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The papers were supposed to be kept in the temple. He said he would soon send the copy to Yeckhart’s second mansion.


Kendrick quickly left the temple on the way. All the heads of other clans had already left the temple.


We were the last.


I stayed in Arsene’s arms in my bird form the entire time, climbed into the carriage, and changed into my human form.


Arsene looked somewhat regretful.


‘It’s just my feeling, right?’


I tried to ignore Arsene’s disappointing eyes.


Yeckhart’s carriage quickly left the temple and crossed the festival streets.


Maybe because the end of the festival was approaching, people seemed much more happy. 


Arsene stared out the window and then turned away.




I stared at Arsene for a long time with my eyes narrowed and then turned out of the window.


‘I didn’t expect things to end like this.’


Thinking that I was really married somehow made me feel new.


Then, Kendrick opened his mouth.


“Since all the document is done, we should have the wedding ceremony.” 


“Wedding ceremony?”


Arsene asked.


“Yes, because you are officially married now.”


“Then, do we share a bedroom now?”


I tilted my head and asked.


Since I wasn’t officially Arsene’s wife until now, I was staying in a different room.




‘My father always shared the same room with her wife.’


Although the person who shares the same room has changed every time—.


At my words, Kendrick laughed. 


“Come to think of it, you said you’ve been sleeping with Arsene lately.”


“Yes, Mr. Hern told me that doing that would make Arsene stable.”


I nodded.


“You can share the same room until you are a little older. Because you are a married couple.”


Kendrick finished his sentence and then softly ruffled Arsene’s hair.


His frizzy hair was disheveled in Kendrick’s hand.


“…Sharing the same room?” 


“Ung, do you hate it?” 


“I, it’s not that I hate it.” 


Arsene stuttered. I squinted at Arsene.


“But you don’t seem to like it, Arsene.”


“I told you I don’t hate it. Just… I don’t know.”


Kendrick laughed lightly as he listened to my conversation with Arsene. The corners of Kendrick’s nice mouth lifted slightly.


“We’ve taken care of the urgent matters, so let’s think about the wedding slowly.”


I nodded my head at Kendrick’s words.


If it were a wedding, like the last banquet, a lot of wolves would be invited. 




I still haven’t forgotten the shock of that moment.


So I was glad to hear Kendrick’s suggestion to think about the wedding slowly.








After arriving at the mansion, I waved warmly at Betty, who was coming to meet me.


Betty took off my hat.


“Are you hot? I’ll bring you water right away.”


“Ung, thank you.” 


When I nodded, Betty took my hat and coat and disappeared quickly.


Then, Ethan approached.


“My Lady, no, now I should call you little Madam.”


Ethan smiled as he finished speaking. 


I think he heard from Kendrick that we had signed a marriage contract at the temple today.




When I called, Ethan smiled and lifted his monocle.


“Have you been well?”


“Ung, yes. I had a good time.”


I nodded.


Arsene opened his mouth, took off his jacket, and handed it to the maid.


“I won’t go to dinner next time.”


“Did something happen?”


“…There are so many stupid kids.”


Arsene wrinkled his nose. Then he quickly went into his room.


Ethan and I stayed alone and looked at Arsene.


Then Ethan lowered his voice and whispered to me.


“Did something happen to you?”


 “It’s not like that… My half-brother Gale was at the dinner table.”


“Ah, you mean Raniero’s heir.”


“Yes, but Arsene seems to be upset because Gale keeps touching me.”


“I guess that’s what happened….” 


Ethan nodded his head. Then he looked at my face and asked.


“Are you okay, Lady?”


“Yes, I am fine. Just… there were a lot of people anyway, so he couldn’t do anything for me.”


If no one was around, he might have tried to drag me away like the last time.


Gail didn’t try to take me this time, probably because there were a lot of people around.


And I gently grabbed Ethan’s sleeve.


“Ethan, Ethan.”


“Do you have anything to say?”


Ethan asked softly and bent his back.


I put my mouth to Ethan’s ear, covered it with my hand, and whispered.


