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The next day, we returned to Yeckhart’s main mansion.


Last night, half of the servants cleaned up the main mansion, and the other half cleaned up the second.


Before noon, Kendrick took Arsene and me into the carriage.


“Mmh, come to think of it, I couldn’t hunt….” 


Arsene nodded as I muttered and lifted my legs.


“Right, I was so distracted….”


“When we go back, dig a shallow reservoir inside the mansion.”


Kendrick said casually.


I asked with my eyes wide open.




“It would be nice to think of it as a wedding present. Since I haven’t given you anything right yet… it would be nice to dig a reservoir and go boating.”


Kendrick continued casually. Arsene added a word to Kendrick’s words.


“Then buy me a boat too.”


“Yeah, I’ll buy you one. Linsy, do you need anything else?”


Kendrick looked at me as if he would buy me anything I really needed.


“I don’t need anything, I mean it!”


“Come to think of it, there was a horse, we should build a horse riding ground.”


I opened my mouth and looked at Kendrick.


Kendrick slightly narrowed his brows as if wondering if he had anything more to offer after the reservoir and the horseback riding ground.


I quickly waved my hand.


“Y, you don’t have to give me something like that! You gave me a necklace last time, shoes and a dress….”


“It’s different from a wedding present.”


“B, but I have nothing to give….”


Normally, I hear that when you get married, the bride’s side should also send a gift.


But all I had was my body. Besides,


There was no way my family would send those things. 


‘I can’t even treat him properly….’


I shook my head quickly because I was afraid I would look like a shameless child when I received such things.


“Y, you really don’t have to give it to me. Really!”


“Why don’t you give me anything, Linsy?”


Kendrick closed his eyes slowly and then opened them.


I raised my eyebrows slightly at Kendrick’s reaction and asked again.




“First of all, yes. I’ll have to change the title first.”


Kendrick clapped his hands. However, the clapping sound wasn’t loud. It was Kendrick’s little consideration for me, who is sensitive to noise.




“Yeah, we haven’t had a ceremony yet, but now that you are married, let’s call it properly.”


I saw Arsene looking at me with curious eyes.


I pondered for a moment.


‘What do you mean by a proper title?’


I’m just calling him Sir Kendrick, but was it too rude?


But I really couldn’t think of what to call it.


After giving it some thought for a while, I carefully opened my mouth.


“…Sir Kendrick Yeckhart?”




Kendrick raised his eyebrows as if he had heard something wrong.


“I, is this not it?”


With a tearful face, I fiddled with the hem of my dress for a long time.


‘Then maybe…’


It will be right this time, right?


I felt the inside of the carriage a bit cooler than before and Kendrick’s gaze before I opened my mouth slightly again.


“…Handsome Kendrick?” 


When I was in Raniero in my previous life, Mrs. Bellin used to love to call herself ‘the most beautiful woman in the world, Mrs. Bellin’. 


I remembered that that’s why I called him—.




I saw Kendrick’s murderous gaze and quickly averted my gaze.


As expected. I guess it wasn’t this either.


‘Then what is it?’


Then, Kendrick sighed.


“Sir Kendrick seems too formal. Be more friendly.”


“F, friendly…?”


Call him in a friendly way?




I closed my eyes tightly and said.


“U, uncle…?”


Arsene, who was next to me, burst out laughing.


“W, what do you mean uncle!”


“Be quiet, Arsene.”


But Kendrick’s touch soon calmed him down.


I was about to cry.


So what is it?


Kendrick gave me a lot of hints, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.


Kendrick spoke slowly, ruffling Arsene’s hair.


“You should call me father. Daughter-in-law.”


“Ah, ah! Father!”


Then I clapped my hands, dangled my legs, and laughed.




“Yeah, if it’s hard to call, you can call me slowly. I won’t force you.”


I shook my head.


“I can call it! Father!”


So that’s what he wants.


Well, since I’m Yeckhart’s young Madam and Kendrick’s daughter-in-law now, it’s only natural that I called him that.


I was so pathetic that I hadn’t thought of it until now.


Kendrick smiled softly as I continued to call him father and father.


I made a promise as I looked at it quietly.


‘I’ll have to tell you soon.’


About my molting condition.


I first thought that Kendrick would give me a warm hug instead of reprimanding me.


‘I don’t think it’s an illusion.’


The afternoon sun filtered through the carriage windows and fell gently on Arsene and Kendrick’s faces.


I watched the picturesque scene with a big smile.


Hoping that this peace will be maintained for a long time.




As soon as I arrived at the mansion, I changed my clothes and ran to the stable.




