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The Giles flower.


‘From what I’ve heard, nothing has progressed yet…’


Akim was exiled to the cold northern territories, and no evidence was found to prove his connection to Raniero. 




He said that it’s a big problem that the source of the flowers cannot be accurately determined.


It is necessary to find out who is growing the flower and how it is grown to prevent accidents in advance.


Since they didn’t know that, it seemed like the whole clan was in an uproar.


So it was natural that Kendrick was busy.


‘Because the first place to be discovered is wolf territory…’


If Kendrick isn’t nervous, other clans may invade the wolf clan’s territory under the pretext of investigating the Giles flower.


That would put me in danger, too.


I thought that far and soon shook my head.


Then, I put my hands on my cheeks and opened my eyes wide.


‘Let’s not think about bad things.’


Everything will be alright.


The prohibition is gone, and people in black hoods can’t get into the mansion.


I still haven’t figured out the red light from the palm of my hand before.


The next day, when I checked in the mirror, there was no prohibition. 


I don’t know what the red light was yet, but it didn’t seem to be the prohibition. 


That’s why—.


‘So it’s gonna be okay.’


Why do I feel uneasy even if I mutter it so many times?


As I put on a rather serious expression, Arsene, who was sitting next to me, glanced at me.


“What’s wrong?”


“No. It’s fine.”


I shook my head right away.


But I could still feel Arsene looking at me with a worried look.




“I see you often, Kendrick.”


“I didn’t want to see you this often.”


Kendrick answered back. Lamont picked up the teacup and brought it to his mouth.


But Lamont’s teacup was shaking as if it had been an earthquake.




“Daddy, daddy! Are you listening?”


“Yeah, Leon. Please get out of here—”


“Dad! I’m talking to you. I have a very important issue right now.”


“I want you to leave now, Leona Fernando. We have a guest.”


Leona sat down on the carpet, almost clinging to Lamont’s legs, then turned her head to look at Kendrick.


Kendrick, who made eye contact with Leona, laughed.


“Mister, are you uncomfortable with me?”


“No. It’s fine.”


“Kendrick…! Damn it, where on earth is your nanny?”


Lamont touched his forehead. But Lamont and Kendrick and Leona all knew.


The servants of the Fernando Mansion didn’t intentionally leave this little girl out to interrupt the conversation between the two men.


“Lady, you have to get out!”




“Lady, you must go out!”


The servants came in one after another and tried to get Leona out, but Leona stuck to Lamont’s leg and didn’t fall off.


And Kendrick enjoys his friend’s suffering quite a bit, so he left Leona hanging on to Lamont throughout the conversation.


All the previous stories were useless anyway.




‘It would be difficult to hear it from now on.’


These are stories Leona is too young to hear yet.


Of course, it would matter if Linsy heard it all—.


Kendrick sensed a huge contradiction between these two sentences.


Leona and Linsy are the same age, but why does Linsy feel like a child a few years older?


Linsy, who is mainly composed of everything, is merely a child who cries and laughs a lot.


‘That’s it for the thought.’


Now, the adults could have a conversation only when the little girl, who was hanging on the right leg of the head of the lion’s clan, was sent out.


Kendrick clapped and drew Leona’s attention.


Sure enough, Leona immediately turned to Kendrick.


“Leona, I have a present.”


“I don’t need a present.”


When Leona shook her head, her red cheeks shook slightly.


Kendrick smiled slowly at Leona’s answer.


“It’s a present from Linsy and Arsene, and if you don’t need it, I’ll have to keep it.”


“Linsy? Arsene?”


Leona immediately responded to the familiar name. Leona immediately let go of Lamont’s leg and ran to Kendrick.


“Present, give me a present!”


“However, there are conditions. Leona.”


Kendrick said, pulling out an invitation written by Linsy and Arsene from his inside pocket. 


“If you read this in here, it will quickly disappear. So you have to go far away to read it. Yeah, for example… like your bed.” 


“Ung, ung!”


“Go and ask your nanny to read it.”


Kendrick handed the invitation to Leona.


Leona ran out holding the invitation as if it were a treasure.


