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“It’s not fireworks, but…I can do something similar.”


I spread my palms wide, and I used my ability.


A small light green light clumped together on my palm.


And it floated like a cloud in the palm of my hand.


I saw Arsene staring at my palm.


“Now, look at this….”


I focused on Arsene and carefully used my abilities.


Then, the yellow-green lights that were small and floating exploded.


Pieces of light poured out onto the palm and the bed sheets.


I had never seen fireworks, but I imitated them similar to what Ansia described.


“Isn’t it pretty?”


Hehe, I asked with a smile, and Arsene smiled lightly and nodded.


“Ung, it’s pretty.”


Arsene’s eyes were strangely fixed on me when he said so.




Is he saying that my ability is pretty or that I am pretty?


‘If you look at me and say that, I can’t tell what’s pretty.’


I grumbled inwardly and stared at Arsene’s face.


And I decided that Arsene was the prettiest, not me or my ability.


Curly gray hair, plump, flushed cheeks.


Blue and deep eyes like a lake in a fairy tale book.


‘You look pretty….’


He seemed prettier than me, a girl. I reflexively touched Arsene’s eyelashes.


“What, what’s wrong?”


“No, just because.”


Long eyelashes fluttered every time Arsene blinked. 


Then I said, clasping Arsene’s hands tightly in both hands.


“Don’t be sick, Arsene.”


“All of a sudden?”


“You can’t be sick. I’ll treat you. When you grow up, you can transform…. Ung? You can use your ability even better….” 


These days, there are times when I sometimes forget that I was dead once.


I had become too accustomed to Yeckhart’s daily life, and what happened at Raniero was gradually being forgotten.




‘When I see Arsene.’


When I saw Arsene alive and moving like this before my eyes, I couldn’t believe that he had died in his previous life.


Arsene narrowed his brow when I made a random remark.


“Linsy, are you sick?”


Then he put his small hand on my forehead and measured my temperature with a serious expression.


I burst into laughter at sight.


“No, I’m not sick. It’s just, uh, we’re married now, so I’ll treat you harder.”


“You’ve been working hard to treat me until now….”


“But I’ll treat you harder.”


When I said it sternly, Arsene laughed. Every time he smiled, the corners of his eyes curved beautifully. 




Knock, knock. I heard a short knock, and Chloe opened the door and said,


“Lady, Young Master. Let’s have a snack~.”


“Ung, we will.”


Arsene and I immediately got out of bed and stomped down the stairs.




“Keep looking, it may be in wolf territory.”


Kendrick said sharply.


Yeckhart’s knights searched the nearby wolf territory, but they couldn’t find any trace of the Giles flower.


Thanks to that, finding Ester was a bit of an afterthought.


This is because it was more urgent to find Giles flowers than Ester.


At once, a hypothesis came to Kendrick’s head.


‘Is there a connection between the missing Ester and Giles flower?’


Lamont said there was no way the prohibition would be resurrected, and Linsy must have been wrong.


But Kendrick believed in Linsy.


It wasn’t because Kendrick cared and adored Linsy.


It was because Linsy was too smart and brilliant for a seven-year-old.


He never thought for a second that Linsy was wrong.




Prohibition and Giles flowers suddenly revived.


Things that disappeared in ancient times reappeared one by one, and Kendrick didn’t think all of this was a coincidence.


If so, it was highly likely that Ester was also involved in this matter.


Even the person wearing the black hood that Linsy had seen.


Kendrick expanded the range of the search and ordered a thorough investigation of the entire territory of the wolf clan.


He ordered a thorough investigation not only of Giles flowers but also of Ester and those wearing black hoods.




“But, there are signs that someone has entered the land of Tamar.”


Kendrick narrowed his brow.


“Did you find out who it was?”


“We don’t know that far, but judging from the length of the stride and the size of the footprints, it’s probably a large adult male.”


Kendrick narrowed his brow.


If someone had entered the land of Tamar, there was a high possibility that he would be cold with a corpse somewhere by now.


Even though security was set up to keep them from entering. 


There were often fearless young men who went into the land of Tamar and lost their lives.


“Strengthen the guard. Find and punish those who were on duty at that time. I warned you several times not to let anyone in.”


