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I took Ethan’s hand and moved quickly to the garden.


Since the dress was for a child, it didn’t drag on the ground, so there was no need to hold it with both hands while walking.


However, fearing that the dress I had worked so hard to put together might get dirty, I grabbed the dress and walked carefully.






I burst into exclamation when I saw the garden that had been beautifully transformed by the hands of the servants.


It was so beautiful that it couldn’t be compared to the banquet.


Everywhere the eye could see was decorated with flowers, and long blue flowers stretched on both sides of the long Virgin Road in the middle.


When the blue flowers swayed, they looked just like a calm lake.


“Wow, it’s so pretty….” 




Arsene also let out a low exclamation.


The garden was so wonderful that even the indifferent Arsene reacted to it! 


“Isn’t it? Everything was carefully prepared.” 






A familiar cry was heard from somewhere. I raised my head.




I saw a horse with a chestnut mane in the distance.


Gilbert smiled happily in the distance, holding the reins, and Hector’s head was also crowned with a pretty crown.


“Do you like it? We prepared this.”


“I like it. It’s pretty….” 


“Ung, I like it. Really.”


Arsene nodded. Whenever Arsene nodded, his curly gray hair shone in the sun.


Soon after, Cain, Leona, and Ancia sat down, and the servants also stood full and looked at us.




Kendrick stood at the front, in the officiating seat.


The officiating table wasn’t anything grand,


‘But it’s obvious that he paid attention to it.’


Even the chairs on which they were sitting were left untouched by delicate touches.


In fact, the wedding was just a small party for Arsene and me to enjoy. 




It’s like officially recognizing and welcoming me as a member of Yeckhart,


A party to give me a sense of belonging and stability.


But I didn’t know they would decorate it this sincerely.


As the music began, Arsene and I walked down Virgin Road, holding hands tightly.


The maids scattered petals and colorful pieces of paper next to us.


Under the dazzling afternoon sunlight, everything that was scattered shone beautifully like jewels. 


As Arsene and I stood side by side in front of the officiating table,


Kendrick looked at us like we were the most precious thing in the world.


Kendrick’s blue eyes sparkled as if he had scooped out a spoonful of lake water. 


“Linsy, Arsene. Face to face.”


I listened to Kendrick and stood facing Arsene.


Arsene was surprisingly tense and stiff.


‘I thought he didn’t even know what a wedding was.’


So I wondered if this would be considered a play to some extent, but it seems that he realized that a wedding is also a kind of event. 


I smiled softly at Arsene, who was very nervous.


Usually, I thought that he was just a friend. 


But when I put it like this—.


‘He looks like a cute younger brother.’


A very cute little brother too. Of course, if Arsene had heard this, he might have challenged me to a duel.


So I decided to keep these words a secret myself.


“Holding hands.”


I reached out my hands to Arsene.


Arsene hesitated for a while, then held my hand tightly.


“Linsy Raniero and Arsene Yeckhart, do the two of you promise to love each other for the rest of your lives?”


Kendrick asked with a smile. There was laughter coming out little by little from here and there.


‘Well, it must be cute…’


So, it wasn’t like being overly self-conscious.


Yeckhart’s servants and Kendrick, adored me and Arsene even after a nap.


It’s even more if I transform. 


“Look at these soft feathers… How could…”


The maids always circled around me because they wanted to touch my feathers.


But even if I suddenly stick out my wings to let them touch it.


“How dare I touch Lady’s precious feathers!”


And they often stepped away.


With people like that, how cute would it look to see seven-year-olds standing in dresses and tuxedos for a wedding.


“Yees, I promise.”






“I, I promise.”


Arsene stuttered with a red face.


Only then did I realize why Arsene kept blushing whenever he saw me.


‘So you’re embarrassed!’


Well, it’s his daily routine to act like he doesn’t care  every day, but how embarrassing it must be to make a promise to love me for the rest of his life.


Still, I held Arsene’s hand tightly and looked clearly at his blue eyes.


I couldn’t hear Kendrick’s congratulations properly because I had been looking into Arsene’s eyes the whole time.




After Kendrick’s short congratulatory speech, I heard something explode somewhere. 










From somewhere, small flowers poured down like rain from the sky.


This also seems to be an event prepared by servants. 


“Wow, it’s so pretty. Isn’t that right, Arsene?”


I put a little flower on my palm and looked for a while, then made eye contact with Arsene and laughed.


Arsene nodded as he watched the flower rain fall blankly.


“Eung? Yeah…”


“I think you seem a bit dazed today?”


I brushed Arsene’s bangs away with a worried touch.


Arsene’s gray hair had pink flowers stuck to it here and there.


I tried to shake off the flowers on Arsene’s head, but I soon stopped.


‘Isn’t it prettier to put it on?’


Objectively speaking, Arsene had a really pretty face.


Of course, he was twice as pretty as me.


Long eyelashes, drooping eyelids. His fair skin, red cheeks, high nose, and gorgeous mouth.


I often thought he was pretty.


‘Mhm, I never thought he would be this pretty.’


I glanced at Arsene with a satisfied look.




“Linsy, Linsy! You’re so pretty!”


Leona, who was very excited, came up and held my hand tightly.


“I want to get married, too. Cain, do you want to do it with me?”


“What? Are you really crazy?”


Cain answered sharply at Leona’s unexpected words.




‘Uhm… Why is he blushing again?’


It’s not like they ate something wrong as a group.


I ignored Cain and Leona’s fight and moved on to Ansia.


“Ansia, thank you so much for coming today. You know, you were the only one to call because I had no friends in the wolf clan.”


“Thank you so much for inviting me! That was wonderful! I’ll never see such a pretty sight again…!”


I was going to let Ansia know that she’s still eight, so it’s a little early to say that, but I stop.


“I won’t marry you either, you fool.”


“But why do you say that? You’re such a strange kid, Leona Fernando.”


In the corner, Leona and Cain were still fighting, glaring at each other.


Ansia was at a loss when she saw the youngest daughter of the lion clan and heir to the snake clan growling at each other.


To the point I felt sorry for calling Ansia here.


“No, stop fighting. Don’t fight at a wedding.”




“But she’s pushing for a fight first.”


The former was Leona and the latter was Cain.


I was good at talking nicely to seven-year-olds kids glaring at each other.


“Still, we don’t fight at weddings. All right? It’s a happy day.”


“Eung. Okay…”


Leona answered in a drooping voice.


If Leona had ears and a tail, it would probably be drooping.




Cain also answered nervously, scratching the back of his head.


“Okay, have you made up? Then shake hands now.”


“Handshake? No! He’s wearing gloves!”


“Do I wear gloves because I want to, you fool?”


Cain and Leona ended up fighting again.


The quarrel between the two children was eventually settled to some extent only after Kendrick came.


“If you keep fighting like this, I’ll send you both home.”


With that word, the fight between Leona and Cain was over.


Then we grabbed our hungry stomach and moved to eat.


The meal was prepared on the terrace beautifully decorated by the servants. 


“Sit down here, Lady.”


Betty pulled out a chair decorated with pretty flowers.


I sat down on the chair.


And looked around on the table.


There was a three-tiered wedding cake that seemed to have been bought at a Roselle bakery, and all kinds of great dishes lined up on the table.


Arsene and I wanted to cut the cake, but the cake was so big that the maid had to cut it.


“You should eat only one piece of cake~.”


She gave us a piece of cake and asked for it.


The cake was incredibly sweet and delicious. The whipped cream melted away from the tip of the tongue.


Everyone seemed to want to eat another piece of cake, but they couldn’t eat more and finished their meal.


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