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Kendrick wiped my face with a handkerchief and said.


I nodded.


“Yes, I, I wasn’t trying to hide it on purpose, so….” 


“You’re talking about molting.” 


“Yes, molting…” 


I was about to continue, but I stopped crying in surprise and looked up at Kendrick.


“…Did you know?” 


“From before. And look at what you have in your hand.”


I had a clump of red hair in my hand that I was pulling out.


I was so embarrassed that I only touched my red hair.


Kendrick’s big hands caressed my hair gently.


Then Kendrick asked softly, stroking my hair.


“How long has it been?”


“From the very beginning. I mean… actually, from the first time I came to Yeckhart….”


“Then you’ll start moulting in earnest soon.”


The molt hadn’t even started yet.


‘So it was possible to hide it by pulling it out like this….’


I knew from before that it would be impossible to pluck and hide it once it started properly. 


That’s why I should’ve told him in advance. 


To get caught like this.


I could feel Kendrick stroke my hair. I rolled my eyes as I hugged Kendrick in my arms.


“D, don’t you scold me?”




“I… hid it, uh… and secretly pulled it out….”


I continued with my head bowed.


“Because it’s a red feather….”


The red feather is said to be a symbol of a curse for all beasts.


So I.


—It’s natural to be abandoned.


My father’s voice rang in my ears. I felt my vision blur for an instant.






Kendrick flicked his finger and made a loud noise. I looked up at Kendrick in a hurry.


“Come to your senses, Linsy. There’s nothing wrong with red feathers. At least in the wolf clan.”


“What? But…”


“It is a superstition that the red feather is cursed only among the bird clan and a few clans. Exactly why such a superstition arose is not known in detail.”


Kendrick gently patted my back.


“It is said that in ancient times, there was a bird with red feathers in the bird clan, and it was said that the bird used some special power to fight and die in a great battle with another clan. It was even defeated so badly that the bird clan was almost wiped out. So, it seems that after that, it is said that the red feathers are a symbol of curse for the bird family.”


“It is said that in ancient times, there was a bird with red feathers in the bird clan, and it was said that the bird used some special power to fight and die in a great battle with another clan. It was even defeated so badly that the bird clan was almost wiped out. So, it seems that after that, people started saying that red feathers were a symbol of a curse for the bird clan.”


I listened to Kendrick.


“Anyway, since it’s similar to the color of blood, it probably didn’t look very good for beastmen who didn’t have any red color. And there’s a precedent that the bird clan was almost annihilated, so it seems that other clans reject it, but it’s more like superstition. It’s really just superstition, at least to the wolf clan.”


Kendrick then asked, “Then, were all the bear families cursed?”


Because the entire chief of the Bear clan had red fur.




“The first fur change is rather something to celebrate. There’s a lot to celebrate after you come.”


However, Kendrick, who said so, seemed rather pleased than bothered.


I hiccupped in surprise and looked at Kendrick.


“I’ve been guessing, but I didn’t think you’d really pick it…Linsy, remember. Whether you have red feathers, wheat feathers, or brown feathers, you are Linsy, and Yeckhart will love and support you no matter what you look like.”


Kendrick spoke softly as if to comfort the child. Then Kendrick’s large hand held mine warmly.


“So you don’t have to worry about useless things, Linsy. It won’t happen, but even if you… even if you lose your ability, Yeckhart will love you. Linsy, I, Arsene, and Yeckhart’s users like you and adore you, not just because you’re a child of the bird clan.”




“That’s because you’re a lovely girl, Linsy. You’ve shown your sincerity to Arsene and Yeckhart with your small body. So now it’s Yeckhart’s turn to repay.”


“…Sir Kendrick.”


“So, Linsy, don’t worry too much. I don’t know what you’re so afraid of, and I never will. But I promise you one thing.”


After Kendrick paused for a moment, he gently swept my bangs.


“No matter what happens, I will protect you, and I will fully support you. So don’t worry too much. Linsy, you shouldn’t worry so much.”


As I listened to what Kendrick said, I suddenly burst into tears again.


Because Kendrick’s words are warm.


It’s something I’ve wanted to hear for so long.




‘Because I thought it was something I’d never hear for the rest of my life….’


I couldn’t quite understand why Kendrick showed me so much trust and affection.


But one thing was certain.


That I would love Yeckhart with all my heart.




‘I’ll make Arsene better no matter what happens.’


