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I nodded my head.


I came to this mansion to heal and marry him anyway.


‘What I’m a little worried about is—’


There is a rumor going around that he has a weak body, and that his personality is both sensitive and vicious. 


Will he try to eat me?


I had to ask for protection in return for treating him safely, but it was difficult if he ate me. 


Kendrick Yekhart told me not to worry, as if he knew what was on my mind.


“He’s a good kid, so he’ll be a good friend to you.”




Kendrick said he’s nice, so it’s okay, right?


It might just be a rumor that Arsene is a sensitive kid.


I sighed and was relieved. 


Just then, I heard Kendrick’s slight murmur.


“…No, isn’t he a good kid? But still, maybe as a good friend….”






As soon as I encountered the servants of the Wolf Mansion, I immediately regretted following Kendrick.


It was already my 30th regret.


‘I came here for nothing.’


Really, I guess I just came here for nothing.


I looked at the maids who were whispering something and thought.


I couldn’t hear what they were whispering about, but it was clear that they were whispering about me.


All the maids who saw me had the same expression on their faces and whispered to each other’s ears.


‘As expected, they don’t like me.’


The wolf family and the bird family have not been on very good terms for a long time.


Therefore, this reaction was probably natural.


‘No, let’s not be discouraged!’


I expected this reaction!


I puffed up my hair. The body became a round ball.


The foot that grabbed Kendrick’s collar naturally tightened.


I gripped his collar tightly. Don’t let it roll down. 


Then, as Kendrick noticed that I was nervous, he turned his head to look at the frivolous maids.


And he sighed and said.


“You understand.”


Kendrick put his outstretched finger on my chest. After a moment’s hesitation, I put my little foot on his finger.


I raised the rest of my feet, and he lifted me up to make eye contact. 


“It’s because it’s the first time a bird family has come to the wolf mansion. So it’s probably different from just listening to the story and seeing it in person.”




As Kendrick glanced at them, the maids, who had been staring at this side in amazement, quickly bowed their heads.


“I’m not saying it’s bad.” 


After he finished speaking, he gently pushed open the huge door.


It was a neat study.


It was no different from my father’s study in Raniero. But strangely, Kendrick’s study felt less like an office.


Snacks and small wolf dolls scattered all over the place relieved the stiff feeling. 


‘Is it Arsene’s doll?’


I glanced at the pink stuffed wolf.


It looked like it was a very good quality doll.


“You will play here.” 


Kendrick carefully laid me down on the sofa.


It felt good when my feet touched the soft sofa.


I puffed up my feather to indicate that I was in a good mood.


Then he sat down at his wooden desk and started looking through the papers.






Did I fall asleep?


I opened my eyes slowly.


Then, in a panic, I took a step back.


Because a wolf was sitting right in front of my beak.


“C, chirp!” 


Hiik, what is this! 


I quickly flapped my wings and moved away from the wolf.


I could feel the bird’s chest rising and falling steeply.


But the wolf didn’t move. So I narrowed my eyes and looked at the wolf.


I can see traces of sewing here and there if I look closely.


‘Phew, it’s the doll earlier.’


It was a wolf doll that Kendrick brought next to me to play with.


I kicked the wolf doll out of embarrassment.


The doll didn’t budge.


I took a careful step toward the doll and then kicked something with the tip of my toe.


‘What is this?’


I saw a small white handkerchief spread out as I lowered my eyes.


‘Did he cover it for me?’


It seemed to have been covered like a blanket.


I whimpered and folded the handkerchief nicely.


It’s a bit crooked, but—.


‘Did he go out?’


Since the office was empty, it seemed like I had fallen asleep, and he went out by himself.


When I got up, I saw a note written in neat handwriting.


[I’ll be back soon]


I think Kendrick Yeckhart had written it down for me when I woke up.


There were also a lot of small desserts next to the memo.


I barely picked up one macaron.


And with a pointed beak, I pecked hard at the macaron.


At that time—.


“Chi!! Chirp!! Chirp!!” 


I made eye contact with the yellow eyes staring at me from over the window frame and missed the macaron.


‘W, what’s that!’


Outside the window frame, wolves with bright yellow eyes were staring at me.


As I trembled and crept into the handkerchief, I heard a buzzing sound from over the window frame.


Then there was no more noise.


‘Are you gone now?’