“You like kids. You must have made good friends.”


“I wish she would listen to me as well as she usually does.”


Lamont looked at the spot where her daughter left and clicked her tongue.


“She looks like Janet.”


“Are you saying that again? Aren’t you tired, Kendrick? She’s my daughter, so of course she looks like me…” 


“Why, it’s cute.”


“If it’s cute, take it and raise it. If it’s possible, I’d like you to solve it in your wolf’s mansion until the first transformation and bring it to me.”


Kendrick stiffened at Lamont’s joke.


“Don’t be ridiculous, Lamont.”


“You said she were cute?”


Kendrick remembered that Lamont had made a mess of half of the lion’s mansion in his first transformation.


Lamont’s paws, which ran wild, and the many servants who chased after him.


However, Lamont, the world’s greatest, was calmer than her daughter now. So—.


“I don’t have a clue how crazy Leona will be.”


Maybe this time it’s going to destroy the entire lion’s mansion.


Kendrick shook his head with a chuckle.


“So, nothing came out?”


The first to change the subject was Lamont Fernando.


Kendrick looked at Lamont and slowly shook his head at what he said.


“No, I’ve searched all the way to the snowy mountains in the north, but it’s in vain. What about the lion’s territory?”


“Will it come out from us? I got a report that there were people who lost their intellect, but when I went there they were all older or— it’s just beastmen who are sick or something. It didn’t seem to have responded to the Giles flower.” 


“The movement of the other clans….” 


“Ha, while you’re looking more carefully, Kendrick. They all have the same situation. The other day there was a commotion in the dog clan’s territory, so I checked, and as expected, I couldn’t even see the petals of Giles flowers.”


Lamont sighed. Because Lamont also knows how big this is.


“Kendrick, if the Giles flowers spread, many beastmen will die.”


“Maybe there will be another place like Tamar.”


“Kendrick, isn’t that just a legend?”


“Originally all legends are based on fact, Lamont.”


There was a legend handed down from ancient times in the land of Tamar.


About the fact that a certain clan lived in the land of Tamar.




Because the taboo was violated, the entire clan was exterminated, and the land was cursed, making it impossible to live on.


And it was the Giles flower that appeared in that myth as well. 


According to the old book where the legend is recorded, the Giles flower was originally a flower that bloomed only in a very small number of areas in the land of Tamar. 


It was recorded that when the land of Tamar was cursed, and the clan that lived there was exterminated, Giles flowers burst forth all over the land of Tamar. 


But it’s literally just a legend.


No one could tell if it was true.


Lamont laughed.


“Kendrick, you must be really in a hurry. You’ve always been rational, why are you acting so impatiently?”


“It’s because there are more things to protect.”




Kendrick said calmly. 


“I said because there are more things to protect. There are some people who are looking for an opportunity to invade the wolf clan using Giles Flower as an excuse, so I have to be impatient.”


Raniero was also included in those who were aiming for the wolf territory.


Raniero must have heard of Linsy’s ability earlier.


He’ll be waiting for his chance to take Linsy back someday.


So, he had to get this done and make sure the trash never got to the Wolf Territory or Kendrick’s reaps.


Of course, before that.


“Leon will talk about it later, but there will be a wedding between Linsy and Arsene in the middle of next month.”


“Now? At this time?”


Lamont widened his eyes in surprise.


If it was a wedding, not only the wolf clan, but other clans would also come and go.


It is the wedding of the heir of the wolf clan.


To solve such a big problem in these chaotic times?


Lamont suppressed the question of whether he was really out of his mind, and asked again.


“Are you going to hold a wedding at this time?”


“I know what you’re worried about, but I’ll keep it small. It’s like a birthday party for kids. We just finished the paperwork the other day. So, even if I can’t do it grandly, I have to match the selection.” 


“How small? Anyway, it’s the heir’s wedding….”


“I will do it in the mansion. The guests… Leon, Cain, and a wolf clan girl. A total of three.” 


When Kendrick said that, he looked like he was pleased.


So Lamont had to wonder if his friend was finally crazy. 



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