had a disagreement and fought before they came.


Leona frowned and glared at Cain.


“You said something unpleasant first!”


“Ssh, Leon. It’s too loud.”


I put my finger to Leona’s mouth, looking out for the other successors.


Then I looked at the spot where Cain said he’d been hit.


Fortunately, there were no injuries, so Leona seemed to hit him gently. 




“Linsy Raniero.”


A voice I didn’t really want to hear echoed from behind me.


I slowly turned my head.




“What do you mean Giles flowers?”


The head of the bear clan jumped up and said, unable to calm down his excitement.


“Sit down, Desmond.”


The head of the dog clan calmed Desmond, the head of the bear clan.


The heads of each clan began to say one word at a time.


Of course, Lamont, who had heard the story beforehand, kept his mouth shut and said nothing.


“Giles flowers, that can’t still exist, Kendrick. Aren’t you dreaming?”


It was the head of both clans who carefully questioned Kendrick.


Kendrick shook his head.


“Half of the people who came to Yeckhardt’s second residence lost their minds and went wild. Half of them were asleep. There is only one herb that makes you fall asleep if you take a little and lose your senses if you take too much. It’s not like you don’t know that.”


“Giles flower.”


The heads of each clan talked in unison. There was a moment of silence in the dining room.


“What do you mean Giles flower? There will be a big mess coming, Kendrick Yeckhart. Did you find out where the pollen was distributed?” 


The head of the fox clan asked.


“Besides, how do you cure… those who have eaten Giles flowers in the wolf clan? There is no known cure for those who have eaten Giles flowers. Have you beheaded all the servants of the mansion?” 


At the fox clan’s question, Arthur Raniero slowly opened and closed his eyes.


When the Giles flower existed in ancient times, there was no way to detoxify the flower, so the only way was to kill and bury the beastman who had lost their mind.


It was for this reason that the faces of the other clans turned pale. 


Because in ancient times, half of the dog clan died due to the distribution of Giles flowers.


Such tragedies may be repeated again. The heads of other clans stared at Kendrick.




‘He knows it.’


Kendrick was convinced by Arthur Raniero’s reaction.


That he knew that it was his daughter, Linsy Raniero, who took care of this situation. 


Arthur must have been nervous now.


If it turns out that Linsy was the one who detoxified the Giles flower, the other clans may be targeting Linsy as well.


Raniero’s chances of getting Linsy back are getting slimmer. 


Even now, there is probably not much chance of getting her back from the wolf.


But here, to say that Linsy had cured them is the same as putting Linsy in danger, so Kendrick said slowly. 


“Those who completely lost their minds were killed and buried. But more than half of them got their minds back when it stopped working.” 


“…Got their minds back? If it’s really a Giles flower, that’s impossible, Kendrick.”


Desmond of the Bear Clan once again stepped forward. He slammed the dinner table with his huge fist and said.


“Giles flowers do not heal naturally! Aren’t you confused with something else?”


“I know that there is no natural healing. But I’m just saying what I saw with my own eyes. If it sounds like a lie, you can ask Yeckhart’s servants.”


Kendrick’s sharp eyes turned to Desmond.


“Even though there are doubts, the fact that Giles’ flower is the only herb that makes beastman lose their mind is unchanged.”


The head of the Fox clan, who was listening to Kendrick silently, put down his knife and asked.


“Did you find the culprit who used the Giles flower?”


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