At Kendrick’s slow voice, Degon responds with a silent nod.


“Increase the security of the land of Tamar. Make sure no one is allowed to enter. No one must enter the land of Tamar until the Giles flower is found.”


“Yes, Lord.”


Degon bowed politely and left Kendrick’s office.


Kendrick leaned his head against the chair, closed his eyes gently, and opened it.


‘Is it Raniero?’


What, how, and to what extent Raniero’s ability could cure wasn’t disclosed to the rest of the clan.


But judging from Linsy’s use of her ability.


‘Raniero’s ability can suppress Tamar’s curse and detoxify the Giles flower.’


If so, the only family that benefited the most from the resurrection of the Giles flower was the bird clan. 


But it still didn’t make sense.


In this situation, if they use the Giles flower like this, it is obvious that the bird clan will be suspected.


‘I don’t think they’re that thoughtless.’


Arthur Raniero was certainly an arrogant and stupid man by Kendrick’s standards, but he didn’t think he would do anything this stupid.


Since he was also the head of the bird clan, he was obliged to take responsibility for the clan.


Kendrick nervously swept his hair. Kendrick’s touch made his gray hair messy.


‘I’ll find it soon.’


He doesn’t have to be too impatient.


Since the heads of other clans were aware of the seriousness of this situation, it would be discovered soon.


Everyone will go back to their territory and search everywhere.




‘If they’re  growing Giles flowers somewhere, they’ll definitely get caught.’


When inhaling pollen from the Giles flower, the beastman falls asleep or loses their mind.


Of course, they don’t lose their mind with a small amount of pollen floating in the air.


‘If it’s growing in a heap somewhere.’


Undoubtedly, the beastman living nearby would show strange behavior.


Yeckhart’s knights were also searching for villages where even a little bit of abnormal behavior appeared.


So it was to be found soon.


Kendrick soon put his thoughts aside and stood up.


Kendrick didn’t know until then.


That the search for Giles flowers will be longer than expected.




“It is said that if you make a wish while watching the fireworks on the last night of the festival, it will come true.”


Betty laughed.


Arsene and I sat side by side on the terrace, looking up at the sky.


“You know, can you really see it from here, too?”


The second mansion was quite far from the sanctuary.


So I couldn’t believe Betty’s words. We tilted our heads, and Betty smiled and said, “Of course!”


“It should look good. It would have been better if you had seen it from the festival street—”


“But I can’t help it, it’s dangerous to go out now.”


Of course, it would have been better to see it on the street, but I didn’t want to take the risk and watch the fireworks.


The Giles flower incident turned the mansion upside down once, and in Raniero, their eyes were lit to take me back at any time.




“It’s better to see it here.”


“How can my Lady be so mature?”


Betty smiled softly.


Arsene, who was looking up at the sky the whole time, stretched his neck.


I asked, staring at Arsene.


“What are you going to wish for? Have you thought about it?”




“What is it? I will ask you to be healthy. And…”


Even if I have red feathers, I will pray that Yeckhart’s servants don’t hate me.


I couldn’t bear to say it, and I turned it over. After I finished my words, Arsene’s hand, which held my hand, became stronger.


“I’m… It’s a secret.”


“Huh? I told you! There’s no such thing as that, Arsene!”


“There is, fool.”


While we were bickering, there was suddenly a very loud noise.


We looked up at the sky in surprise at the loud sound we heard for the first time in our lives.






It was said that fireworks colored the entire sanctuary, and it seemed that it was not a lie.


Huge lights burst from the sky near the sanctuary, embroidering the sky.




And I was surprised and changed into my bird form.




I tried to release the transformation again soon, but Arsene stretched out his hand out of habit to me, so I couldn’t do it.


I looked up at the sky in Arsene’s arms in my bird form.




I made a wish to myself.


‘Please don’t let Arsene get sick, and…’


Don’t let me be hated.


When I made a wish, the warm wind seemed to pass by for a while.


Was it an illusion?


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  1. She is a phoenix…. red hair / great healing ability.. and then she was reborn from her ashes…
    too bad the characters don’t grow faster… almost 90 chapters and still 7 years old…

    1. this is a great theory. i never considered that linsy might be a phoenix, or that there was a connection between that and her death by fire