Hector, who was trapped in the stable, lifted up his hooves to see me.


I hugged Hector as hard as I could and rubbed my cheek against Hector’s soft fur.


“Hector, how are you?”


Arsene watched Hector and me hugging and putting his hand on Hector’s forehead.


Fortunately, Hector accepted Arsene’s hand gently.


“Lady, Young Master. Did you have a good trip?”


At that time, the stable keeper Gilbert appeared covered in dust as if he was cleaning the storage room.


I smiled and nodded.


“Yes, Gilbert. How’s Hector doing?”


Then Arsene stared at Gilbert and shook his head.


“It’s not Lady.”


“Yes? If it’s not Lady—”


And Arsene pointed the finger at me, then at himself.


“We were merry.”


“It’s marriage—”


“That’s all that matters. Anyway!”


Arsene apparently wanted to tell Gilbert that he and I were married.


Gilbert’s face changed in an instant.


“Oh my, you finally got married. Congratulations, Lady. No, now I should call you young Lord and young Madam, hoho.”


My face flushed because I was unfamiliar with the new title, which tickled me.


It was the same when I heard it from Ethan, but it felt strange for Gilbert to call me like that.


Arsene, who brought up his words first, was also embarrassed to be called the young Lord, and his face turned red. 


Gilbert laughed at us and turned his gaze to Hector.


“No wonder Hector was in a good mood all day today, it must have been because he knew that the young Madam was coming.”


Hector wagged his tail gently at Gilbert’s words.


Arsene rested his chin on the stable as he looked at Hector and asked. 


“Will Hector understand what we’re saying? Hector can’t turn into a human being.” 


“Yes, Hector is not a beastman, but he understands what we’re saying. It’s a smart horse.”


Right? I asked Hector and patted the lovely horse on the forehead.


Hector wagged his tail once more.


“Then let’s tell him we got married too.”


“Didn’t he hear Gilbert and us talking earlier?”




Arsene seemed to think marriage was an exceptional contract.


‘Well, Arsene doesn’t know what marriage is….’


He was a seven-year-old child who couldn’t even pronounce the word marriage properly. 


Of course, Yeckhart’s servants and I explained what marriage meant. 


‘Aren’t you going to know what marriage is later and want to quit?’


I thought that, too, when I looked at Arsene. 


Soon after, we heard Chloe calling for us to say it was snack time. 


Arsene and I left the stable after saying goodbye to Hector and Gilbert. 


“Snack time… Oh my, Lady…” 


Chloe looked at my messy chest and was shocked.


Hector ate the fodder right before we met, so there was a lot of it stuck to my chest.


I ended up being dragged into Betty’s hands and had to wash my face and change my clothes again.


In the dining room, there was a plate with cakes and cookies that looked like they had been bought.


I sat in a chair with Arsene and put the cookies in my mouth.


Then he mumbled and said,


“You know, Chloe… uh, did you hear? I married Arsene.”


“That’s right, I married Linsy. I’ll live with Linsy forever.”


Arsene put the cookie in his mouth and said casually.


At Arsene’s remark, everyone in the dining room smiled and looked at Arsene.


I could feel their affection for Arsene from their expressions.


“Marriage? Oh my, congratulations!”


Chloe and Betty smiled brightly.


Of course, Ethan would have told the servants of the mansion in advance, but—.


The servants were considerate of us and responded with a nuance that seemed like they were hearing it for the first time. 


“Then I’ll call you young Madam now!”


I took a deep breath at those words and quickly shook my head.


“It’s still too awkward to be called young Madam. For the time being… Can you just call me Lady? How about you, Arsene?”


Arsene paused for a moment and then nodded as if he agreed with me.


“…Yes, that’s right. It’s awkward… just call me what you’re used to calling me.”


There seemed to be a faint hint of regret in Arsene’s voice, but it was lost in the congratulatory greetings of the servants.


“Yes, then for the time being, I’ll just call you Lady and Young Master!” Congratulations on your wedding, my Lady and Young Master!” 


Arsene nodded.


“Ung, thank you. But where’s Akim? I have to tell Akim, too….”


“Right, he went to the festival with us, but I haven’t seen Akim since day one.”


Akim was last seen from the mansion the day before the ‘incident’ broke out.


I stopped munching on cookies.




You haven’t seen him since that incident?


When I looked up at Betty, Chloe, and the other maids in case, I saw everyone in trouble.


Don’t tell me, Akim is—?


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  1. arsene is so excited to tell everyone that they got married, even the horse 😂 they’re so cute