“A vow in the name of Knut… It’s my first time doing it today.”


“Normally there is little to do. Keep talking.”


“Does the document burn red if you take it in its original beast state?”


As I whispered, Ethan narrowed his eyes and asked again.




“The papers were burning red. It’s because I’m in my bird form….” 


“…It’s the first time I’ve heard of something like that…”




I thanked him and went up to my room.


Then shortly afterward, Betty came in with cold water.


“I’ll change your clothes right away.”




I answered and drank the cold water with both hands.


Betty quickly changed my clothes.


I changed into my comfortable pajamas and lay down on the bed.


Then, not long after, I heard a knock.


“Come in~.”


Arsene slammed the door open and came crashing in, burying his face in the bed.


It looks like it was a tiring day.


“Arsene, are you tired?”


I held Arsene’s hand as I asked.


Arsene wriggled his fingers and grabbed my hand tightly.


“A little… I don’t want to go to such a place in the future.”


“But now you’ll have to go every year now.”


“Can I not go?”


“Ung, you can’t. You are Yeckhart’s successor.”


I reached out to Arsene and grabbed his hand.


I could feel the warmth where they touched. 


‘If I use my ability, I’ll be able to get rid of it again, right?’ 


I thought as I tickled Arsene’s palm with my finger.


I wanted to hurry up and treat Arsene, but it was frustrating because every time, it only calmed down the pain, but I couldn’t cure it.


‘I don’t have to worry about being kicked out now….’


Since I signed a contract in the name of the God Knut, Yeckhart couldn’t kick me out, at least until I came of age.


Even if my hair turns red.


I blinked for a second.


‘I’ll have to tell him when I go back to the mansion this time.’


In fact, the red hair is growing so much now that it is difficult to pull it out every time to hide it.




‘That’s why a lot of wheat-colored hair falls out…’


If they catch me shedding this much, people will quickly notice that I am molting.


Of course, usually, molting is normal around the age of ten.


‘Because I did transform to my bird form at the age of seven…’


Nobody would have found it strange if I had molted earlier.


‘Because he looks busy right now.’


Kendrick seemed very busy with what had happened the other day.


He went out every time, and the knights of the mansion also showed signs of nervousness.


It was not a good time to talk about this situation. So.


When it’s sorted out.


I’ll tell him when it’s sorted.


Kendrick may not be angry because he likes me.


Yeckhart’s servants also—they might not turn their back on me like Raniero’s servants. 


It may be a vain hope.


‘I want to have even vain hope…’


I wanted to believe in the affection and devotion Yeckhart’s people showed me.


Arsene asked as if my expression looked depressed while holding my hand tightly.


“Linsy, what’s wrong?”


“Ung? N, no. I’m just tired…” 


“Right, I’m tired. Still, we’re going back to the main mansion tomorrow.”


Arsene said, stretching his legs.


Tomorrow was already the last day of the festival.


The festival will end at noon tomorrow.


I opened my eyes and said.


“Arsene, come to think of it, didn’t Ansia say she was going to have fireworks at the festival?”


“Ung? Ung, I guess it was.”


I asked, looking at Betty, who was sitting next to me and sorting out the clothes. 


“Betty, you know. Aren’t there fireworks this year?”


“Fireworks? They’ll do it tonight at midnight. You can also see it in Yeckhart’s mansion. But it’ll be late…aren’t you tired?”


“Ung, ung! I’m not tired. I want to see the fireworks.”


“I want to see fireworks, too.”


Arsene jumped to his feet.


Arsene and I both shouted at the same, then exchanged glances and giggled.


“You just have to look at the sky at midnight. It will embroider the entire sanctuary.”


Betty said with a laugh.


“What time is it now?”


“It’s four o’clock in the afternoon, Young Master. There’s still a long way to go.”


Arsene looked very disappointed at Betty’s words.


She moved out so the two of us could play.


I tapped Arsene on the shoulder, who seemed disappointed.


“Arsene, look at this.”


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