I clenched my fist.


I was prepared to heal Arsene even if it meant consuming all of my abilities.


As much as Kendrick, Arsene, and the servants of the Wolf Mansion trust and support me, I want to repay them. 


Because the best gift I could give was to heal Arsene.


It should be possible in this life because I have a stronger ability than in my previous life.




I’ll treat Arsene no matter what.




“H, hiccup. Hng…?”


A faint red light suddenly shimmered in my hand, then it disappeared.


It seems Kendrick didn’t see it.


I looked down at my palms while shedding tears.


‘Clearly, clearly red light….’


I saw the red light flicker for a while, and then it disappeared…?


It couldn’t have been a trace of my ability. 


Because my ability was the same light green color as my eyes.


‘Is it prohibition…?’


As soon as I got back to the room, I decided to check the mirror first.


At that time.


“Tomorrow, it will be so swollen that you won’t even be able to open your eyes.” 


Kendrick wiped away my tears with his thumb.


Kendrick’s face caught my eyes as my tears dried and my vision cleared.


A warm heart that looks at me like I’m the most precious thing in the world.


When I thought about Kendrick, Arsene, Betty, Ethan, Hern, and the other servants, a corner of my heart kept getting warm and tickling.


It was a feeling I had never felt in my previous life.


I squeezed Kendrick’s finger.




“T, thank you. Hiccup! Father…” 


“Yeah, The change to the title is done for sure.” 


Kendrick brushed my hair, which was wet with sweat and tears.


On Kendrick’s hand, a few strands of wheat-colored hair stood out.


“Starting today, ask your maid to comb your hair at least four times a day. It looks like it will start in earnest.” 


“Y, yes…” 


“It’s red hair…. It will suit you. It will go well with the color of your eyes.”


“…I must have looked ugly….” 


When I had red hair, the servants of the bird clan looked at me and said I looked like a monster.


That I am ugly and really look like a monster with cursed hair. 


Since I was scared and trapped in my previous life, I have never looked at my face properly in the mirror. 


“I guess I should ask them to put a mirror in your room….” 


Kendrick muttered, stroking my tear-soaked cheek. 


“Pretty, you will look good no matter what kind of hair you do.” 




“Yeah, trust me.”


Kendrick patted me on the back and held me in his arms easily.


Kendrick’s warmth spread throughout his body. 


“You can come if you are afraid to sleep. You know my bedroom.” 


“Y, yes… The room at the end of the second floor….” 


“Arsene’s bedroom?”


“Next room…” 


“Your maid?”


“The room opposite….” 


“Yeah, you are smart.”


Kendrick asked me to go to anyone and wake them up unconditionally if I was scared.


I nodded as I held Kendrick tightly in his arms.




Kendrick put me to bed and stayed by my side until I fell asleep. 


The last thing I saw was Kendrick whispering something softly while stroking my hair.


I fell asleep and couldn’t remember what Kendrick said.


I jumped up and rubbed my eyes.




“I, I can’t open my eyes….” 


I tried to treat it with my ability, but it didn’t seem to improve because I wasn’t sick. 


Betty, who came to wake me up in the morning, was startled by my appearance.


“Oh my, Lady… Were you very upset yesterday? Are you okay now?”


“Ung, I’m fine… really.” 


Thanks to Kendrick’s sleepless nights to soothe me, I’m really fine now.


I feel relieved to think that starting today, I wouldn’t have to pull out my red hair.


“I brought water to wash your face. You will feel better if you wash your face and apply a cold compress.” 


Betty gently scrubbed my face and dried it dry with a towel.




“Okay now, hold it.”


She brought a bag of cold water and put it on my swollen eyelids.


I held the water bag to my eyelids with both hands.


“Betty… How long do I have to do this?” 


“Until it subsides, if you feel uncomfortable, you can do a little bit and remove it.”


At Betty’s words, I secretly removed the water bag and looked in the mirror. 


Then, shocked by how my eyes had swollen and made me look like a frog, I put the water bag over them again. 


I heard Betty giggling.


I laughed after Betty and called her carefully.


“You know, Betty….” 


“Yes, Lady. Please speak.” 


Betty strode in front of me, bent her knees, and looked into my eyes.


Of course, I couldn’t see Betty well because I covered my eyes with a water bag. 




I dangled my legs and opened my mouth carefully.


“You know…I have a confession to make.”


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