Let’s carefully remove the handkerchief and look outside—.


“Chirpp! C, c, chirrp!” 


The bright yellow eyes were right in front of me.


Startled, I jumped off the sofa.


Then I flew back and left the office as fast as I could.


‘I have to run!’


My instinct was telling me to run away.


I flew quickly across the hallway.


Then I saw some of the servants following me.




Look, they’re trying to eat me!


I ran out the window and sped up.


I was drawn to Yekhart’s huge, open garden.


I looked back and flew.


Because the wolves kept chasing me.


At that time,






I bumped into a boy and fell straight to the ground. My eyes were spinning around.


Will I die like this?


Just when I was thinking like that.




White smoke rose like a cloud from beneath my feet.


The transformation was released. 


‘Why must it be like this…!’


The problem is that the spot where my transformation unfolded was on the lap of the boy who bumped into me.


I suddenly became a bad person who crushed the boy.


Adele’s pale pink dress, which she wore before turning into a bird, covered the boy’s face.


“A, are you okay?”


When I asked the boy with a stutter, the boy raised his head.


And the moment our eyes met, I could tell by instinct.


Arsene Yeckhart.


This child is the only heir to the Yeckhart family, and he is the boy who my father killed in a previous life.


I couldn’t help but notice.


‘Looking at his hair color, he looks like Kendrick Yeckhart.’


Gray hair, which represents the gray wolf family, and deep blue eyes, like the ocean.


His whole body seemed to show that he was the grey wolf family’s next heir.


As I put out my hand, the boy started crying, grabbed my hand, and jumped up.


“…W, what?” 


The boy looked very confused.


The boy was clearly confused because he had two round eyes and a mouth that wouldn’t close.


Well, I’d be embarrassed, too.


Who wouldn’t be embarrassed when an unknown girl suddenly appeared?


At that moment, I noticed that the boy’s palms had a lot of scratches on them.


I think it was because we bumped into each other, and he fell and put his hand on the ground.


“I, I. I’m sorry. Please wait for a moment!” 


I grabbed Arsene’s hand.


Arsene tried to pull his hand away, but I grabbed his hand tightly and didn’t let it go.


And I used my ability.


Then, both hands healed as if they had been washed.


Arsene was startled by the sight, and his eyes widened like that.


“You—. What are you?” 


“Uhm, you know…”


How can I explain this?


As soon as I was thinking about how to explain this.


“Oh my, Lady!” 


It looked like the old butler was running in a panic from afar.


His clothes, which had always been neat, become dishevelled.


He looked at me in bewilderment, and when he saw Arsene sitting down, he lifted Arsene up with a pale face.


“Young Master! Didn’t I tell you not to come out?”


“Hm, I would play for a second and go in.”


“And, by any chance, are you the Lady?” 


Ethan looked at me and asked cautiously. I nodded to Ethan’s question.


“Oh, my God, you’re finally back to your human form!”


I replied softly while fiddling with my wheat-brown hair.


“Ung, thank you.” 


The days of suffering because the beast’s transformation couldn’t be solved passed by.


‘But I’m glad it worked out.’


How terrible it was when I thought it might never work out!


The butler held Arsene in one hand and held my little hand in the other hand, holding it tight so he couldn’t miss it and return to the mansion.


Of course, the mansion had been turned upside down.


“If you have to clean, you have to wake the Lady up and make the situation obvious! So why are you making it like this!”


A middle-aged woman who appeared to be the head of the maid was scolding the other maids.


Judging from the conversation, it seems that the maids who surprised me earlier came to clean the office and watched me until I woke up. And when I woke up, she came in to explain the situation.


‘Then you should have said that.”


As soon as I woke up, I saw the wolf staring at me, so I had no choice but to run away.


Is it a good thing that I didn’t run any farther and get into an accident?


“Please wash up for a while, I’ll tell the Master and come back. I’ll take the Young Master as well.”


The butler said so and pushed me into the arms of a maid.


Then he took Arsene’s hand and slowly disappeared.


Arsene grumbled that he wanted to play in the garden more, but he followed Ethan quietly.


She smiled and hugged me.


I wrapped my arms around her neck, and the warmth was transmitted through her.


Somehow, it felt unfamiliar.


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  1. “Looking at his hair color, she looks like Kendrick Yeckhart.”

    I’m enjoying this novel a lot so far 🙂